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The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals
by Lori Morrison


“The spirit world is alive and well through the generosity and concern that Power Animals show towards us humans. From the voices of the animals lies the lessons of our connection to all things. Listening and learning we come to know ourselves.”
-Lori Morrison
Lori Morrison - What's Your Power Animal Report

Personalized Reports:

What's Your Power Animal?


Your Power Animal adds POWER and PROTECTIVE  energy to your energetic field. This can support your health and well-being so that negative energies do not penetrate your aura. A Power Animal lends you its innate wisdom, supporting you with its intelligence and integrity and is an ally for healing yourself and others. They are a great support for children and older adults who are weak.  

Lori Morrison - Shamanic Alchemy Report

Personalized Reports:

Shamanic Alchemy Report


I will scan your energetic field to determine what is most needed for your health and well-being from the natural world. Then I will personally write up a report of my findings and give you 90 days of hourly broadcasts to support change and transformation. Try some vibrational medicine and kick start your personal well being. 

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