You are so third dimensional! I heard that term the other day and realized that the concept of ascension was now making its way into our contemporary vocabulary. Now it could be that since I live in Sedona, the capital of new age thinking and where the state of your chakra system is a daily discussion, I probably have an uncommon view. But these concepts exist in my world and are becoming more and more used. The truth is that after the shift of energies in 2012, our purpose of being in life now is to expand our consciousness so it is important and useful to understand the goal.

So, I am going to get esoteric for a moment and talk about the variety of dimensions of reality that you can add to the destinations on your spiritual bucket list.  All human beings have the potential to be multi-dimensional although most prefer to hover in the third dimension, but with a meditation practice or other modalities it is possible to move into other dimensions. In a spiritual awakening there is often this sudden awareness that many different dimensions exist. In my own personal experience it was honestly shocking. When the frequencies of these higher levels started seeping in to me, I learned that my goal was to transmute the lower frequencies of fear into the higher frequencies of unconditional love. This was the journey that I would take in my life. I realized at that moment that my power was in a new state of being and that to change the world all I had to do was change myself and my vibration.

Spiritual dimensions are levels of consciousness where a collective of people experience a similar reality. Right now you are probably experiencing the world from the third dimension like most, or if you consider yourself enlightened you may experience being in the 4th or even 5th dimension at varying times. It is important to know that the dimensional world is not seen as a hierarchy like climbing the rung of a ladder to spiritual awakening fame. It is instead a journey and everyone is normally where they are suppose to be at a given time. It is virtually impossible to get someone seeped into a third dimensional frequency to see the world from a different view and think you can haul them into the fourth kicking and screaming. Let them be, light workers need to stay in their own lanes.

So let me give you a little lay out of the territory:

The Third Dimension: This dimension is where most people reside on the planet. Here we are very attached to the external world and see ourselves as separate from all things. We will typically look outside of ourselves for happiness like chasing money, possessions and seeking the acceptance of others. We see the world as opposites so everything is good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong. We then impose our judgements on everything in order to further our righteous views and drink the third dimensional cocktail of feeling we are right.  Being here we are also often stuck in scarcity,  feeling that we are in a dog eat dog world struggling for our survival. We are also very attached to labels and who we are; Senior Vice President, Head Dog Catcher, we define ourselves by the labels that identify us and distinguish ourselves from others.

We call this place our reality and our truth and we spend our lives defending it as if it is etched in stone. We can spend an entire lifetime defending this illusion and never advance beyond this plane of existence. This is also the level of fear, we do not trust anyone as we fear losing what we have accumulated. We are swimming in scarcity trying to control and fight for everything. Life in this dimension is a place of winners and losers where we fear death and are seeped in survival. We believe that happiness requires the pursuit of others to make us whole and content.

In a third dimensional view we do not question our existence. We jump from the past to the future and spend very little time in the present. It never occurs to us that we could love ourselves it is all about others. This is a place of very low frequency and our chakras are often stuck. Here, our ego mind closes the door to the soul and we lose our connection to our internal GPS system that knows where the next level is. We then run around asking people what is our life purpose because we have lost our internal guidance.

The Fourth Dimension:

This dimension is the doorway to the fifth and is called the Astral plane. This is the place of the magical dreamworld and where we go at night. Shamans travel to this place where everything is possible. Here they can shape shift into animals, swim underwater in oceans without oxygen and exist with no limitations. Ancient civilizations knew much about this realm and it was a part of their culture. Greek Gods and Hindu spirit animals are an example of the cherished connection to this dimension. Here is also the place of dark magic and curses and debilitating ties to past lives that shamans can access and cause to heal.

Here we can meet our higher self and tap into the collective. When the door opens and the light starts shining in we begin to see the futility of the third dimension. This new perspective has us questioning everything and we may not be too pleased with the way we used to see things. When all of our cozy beliefs in the third dimension come crashing down we are going to be a bit pissed off about the lies we have been told and this may be the time of a spiritual emergency. This can bring addictions as we try to cope with the truth and we may deny our spiritual gifts and not want to move into the higher energies. Many people try to get here by taking ayahuasca or other mind altering drugs but you cannot get to the fifth dimension doing that, you normally end up stuck here.

Some of us may start to question the authenticity of the government, institutions, cover ups and other covert theories. We may also feel brainwashed by our upbringing and begin to see the affects of a dishonest media and become suspicious of television and other messages that are not authentic. Many will change their diet and become vegetarian but ego still exists in this dimension as evidenced by vegetarians that then blame people who eat meat.  Here we will still meet our ego but we will be more cognizant when it raises its ugly head. We realize that we must fight ego to get to enlightenment.

This is also the dimension where we can astral travel, discover karma and reincarnations, visit our imaginations, fine tune our psychic abilities and intuitions and play with magic and creativity. We can also start to see synchronicities and have a sense of deja vu because our built in amnesia from the third dimension is starting to melt. We just know things and have no reason why. We might experience the loss of time, I have experienced this many times when I am driving, all of the sudden I am at my destination and I do not sense the time it took to get me there.

The Fifth Dimension:

This is the place where source energies reside and there is no more fear, pain or suffering. This is a place of unconditional love and a sense of abundance. Here we are struck by this field of energy that swirls into our being and we experience love in our hearts that we have never felt before. To embrace this energy, the body, mind and spirit will begin to heal itself.  In the fifth, our ego is demolished and you stop judging people and care and love others, no matter what. We have no guilt or negativity towards anything. We have completely forgiven all and accepted all for everything and begin to realize that the negative world around us is the reflection of your own darkness. We realize that everyone and everything is part of our journey so we allow instead of desperately trying to change the world. From this place you realize that the greatest power is love thus removing the power of the external world from our view.

Here we can master manifestation and we walk in the world with a sense of abundance. It becomes effortless as the universe guides us and does not limit us. In this dimension we do not have any separation because we are complete with a feeling of being one with God.  If your dreams bring you here, you will find unconditional love. After arriving in the fifth it is almost impossible to go back down. Those in the third dimension will not relate to us, we become an aberration to most of the world.

The Goal: 

The goal for all of us is to get to the fifth because it is getting crowded here in the third.  To do that we need to go from being unconscious to conscious to Super Conscious! We all have the potential for this as we come to earth full of light and with a memory of these higher frequencies. Our soul knows where to go. When the higher levels are calling it is time to choose higher level thoughts and leave the density behind. Yes, your ego will fight you as it feels as if it is dying, no longer being considered and does not understand the goal as it was designed for the third dimension. There will come a time when it is necessary to have a serious conversation with ego to tell it that you are moving on.

Don’t be surprised if you have physical symptoms as all of the old beliefs and energies are on their way out of your system. Holding on will keep you in suffering and letting go will get you in the flow of life again and the ease will guide you on your sacred journey of awakening.

The key to making the shift is to stop seeing your life as something that needs to be fixed or controlled. Imagine what it would be like to simply let go and trust. With this thinking you can grow and reach the higher levels. Your life is not a bunch of random events, it has a path designed for you to walk so why not trust it? It is flawless and set up for you to evolve. Although this might seem mysterious it isn’t.

I think of the day that my husband died. The night before we were celebrating with friends eating a paella. The next day we were with more friends on our boat looking forward to a great holiday, when we got back to our lake house, Tino was dead. My life changed. All of my plans crashed. My life would never be the same. All I had counted on was gone. It was not about his death that day it was the path that I chose and the lessons were waiting to be learned. My time for the unrobing of my unconsciousness had arrived. Death changes everything, and it was the catalyst for seeking beauty in my life. I would have never made it to the higher levels had it not been for his death. Embrace chaos, trauma, loss, disappointment, poverty, homelessness and everything that seems like the end of the world, as it is really the place to start.

Here is a favorite stone with one of the highest vibrations that will lure us into the higher realms:


This stone will provide the frequency of the fifth dimension and can connect us into the angelic realm. It helps to purify us from the density of the lower dimensions and activates our light body, destroying our ego that keeps us  from a higher resonance. When we are prepared for ascension we should take Phenacite with you. It will get our chakras spinning which will then start shifting our personal vibration. Our third eye will pop open and our crown chakra will blossom. It will help us to download your knowing of the higher dimensions and will provide us with an energetic map to guide us.

It is helpful to lay down and place it at the crown of your head, because your journey to the higher realms begins there.

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