There is a lot of detox to do on the spiritual body and it is the area that we often most ignore. We tend to focus more on the physical aspects of ourselves. Stub your toe, you react. Cut your finger, you put a bandaid on it. We do very little to treat our spiritual self. 


 The majority of humanity is in spiritual “neglect” yet it is the mental and the spiritual health that is needed to keep different functions of the body running. When you ignore the spiritual, you are ignoring the warning signs of the body. The pituitary gland is in charge of your body and controls very complex functions. Conditions in all of the body head for the pituitary to notify the nerves and create action. In reverse the thought processes of the brain start in the pituitary gland and head out into the body. The mind is the master controller of the  physical body and our emotions are the master of the spiritual body. Changing your thoughts you can change the state of your body. Our mind has far more potential than we can imagine and unfortunately we only use 10% of its capacity. To create a better body we must manage emotions and master will, power, focus and intent. With the will to improve our situation we can create change.

The first will is the power to live, to accomplish your task of being on earth, learning and thriving through the process. When you have a sense of purpose or a path or a goal you will rarely get sick. When you have a relationship with nature and know that there is a God, it fills you up and supports the mind and helps you to express the soul.

People who are spiritually sick suffer from confusion, mental problems, stiff muscles and joints, congested digestive tract, deafness, muscle tension, tension in the heart muscle. It can cause tightening of the muscles and stiffness of joints and tendons.

So, to start your spiritual detox I recommend several things:

First, you need to neutralize the energy around you. I use a computer pillow so that I stay grounded while I am working,  as the computer can really throw you off balance.

Grounding crystals, salt lamps and other grounding resonance devices can insure that you are less affected. If you are in a career or lifestyle where you do not have access to nature on a regular basis, there is a product you can purchase to minimize those frequencies. Here is the website: I will also diffuse Frankincense or Myrrh or other essential oils in my office. There are also necklaces that have small absorption pads you can fill will essential oils.

Physical science has shown us that every material object and every living thing has a natural resonance frequency or frequencies which are determined by that object’s physical structure. Science also shows that when something is exposed to external frequencies that match its unique resonance frequency, that object literally becomes stronger, more stable and its natural energies more coherent. This natural resonant effect operates in human beings too. We sense it, we know it, and we certainly experience these energies when we feel relaxed and focused, are surrounded by a close friend or loved ones and when we find ourselves in nature. Perhaps our best reference point for resonance being and a key influencer in a healthy life is found in our inextricable link to nature. By just immersing ourselves in nature – our body, mind and spirit become balanced, restored and strengthened.

We’re drawn to nature because it’s already in us, we’re already a part of it, and it’s why we want to dig our toes in the sand, smell a salty sea breeze, sit in a park, lie out in the sun, get next to a roaring waterfall or gaze at a sunset glow from a high mountain top. In nature, we can feel as if we are returning to our best-selves! This is critical because our chaotic lives and uncontrollable stress filled lifestyles and environments take a toll on our innate resonance. Unfortunately we are also often too busy or unable to regularly access or commune with nature or participate in resonance-restoring activities.

If you are looking for a whole house solution, I would recommend I also recommend that you get serious about cell phones. They are havoc ridden and need to be neutralized. Here is a product I recommend for harmonizing cell phones. They have extensive information on their website and even have consultants you can contact for personal consulting in getting your house into an optimum balance.

The next step is to clear the body to receive healing and an upgrade. If you want to do a simple 4 day detox where you do not have buy any fancy program here is what I recommend:

Day 1: Eat only fruit and all you want except for bananas. This will cleanse the colon which holds a lot of emotion.

Day 2: Drink all of the herb teas you want. The best ones are raspberry, hyssop, chamomile and peppermint. You can sweeten them with honey or maple sugar. This will help you to release toxins, salt and excessive calcium deposits in the muscles, tissue and organs.

Day 3: Eat all the vegetables you want, raw, steamed or both. This will provide minerals to the digestive tract.

Day 4: Make a big pot of vegetable broth by boiling cauliflower, cabbage, onion, green pepper, parsley and whatever else you have available. Season with sea salt or some organic vegetable cubes. Drink the broth all day. This will provide minerals to your blood, lymph and your inner organs.

 The next area I find is essential to focus on is trauma.
Trauma is a double whammy as it is the combination of a physical and mental injury.

Trauma has the greatest impact from the time a person is a fetus up to a child of seven years old. The trauma during this time is caused by a conditioning of the brain and the emotions. A fetus will feel the emotions of a parent while in the womb. If a child is not wanted, it can become depressed and suicidal and loaded with destructive thoughts. The words and the fear of the parents can program a fetus for life. To the contrary, music and prayer can also affect the fetus causing a child to be more loving, giving and bright. A childhood trauma such as being lost, abandoned or unloved can last a lifetime. Physically, these issues will show up in the kidneys. Two thirds of all people who are committed to mental institutions have kidney disorders. A lump in a left breast is also associated with kidney problems.

In my practice it has been astonishing how many people have suffered from sexual abuse of some kind. So much emotion is programmed into the cellular body structure because of these events and it causes so much suffering throughout life. There is a spiritual ritual you can perform to begin to free yourself from these past events, place seven candles in a circle and place one quarter under each of the candles. Light the candles and walk backwards in a circle around the candles and when you arrive at your starting point say “I break this from my consciousness. I am free and so are you”. Make an “L” with your right hand. Repeat this process seven times for two days.

A third area to focus on is decongesting the chakra system. When there is spiritual congestion, energy does not flow through the body and we become stagnant. Color is the number one tool to balance spiritual congestion. You can use color for healing with your meditation practice. With intention, ask the colors to return to your chakras and be balanced by this vision, thought and intent. Health issues related to congested chakras are heart trouble, low blood pressure and high blood pressure, emotional issues, paralyzed conditions, cramps, rheumatism, mental illness and mental limitations. Crystals are wonderful to help to open the chakra system as well as essential oils. Healing with music and color intention can open the chakra system as well. My CD was designed for this practice.

Here are the effects of color on the body:

Red: Sensory stimulant, liver energizer, hemoglobin builder and excitant.

Orange: Respiratory and thyroid stimulator, parathyroid depressant, antispasmodic, lung builder.

Yellow: Motor stimulant, lymphatic activator, nerves, muscle and digestive stimulant and a stimulator of bile.

Green: Pituitary stimulant, disinfectant, antiseptic, germicide, muscle/tissue builder, blood clots.

Blue: Relieves itching, reduces fever; vitality builder relieves burns, increases perspiration soothing.

Violet: Stimulate the spleen, slows down the heart, lymph, muscles and nerves, induces sleep and builds white corpuscles.

White: The golden light of God

Pink: Unconditional love

Magenta: Cardiac and kidney energizer, emotional and aura builder, regulates blood pressure and circulation.

The best herbs to open the spiritual body:

Calamus root
Licorice root
Marigold flowers.

Lastly the decongesting of emotions is vital to a spiritual clearing. The pineal gland is the center of our faith and the pituitary is the center of our imagination and will power. These are the most important glands for decongesting emotion. This is the place where we can imagine our life and set ourselves up for our achievements.

Emotions run the immune system, the glands and the intestines. As you change your mood you are changing the physical reality of your body. An emotional crisis does more than injure your psyche, it jeopardizes your physical health, increases your risk of getting sick and can even lead to having an accident. Your will and your creative powers can be a source of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm has a special power. This emotion has been called “Gods Breath”. Without enthusiasm we do not have the power of discernment. We will always be sheep without it, the onlooker and not the doer. Without enthusiasm there is no joy in life. You have to have enthusiasm before you can inspire others.

Disease related to mismanagement of emotions are toxic conditions in the lymph system or throughout the body, skin conditions, hair loss, kidney issues, paralysis and metabolic disorders. Detoxing these emotions can also be helpful. For example if you are angry, you should detox your liver, if you suffer from depression, you can use Emu Oil a couple times a day and rub it up the back of the neck. You should also check for candida and get on a treatment.

Lastly, our purpose of coming to earth is to learn the truth. All of life is vibration and the tone, sound and color of our personal vibration determines the outcome. The power of the spoken word is in your throat center. Sound is a creative energy, it can create and it can destroy. Every time we speak, we send out sounds through our etheric, astral and mental centers. We create everything by our thoughts, words and actions and everything we think, say and do. When we believe in the sacred and in thankfulness we can stimulate happiness and find the humor in all that we experience. Open your pineal gland, be nice to your pituitary and seek the sacredness in all that you do. This is the universal law of experience.

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