For centuries humanity has tried to define the subtle energy that fuels our being. We have called it, chi, ki, prana, orgone, od, tachyon, ether, akasha, longitudinal waves, tesla waves, scalar waves, spirit, holy spirit, zero point energy, the higgs field, source field, torsion field, “the field”, gravity waves and neutrinos. So many terms to describe the powers of healing energy. Our universe is connected with the transfer of energy that is faster than light, and it is all done through vibrational energies. As Max Planck said “We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter. It is all just different rates of vibration designed by an unseen intelligence”.

For purposes of this article I will call this energy “SOURCE”. What we also know is this SOURCE creates sound waves and there is a motion of the masculine and the feminine and the positive and negative energies mixed in. It occurred to me that if we were able to tap into this existing energy in a productive way, we could ramp up the energy in our bodies and design a way to heal ourselves, and more specifically feed our hearts with the energy of balance. Our heart is very electrical and is 60 times greater in amplitude than other organs, its vibrational beat permeates the 50 trillion cells in the human body. The electromagnetic field that comes from the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain’s field. Our heart’s frequency also changes our “energy” depending on what we are feeling. When we are angry or frustrated the frequencies of the heart are chaotic. When we are full of compassion, the frequencies are orderly and coherent and we are in balance.

So, to heal ourselves of restlessness, nervousness, lack of energy, moodiness, fear, central nervous system disorders, poor circulation, malfunctioning or congested organs, lack of nutrients and excess toxins and metals, magnetism hold the highest potential and is the oldest form of healing known to mankind. The “laying on of hands” is a term that describes the use of this tremendous electro magnetic power from SOURCE.

The right side of our body is positive and the left side is negative and we are a field of flowing electromagnetic energy. Whenever this flow stops, we short circuit ourselves and the pattern of life and our health is impaired. It is important to note that our thought patterns are part of this giant equation, as through intention, we can release energies which are vital for magnetic therapy. Magnetism is a natural energy, our earth itself is a giant magnet with positive and negative poles. Aligning with the earth’s natural powers can support more traditional healing therapies as it only strengthens the process. Reiki, accupuncture and the latest and most cutting edge program that I use in my practice called NuVision will change the way we heal ourselves. It is an unbelievable tool for balancing our electro magnetism.

To be truly healthy we need to be energetically healthy. The Mayans and Chinese recognized the free flow of energy as being essential to a life of health and happiness. Life force is crucial when clearing and aligning our chakras and other energy centers of the body. Without energy, we slowly fade towards death. If you are feeling miserable, working a meaningless job, stressed out paying the bills and rely on drugs, there is an obvious energy crisis in your body. As our life force fades we are lazy, depressed and unconscious to what is happening to us. So, the first place to work on when you want to bring vitality to the body is the heart and circulation system.

The symptoms of a weakened arterial system and heart are:

Morning pain in the middle of the sternum, shoulder pain, tightness in the chest, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, hair in your ears, swollen ankles, purple veins on nose, forgetfulness, feeling tired after a heavy meal, persistent feeling of weakness, coldness, tingling or burning in toes or feet, pain in calves of the legs that improves when resting, sleeplessness, sores on ankles or feet, blurred or darkened vision, noises in head, dizziness, sudden spells of partial deafness, right should pain which may indicate a problem with the first chamber of the heart, pain down left arm to little finger, sliding footsteps, creases in the earlobe, crease in your nose which could indicate a heart problem, trouble with your lymph system, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and/or prostate.

You are as old as your arteries and old age sets in when arteries are blocked and your body does not receive enough oxygen or nourishment due to diminished blood supply. Long before it comes to a stroke and/or heart attack, the buildup in the arteries occurs. So, if your circulation is compromised, you must avoid high fat foods, smoking, environmental stress, chemicals and metals in foods, alcohol, fluoride, excess salt and sugar, strong coffee and birth control pills. These are all culprits of weakening arteries. If you are walking around with all these toxins, you need a comprehensive program to detox as well.

The heart is the most important organ in the body and should be your first priority to heal yourself from a multitude of problems. To get the source energy moving in your body I usually recommend Circu flow and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Circuflow has probably been one of the most successful products I have used to get the flow in the body moving again and support the heart. Emotionally, heart conditions are aggravated by the hardness of the heart, by the inability to share or to see the needs of others or to forgive yourself or humanity in general.

The quality of our blood is vitally important to be healthy too. Blood clots, stroke and heart attack are not simple issues and can be caused by bad blood. The blood and platelets form an unwanted glue-like substance and if this substance is allowed to accumulate, the platelets release a dangerous waste called adenosine diphosphate (ADP). ADP forms clumps that obstructs the flow of blood through our vessels and can lead to blood clots in the heart which cause heart attacks, strokes in the brain or lungs and effects other vital organs. Interestingly color energy therapy can be helpful for healthy blood. By wearing the color purple you can increase the function of the veins, lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate. The color scarlet increases blood pressure and contracts the blood vessels. Quaw bark tincture is excellent for improving the production of red blood cells and helps with toxemia, hemorrhoids and hemophilia. To purify your blood you can use either echinacea, licorice root, yellow dock, hyssop or St. John’s Wort.

Garlic reduces blood cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is an anticoagulant, strengthens the arteries and is an excellent remedy for long term cardiovascular difficulties.


Meditate: Give yourself the gift of meditation every day. Going to a quiet and calm place can invite the life force to come in and heal you.

Breath: Our breath is the connection to source. It brings in the energy to our bodies and allows our thoughts to be released.

Positive Intentions and Affirmations: Positive energy is vital to raise the vibration in our bodies circulatory system.

High Vibe Foods: Fruits and Vegetables are vital to our energetic footprint. Our heart and blood thrives on plant based foods.

Laughter: Humor can clear a low vibrational heart faster than anything. Shamans always use laughter to raise the vibration for ceremony and other high vibrational practices.

Love and Passion: Learning to feel what unconditional love really is can greatly amplify our life force energy. By living a life that we love, we can easily create a beautiful flow of energy to help us bloom and grow.

Awareness: By listening to our body we can react, recover and become healthy again. Through an active effort to bring source into the body we can benefit greatly from energy practices.

Leaving toxic relationships: The most devastating toxins are often from other human beings. We can hang on to others until we are completely drained of our energies. Sometimes we just need to walk away, let go. It is often the only way to regain our power and begin to heal from toxic voices and stop compromising our high energy values.

Working on your heart health, your circulatory system and your energy through NuVision is a great first step to getting back to perfect health. If you would like to get started, you can go here to book your first session and get a NuVision scan.

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