Several years ago I entered a clients home who was having problems with her marriage. She felt there was something wrong with the energy of her home that was contributing to the problem. I entered the house and felt angels in the entrance to the home, it was welcoming and cheery. I did feel some stagnant energy in the corners of the house, a place notorious for the accumulation of “stuff” but for the most part the house felt spiritually healthy. We then went to the bedroom and the heaviness set into my awareness. It exuded a feeling of separation which I expressed to her, and then she admitted to me that they were no longer sleeping together, she had moved to another bedroom. I walked around the room and saw a picture of them on their wedding day and there was a pair of scissors sitting there, this was my first red flag. What do scissors do? They cut/separate. In the bathroom there were more pictures and a razor was next to them, another sign. The bed had no vibrancy in it, it felt dead or sick, she verified that her husbands health had been deteriorating. These were all very depressing signs that the marriage was on the rocks. I then walked over near the sitting area and my head was bombarded with the energy of screaming and fighting. It was a toxic mess. This energy was also seeping into the bedrooms of her two boys who were struggling in school. Things were not going well and it would take a lot of effort to turn the energy of the house around. It seemed that the angels were doing their best to support her as she had been praying and asking for help, but she needed an energetic overhaul. I did my best to clear the house but I believe that they had waited too long and did not continue my services. After the first clearing the marriage ended. Sometimes that is what is meant to be.

Another recent story was a realtor that called me about a listing that she had that was not selling in a very hot market. The house was “haunted” and the dead owner was still hanging around. There was a lot of negative energy in the home lingering around and when buyers would enter the house, they would have a negative subtle feeling about the place. No offers had come in and there was a lot of frustration. I was called in to re-organize the energy and turn it around so that the house would sell. Through my newly launched house clearing services I have merged traditional shamanism and high tech and am now applying these successful resources to to clear homes through long distance. In this case, I worked on balancing the house and enhancing its energies and the next morning a full price offer came in. The problem was solved in less than 24 hours. It was a great story and needless to say that the realtor was thrilled and I was even more convinced about the power of shifting energy in a home for great results.

Part of my remedies are using some old fashioned shamanic tricks to clear homes. I learned these from shamanic healers in the Amazon that I spent time with. What I learned from them is that there is cleaning a house the normal way but to really make a difference, a spiritual cleaning is the most helpful on many levels. Time and time again the spiritual clearings that I do can help the spiritual growth for all of your family, including your pets. Negative energies can enter your home for many reasons and many ways. The most common spiritual problem I see in most homes is the negative energy that results from family arguments and anger. People who are sensitive may notice that after an argument the atmosphere changes and is never the same again as the peace and quiet starts to dwindle. This negativity can be very difficult to restore. Disharmony attracts more disharmony and you may notice that the same arguments keep coming up again. When the spell of a loving relationship is broken, restoring it is a very difficult task. Love and harmony can be lost very quickly to discord. Many people do not understand how these subtle energies can dramatically affect their lives and do not give them much importance but people like myself who are highly intuitive can get to the bottom of it. Sometime clients will say that they don’t argue a lot, but if you are thinking negative thoughts and in pain about your relationship it is still fueling tension in the home, even when no one is raising their voices. After many years of this building up an intuitive such as myself can immediately identify the stress from negativity that has piled up for years. Giving someone the silent treatment is just the same as yelling.

You may also notice that you always argue in the same place. I recommend to reduce this tension by putting a bowl of water in that area. You can also reduce the heat of an argument even more by putting a bowl of ice cubes while the argument is occurring or right afterwards. This will help to release the energies. Another great house cleanser is to mop the house with 1/2 cup of ammonia and some salt in a bucket of water. This formula will dissipate negative thought forms. Always remove the water from the house. I use ammonia in all of my toilets as that is an entry point of negative entities and when a house is upside down energetically it can be an amazing helper. Ammonia is also helpful in the kitchen with a teaspoon down the drain to dissolve grease and keep the energy moving out of the house. Slow moving drains are a sign that your home is backed up with energy. You will be so surprised how the energy levels increase after you get the drains moving. The term cleanliness is next to godliness is a very accurate statement.

Another factor for negative energy are kids when they are struggling with puberty. This time can create a lot of upheaval in the family and a lot of negative excess energy that can upset the home. A glass of water with cloves of garlic under the bed, 3 moth balls or cut limes in each corner of the room and salt on the window sill are all great ideas to dissipate negative entities. Always use sea salt, often just a pinch in the bath or between bedsheets can be helpful. Mothballs are perfect when you have a serious problem and be sure to put them in closets as well as they are very effective to ward off spirits and thought forms of all kinds. Another idea is to buy Mate tea and place it in a bowl in a bedroom. Many in Latin America use mate tea to remove spirits and keep them from visiting the bedroom at night.

For people who are sick or children who see monsters or are afraid to go to sleep, it is a good idea to sleep with a bowl of water under the bed with a pinch of salt. If you want to get really serious, turpentine in the corners of the room filled in shot glasses for seven days can do the trick. I like using incense to help with the sleep time especially if you have difficult neighbors, relatives or friends who might be spouting off negative energy or are vengeful. Remember that it is a must to clear your bedroom if you have terminated a relationship with a lover. The best incense to clear a home is frankincense and/or benzoin. This blend is very good for sleep time. Nigh time is also a good time for prayer, since prayers set the tone for our sleep time and help us with elevating the soul into positive experiences as we dream. Scents and smells have a greater affect on the energies that live in the astral realm. The odor of incense and food tends to energize spirits. Burning incense is like sending up a flare to attract those we want to interact with. Each odor will appeal to a different energy that we can call upon to work with us to clear the negative energies around us. We burn incense to give our homes a more “spiritual” vibration. Each incense or blend is like an email to the other side. It should be used with a purpose not just for kicks. Burning it should go with a prayer or intention. There is a science to the combinations that are used and life can be improved if combined with a proper mixture of intent together with sincerity. I prefer burning incense/resin on charcoal which is the most pure way but starting out it can be a little tricky. It is best to use a can or old saucer to place the charcoal and then light the the edge of the charcoal with a lighter, very quickly you will see it start to smoke. You can then add the powder or gum with a spoon. Start with a small amount, later adding more as it goes out. Again, you should pray and place your intent while doing this work.

The most potent and safe option for clearing your home is dragon’s blood. It is a gum resin from a plant in Malaysia. Dragon’s blood has a distinctive red color. It is obnoxious to evil forces and can cut ties to what is not wanted. Open all of the windows in your home so any negative spirits have a way out. Move the charcoal with the smoking dragons blood through the house. Wait about an hour before you close the windows. After that, you should follow with frankincense to bring in positive vibrations. Most churches use frankincense for its powerful clearing capacity. It is recommended throughout the bible.

The top cleansers for your house are Dragons blood, Frankincense, Benzoin, Myrrh and Copal. Benzoin is much more brittle than frankincense and used in Greek Orthodox rites. It has the ability of attracting those energies from the high level spiritual realms and can be combined with frankincense for a powerful punch. It is excellent for blessing a home. Myrrh is another great incense. It was the wise men who gave Christ a chest of myrrh. Myrrh has a different purpose by bringing the astral realms closer to earth. It opens the door so that the entities that frankincense attracts can come through. Myrrh promotes the manifestation of any force that other incense attracts. It should be used with frankincense together so that you do not bring in negative forces. Finally Copal is a gum resin used by the indigenous peoples of Latin America. It can also be burned on charcoal and is good for bringing people together, forming friendships and combining with other resins. It supports group meditations and retreats.

Regular cones and sticks of incense can be purchased everywhere. The only question is the quality and who prepared them. Indian incense and Balian incense is reliable and can be used with a level of confidence of its quality and that it will attract what it is meant to attract. Sandalwood is the most calming, jasmine adds calm and promotes mental clarity, rose is also calming and especially helpful when everything is breaking down. You can also make your own essences with spices such as cinnamon to stimulate the mind and ease quarrels, allspice for gatherings, or a combination of the two. Mace is good for self-discipline and a good incense for studying. For a power punch you can combine it with Alum to improve homework and studies, throw a little frankincense as an honor to finding a good spiritual teacher. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. You can also add dried fruit: orange for calm, lemon for energy flow, peach skins for attracting well behaved guests and pomegranate skin to elevate the mood.

If you are cleaning the house for the first time, it is a good idea to leave after you have done the clearing and take your pets for a walk so that they are not affected by the release of negative energies. Afterwards to sweeten a house take a little brown sugar and honey on the charcoal to add the essence of sweet love to your home.

Once the house has been cleared remember to keep the windows open as much as possible and allow the sun and fresh air to support moving the energy out. Plants are also great helpers and add a high vibration to the place. White roses absorb negativity and can be excellent indicators that the house needs more professional support. Carnations and roses are great for absorbing energies from strangers that come into your house and keep it balanced when they have left. Flowers are great energy boosters and should be considered often. Here are more specifics about which flowers to use:

Carnations are best if someone is sick or as a gift if someone is in a hospital as they will remove emotional and mental turmoil.

Chrysanthemums have the vibration of mothering so are good when a new baby arrives and best in a nursery.

Gardenias promote harmony among people and in marriages and will absorb marital strife.

Roses carry the vibration of love. White roses are a symbol of purity and can temper anger.

Sweet Pea growing not cut, it great when you want to socialize and attract a relationship.

Spring water is a great cleanser and if you need a more serious remedy holy water can heal a whole house. I will often get holy water from the catholic church and add it to a mason jar with regular spring water to drive out negative forces in a room or a house. Adding herbs can give it an extra punch or a more specific purpose.

For example:

Basil: Works to tackle negative forces.

Hyssop: Purifies and cleans,

Sage: Increases clarity and focus

Mint: Stimulating and helpful when you want a house to sell.

Rue: Give a house a graceful and elegant feeling.

Yarrow: Increases love in a home

To make your personal formula use fresh herbs in a mason jar of spring water mixed with holy water and leave it in the refrigerator for around a week. When it is ready take the lid off of the mason jar and dip your hand in the water and flick it towards the walls and the floors. Use your intention coupled with the purpose of your herb . You can also put it into a spray bottle and use it as a room spray.

For the whole house, a spring water floor wash with a dozen crushed eggshells can be applied to floors as a rinse to clear your home of negative forces. Eggs are wonderful for absorbing all kinds of energy. If you go into a vacant home simply place an egg in every corner of the house and leave them there for 7 days. Pick them up and put them in a bag and place them in the trash. Try not to break them yourself. I like to also use eggs to clear pets of negative energy by simply running the egg over their body to absorb any negativity.

My last advice is if you are having a lot of stagnation in your house it is best to hire a professional as it can be very exhausting and very ineffective if you do not know what you are doing. Do not take on a severe case. My HOME services can be very effective and helpful to get your house cleaned quickly so that you can maintain it at the highest vibration. It is also a great service if you are thinking of buying a house or selling one to know what the underlying issues are and insure that you the house is sparkling and high vibrational to purchase and sell at the best price. Too many times the cause of illness, strife and difficulty may be the entangled and negative energies in your home.