Meet Lori Morrison,

best-selling author and a mind, body and soul intuitive. Lori brings to her clients a new and innovative approach to healing and wellness. Almost ten years ago, Lori was gifted with the ability to see deep into the interdimensional fields of our existence. With unprecedented accuracy and success, she is able to read the energetic field around people and give them the underlying causes and best remedies to recover from all types of sickness and imbalance. She is especially gifted in working with difficult cases where there is little to no solution from mainstream medicine, getting to the underlying core of what is wrong and redefining the steps necessary for repair.

Through frequency healing and the identification of negative vibrations on a client’s energetic field, she quickly opens the door to a new approach to illness.This approach does not treat symptoms but instead focuses on the underlying cause. Quantum physics defines the world as a holographic structure that energy and matter can be directed into through intention. The time has come to embrace this ancient knowledge with new technologies and use them to better detect illness and provide new treatments. Through the use of electromagnetic waves, frequencies can be designed for specific conditions hindering the progress of disease. By identifying the signatures of various viruses, bacteria, parasites, disease, thoughts and emotions, restoration can be achieved through the use of a device that supplies an electrical current imprinted with the desired frequency to the body. This is done through distance healing supporting a return to normal functioning. This is an exciting opportunity to support your health and well-being through frequency and vibrational medicine.



This is the perfect session to address issues of the mind. We will take a look at anxiety levels, depression, adrenal stress and brain health. By running vitamin and mineral supplement frequencies through your energetic field, we can detect imbalances in the brain and nervous system. An inventory of your emotions is analyzed to see the success of your thought management. Together we will design personalized affirmations that are broadcast into your holographic field for three months. Remember, thoughts create your reality. Then by utilizing mindfulness practices, we will master forgiveness, expectations, intentions, gratitude, control issues, judgment, grounding and assumptions and finally overhaul limiting beliefs.  You will receive guidance on how to integrate the removal of fears that lead to the many layers of conditioning that keeps you from joy. Through cellular reprogramming, we restructure thought and ramp up the energetic body.

Take home all the tools for creating a new reality and begin to thrive with a whole new strategy.


We have always known that the secrets to healing lie in the power of natural forces. The underlying cause of many illnesses often go undiscovered by traditional approaches. Through the new frontier of holographic scanning, we can uncover a vast field of possibilities from allergies and sensitivities, the impact of adverse dental procedures, heavy metals, parasites, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, vaccines, environmental toxins and geopathic stressors. Through this profound analysis of your holographic structure, we can reveal the external influences of your lifestyle, habits and practices that are impacting your physical health and well-being. The protocols of homeopathy, naturopathy, Rife frequencies, Hanna Kroger, Michael Lincoln, Grigori Grabovoi and other cutting-edge protocols for healing are scanned into your field to uncover where the deficiencies are in your body. Next, you will then receive a plan that will include natural remedies, supplements, nutrition, holographic frequencies and a comprehensive evaluation of what is needed to accomplish balance. This can be helpful in identifying priorities and focus as to what are the steps needed to get started on the path to wellness. This can also be invaluable advice to your medical team as to areas that need to be further tested.

Through this session you will uncover the underlying sources of your symptoms and disease and implement remedies for well-being.


In this session we will examine your energy field to evaluate its health and well-being. A holographic scan is done of all external energies that may be affecting you. We will revise the seven energy centers of the body, scan for negative entities, identify your spirit guides and reunite you with your power animal and other spiritual beings. Could past lives be seeping into this life? Is your soul fragmented and lost in the past?  If you are experiencing a spiritual emergency, I can also support you through your awakening process. Perhaps you need closure or understanding from those who have crossed over, help with grief management? Working with personalized flower and plant essences I can support healing your spiritual field. You will also be tested for crystals and minerals that support you vibrationally and help to enhance your personal reflection in the world. Lastly, we will discuss color frequencies and get your etheric body aligned with its natural rainbow.

Reach a whole other realm of understanding the amazing YOU by seeing yourself through the lens of spirit.

Important: Please read COUNSELING AND HEALING SERVICES DISCLOSURE before you book your appointment.




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Sessions are done by connecting to an online Zoom meeting. There is no significant difference in a session if it is done in person or online. Lori is able to tap into your energy field no matter where you are. 

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Your first session is 90 minutes. The first 30 minute you will have time to get to know Lori, express the issues in your life that you would like to work on, share a little bit about yourself and your personal goals and describe any symptoms of mental or physical illnesses. For the remainder of the session, Lori will work with you intuitively on obstacles, integration, teaching and sharing of information that is brought into a sacred space that is prepared especially for you. The goal is to answer all of your questions and leave you in a place of peace and satisfaction that you have received the guidance intended for you. 

Please be on time and familiarize yourself with ZOOM. Sessions start on time. If you are late, the time you missed will not be added onto your session, all sessions will end at the booked time. If you miss your session, we are able to reschedule into another slot which may be some time in the future and depend on the busy schedule that Lori has. You may reschedule one time but any future times you will forfeit payment if you do not provide 24 hours notice.

You may take notes and with your permission, Lori will record the session. After the session, the video will be processed and you will receive a link to the video normally within a few hours of completing the session.

After you book your session you will receive a confirmation email.  On the day of your appointment about five minutes before your session you will get another email with a link for our online meeting through ZOOM.   You will also receive a reminder prior to your session.

“The value of intuition in our lives is huge.  How could we possibly be making the best decisions for ourselves without including the non-conscious parts of our being? Let’s talk and get to the core of what is really going on from a spiritual and energetic perspective. Whether it be business, personal, spiritual or health problems, I can assure you that you will receive valuable insight and clarity. Let’s get to the big picture in illuminating what are your spiritual strengths and weakness in reaching your goals and leave you with specific tools for getting on with your life and jumping for JOY.”

– Lori

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