Lori Morrison

About Lori Morrison

Lori Morrison is a “concierge” to the spiritual world and a “soul intuitive” for those seeking connection and support in their life journeys. Combining her skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, shamanic healer and psychic intuitive she has built a successful practice located in Sedona, Arizona where she works with clients from all over the world. She is especially gifted in supporting those who have experienced trauma and grief and other debilitating life experiences through the use of alternative methods and ancient wisdom. By changing the perspective of mental illness from despair to the emergence of a creative gift it can lead to dramatic shifts in the possibility of recovery.

The Fine Art of Being a Friend

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Our life’s journey is about connection to others and friendships are sparkling baubles we accumulate along the way, but there is an art to good [...]

A comprehensive approach to detoxing your life!!

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April is my month for major detox, but I am not speaking just about the body here. I am talking about your life. Cleansing and [...]

The Stones of Forgiveness

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"If you dig a pit for others to fall into, you will fall into it yourself.”  Rumi The path to forgiveness can be a "mind [...]

Connecting to a higher source with two powerful crystals

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Sometimes with our everyday grind it is hard to hold on to the perception that we are connected to a vast universe. This universe is [...]

Crystals for Emotional Detox

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Our past can be full of experiences and beliefs that accumulate in our body and mind dominating our thoughts and response to things. Returning to [...]