In your mini report you will receive:
  • The top five immune boosting and anti-viral products most resonating with you and with the highest probability of effectiveness.
  • Desert Flower essences to calm the mind and lower the stress levels and fear.
  • Other recommendations and products that may also be helpful.

I will scan your energetic field to determine what is most needed for your health and well-being from the natural world. Then I will personally write up a report of my findings and give you 90 days of hourly broadcasts to support change and transformation. Try some vibrational medicine and kick start your personal well being. 

Award-Winning Author

LORI, The Disintegration Of My Ordinary Reality is a narrative non-fiction memoir that describes my spiritual awakening after the death of my husband, my struggles with others’ perceptions of my sanity, and my ongoing work to embrace my role as someone with one foot in everyday reality and the other in the spirit world. Through my experiences, many now have a broader understanding of what western medicine has come to label “crazy” which has generated a greater sense of our place in a multi-dimensional world. With the sudden dissolution of the veil between universal dimensions, Lori was catapulted into a world seldom seen or described. Living between the worlds, her perception of the world for over two years was through the lens of sacred geometry. Spiritual downloads sent her into a frequency overload as she tried to deal with this phenomenon. Finally with the help of healers and mentors throughout the world her stability was restored and she arrived at a state of being where she is able to perceive illness on many levels in the human body. A fast paced and candid expose of a spiritual awakening that takes the reader from Machu Pichu to Bali and other sacred places. Five Stars Amazon.

I am loving your Lori’s book The Shamans Guide to Power Animals! I’ve read a few others over the years , and yours is by far the best. It’s clear, informative, and quite comprehensive! I just added it to my new Amazon storefront! Thank you for writing such a helpful book.
~ Kathleen


The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals


The Disintegration of My Oridnary Reality


Tree of Life –
Harmony CD

$9.99 – $24.99

Personalized Report

What’s Your Power Animal?

Your Power Animal adds POWER and PROTECTIVE  energy to your energetic field. This can support your health and well-being so that negative energies do not penetrate your aura. A Power Animal lends you its innate wisdom, supporting you with its intelligence and integrity and is an ally for healing yourself and others. They are a great support for children and older adults who are weak.



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