Are you thinking all the time about creating a different life or changing your circumstances? Are you moving towards what you desire or getting further and further away?

What appears in your imagination?

When we want to create our future we have to merge into the images of the imagination. We must think, feel and look like the person in the future we wish to create. It must seem as if it has already occurred and that we are experiencing the emotions surrounding our place in the future. If our emotions are on board we can reap the benefits of creation. Stepping into our dream and living it now not later unlocks the key to our future.

Where things go haywire is when our thoughts might be on board but our emotions are feeling a sense of lack, mostly because we panic when we don’t get things right away. We are conditioned into a world of instant gratification and then we simply endorse the lack of something from our minds. We go back to the emotions of the past and begin a scorecard on what could happen and we destroy the potential of it. We self-destruct the dream questioning the how, wondering when, where what will happen. But what if we just trusted it and allowed the universe to figure it out? What have you got to lose except defeating thoughts like frustration, impatience and resentment that disconnect you from source.  These are the same emotions that keep you from meditating and spending time in the presence of the divine. Spiritual perfection takes time but when it becomes habitual and your mind and body are in sync you will be in the creative process naturally.

You cannot create your future wishing, hoping, waiting, looking for, wanting as these are dead give aways to the universe that you are in lack. The trick is to be your future, trust in the universe and give up, surrender, turn it over. Mastering a sense of wholeness and dumping the fear of the future is a ticket to your imagination. If you cannot see your good health, money, success and happiness, it will never exist for you and there is no chance for the creation of it. So, when you add up how you think and how you feel the sum is your level of wholeness and when you are in the zone the magic begins. After a few astonishing moments of creation you will be convinced and will leave the illusion of scarcity and find a whole new world to live in.

To change your life and create a new future:

You need to dump the past, there is nothing there that is worth taking with you. It is a basket of beliefs, conditioning, negative emotions and the limitations and powerlessness of allowing others to control our lives. Releasing this gives us room for creation, and then you are free to believe in possibility.

Be a giver, that is a sure sign to the universe that you are abundant. It can be money, time or presence. This creates a flow of energy towards you as your emotions rise and the emotions of others rise from your generosity. By being selfless you can liberate yourself from holding on too tight and instead spur movement and the expansion of what flows towards you.

Take inventory of your thoughts, remembering that they create your reality. Are there any thoughts that encourage you to think less of yourself or others. What limitations are you putting on yourself that eliminate the chance for success?

Finally, the F word – Fear. The stuff that destroys your future when you re-think everything a million times and anxiety is a breath away. If you could stop at that moment and change fear into a positive emotion despite the bodies resistance you are free. From this place you can trust the unknown and settle into the knowledge of opportunity and realize that your future has already happened and now it is time to show up.

Yes, there will be times when you slip back into your old self and the wondering begins but if you just remember your future and how it feels in the present moment you are back on track and evolving into the new life that is waiting to embrace the new you.

Here are three excellent stones to work with when creating your new future:

Herkimer Diamond: These brilliantly clear and sparkling diamonds are great manifestors and are perfect for receiving and magnifying energies. They have an excellent ability to accept and store information and can be easily programmed with your clear vision of the future you are working to create. It stimulates your imagination and visualization and coupled with your positive thinking can amplify and enlighten your thoughts of new beginnings. It reminds you of the visions where the soul is at is happiest state and ensures that you are connected to the divine through the crown chakra to receive and stimulate your dreams and desires.

Jasper: Grounded in determination, this stone can cut through problems and bring clarity to the next steps. It encourages imagination and transforms your ideas into action. It seeks out the beauty and supports the realm of the extraordinary. Jasper is a stone for divination work when designing a future. It will take your vision and power up the universe to bring it to you.

Green Tourmaline: The great visualizer, this can help you to see clearly through the gates of existence. It can clear the negative and attract the positive into your life. It exudes success and prosperity and inspires creativity helping to accentuate goals and interests. It is designed to receive the highest frequencies, insuring that the highest and most powerful vibrations are working on your behalf. It will calm the nerves and transcend the third dimensional space for a balanced message and a wholesome body.

Acquire the above stones. Place the Herkimer diamond on your third eye and begin to create the vision of your future. Taste it, smell it, feel it and with intention put your future into the stone. Ask the stone to conserve it and amplify it. Place it near the entrance to your home. Next to the Herkimer Diamond you will place the Jasper and with intention ask it to bring the next steps and to support your vision. Ask that it help you to see clearly and power the universe to bring the reality to you. Lastly, use the Green Tourmaline to clear your anxiety and doubts then ask that it bring prosperity and clarity through the highest vibrations of the universe for your highest good.

Leave the stones together working on your future. Trust that all is in divine order and that your future is on its way.

From the field of infinite possibility,

Lori Morrison

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