Lori Morrison

About Lori Morrison

Lori Morrison is a “concierge” to the spiritual world and a “soul intuitive” for those seeking connection and support in their wellness journey. Combining her skills as a coach, spiritual counselor, shamanic healer and medical intuitive she has built a successful practice located in Sedona, Arizona where she works with clients from all over the world.

Pendulums and the Power of Purple

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When I moved to El Salvador in 1987, shortly after my arrival my husband took me to visit his coffee farm way up in the [...]

Big Vibes and Lori’s Brazilian Jimmy Choo Meditation

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To create a blooming visualization practice you must start by willingly suspending all of your beliefs and doubts. This is similar to when you step [...]

Stop dreaming about the perfect job and get one instead!

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It is time to do what you are really passionate about!  I believe that working and careers deserve some repurposing for most. So I am [...]

The secret to wealth and abundance

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You need to witness your thoughts of poverty. My first job I was 11 years old. I ran the concession stand at a baseball park. [...]

Hummingbird to Heart – The Journey to Joy

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"Pleasure cannot be experienced when one is grasping it" - Alan Watts   PLAYFULNESS            QUICKNESS                 ENDURANCE   “Be quick to realize that the path is [...]