The Sanskrit term for chakra means “wheel” and all of us have “wheels” of energy that are part of our energetic bodies. Shamans have not used the term chakra since its origin is Sanskrit. A better term for a shaman is “energy center” or “energy wheel”. When your energy centers are functioning properly they are spinning in a clockwise direction in sync with the spirals of the universe. These “wheels” keep our body, mind and soul connected and give us a portal to access the divine energy of the invisible world. A shaman can see these energy centers and can detect the vibrancy or lack thereof of, of the energy moving through them. Each chakra carries a unique function and frequency that is tuned into the the colors of the rainbow. When a body is at its highest resonance it is called a ‘rainbow body” and it radiates these colors. The goal of a shaman is to be at this level of resonance since there he or she can perform the duties of healing others. 

Energy centers or “wheels” receive and then process energy from the world around us. We are constantly receiving energy from plants, animals, water and sun through the field around us. We also receive these energies when we eat plant and animal foods, drink water and from the sun through our skin and from the air in our lungs. We are in a constant state of absorbing these energies throughout our bodies. A shaman’s job is to detect any non beneficial imprints on the field that the energy center is receiving from. A shaman can find traumatic events, weaknesses and imprints from life’s experiences that can contaminate the field and cause deterioration of the mind, body and spirit. Each wheel will contain the energy of the pain and sorrow or shame and grief. These are the storage centers of your emotions and wounds.

There are many techniques for clearing your energy centers and healing yourself:  

Before doing any shamanic work it is necessary to clear the space you are going to work in with sage, copal or palo santo. Call in your spirits and guides to protect your space before you begin your work.

 Breathing: Focused breathing is like a fire that helps the chakras spin. Deep breathing is also helpful to reset the flow if there are stagnant energies. This is a tool for you to be your own healer by accessing your healing breath that can free you energetically. My meditation CD is designed for this type of clearing. Put on the CD and while you are focusing on each center start to take deep breaths with the intention of pulling energy through each of the chakras. Breath is the balm of the soul and should be done on a weekly basis. This will keep your channels clear and keep the energy flowing. There is always something new coming up, so we need to give maintenance to our system. The breath can help you to access deep wounds and purge them out, bringing them into the light and dissipating. Just intentional breathing can bring enormous shifts for people.

 Toning: Every cell in your body absorbs and emits sounds with a particular frequency. The most effective way to change your bodies vibration is moving sounds through your energy centers, that are the conduits of your life. Each chakra will respond to a distinct frequency and when run through your centers can start to balance you. Gongs, crystal bowls, drumming, guided meditations and other instruments can calm our body down and reset or retune the energy centers, putting them back to their normal state. 

Power Animals: Shamans will often call on their spirit allies in the animal kingdom to work on clearing the chakras. I often call on Jaguar to leap into my healing space and take a bite of the negative energies around me and then transform then back into high vibrations. Often this can bring about a very powerful connection as the animal moves through your and consumes all that is holding you back.

Crystals: Shamans will often use crystals or other objects from nature to extract unwanted energies from the chakra system. If you are going to work on clearing your energy centers. I use the frequency of the stone and music together to cleanse and clean this system. I place a large piece of crystal quartz with the point facing away from my body. One in front of me and one behind where I am meditating. I program both crystals to transmute all of the energies coming in and out of all of my energy centers. I then put on my meditation CD and place my intention on each energy center and ask for external pure light energy to come into the crystal and then be transmuted into the color of the energy center I am focused on and then transmuted through the rear crystal and out into the field. As it goes through the front of the energy , it spins and spins until it reaches its full potential. In the meantime all of the negative energies are flowing out to the crystal that is in the rear. The rear crystal is then receiving what is not needed and exiting out in the field. I hold this frequency until the color and sound is freely flowing through the energy center I am focused on. When you see the color entering and exiting both crystals and the energy center is illuminated in that color you have been successful. You will then move on to the next energy center and repeat the process. After your “wheels” have been stabilized, in future meditations you can choose seven stones that you wish to work with on each chakra and move the energy through each of them through the same process with the intention to calibrate through them a color and crystal resonance. When you have completed each energy center it would look similar to this, white light coming into the crystal and the rainbow light coming into each one of your energy centers. The rainbow light then leaves the different energy centers going into the rear crystal and exiting as pure light.

To maintain your energy centers at their optimum you can place a very large quartz crystal in your home and program it for whatever you desire and it will receive energy and transmute energy into exactly the frequency and resonance that you have programmed it for. This will keep you and your home at its optimum levels.

Recommended stones for this can be found here.

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