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I honestly had no idea how important it was to consume the accurate amount of water for my body weight. I have realized that the key to successful weight loss is not just about the food but about the water too. The key is also knowing how much water to drink and then gulping it all down in a day. You will probably be very surprised, as I was when I realized the amount of water I should be drinking since the majority of people actually drink far less than their body requires. A 250-pound person requires a lot more water than a 100-pound person. There is a simple calculation so that you can fine tune your water intake goals.  To calculate your water requirements, take your weight and multiply it by 67% to arrive at the total ounces that you need every day. If you are working out then you need to add an additional 12 ounces for every 30 minutes you are working out.

The benefits of having a water plan in addition to your nutritional plan contribute to successful weight loss. I have a few tips that have helped me to jump on the water wagon of health:

1.) Choose the best water available. I cannot say enough about the benefits of structured water, you can find out more about it here.

2.) Buy a one-gallon, non-BPA container and fill it up every morning. I carry it around with me all day long, to the office, on the patio, in my car, so that I am reminded of my mission to drink a whole gallon!

3.) Do not put anything in the water, flavors and fillers are a disaster as they stimulate the taste buds and pop you into cravings. Just plain ordinary delicious water from a great filter system or natural source is your best choice.

4.) Don’t forget your pets, they deserve the best water possible too and plenty of it so keep changing their bowl so that it is fresh and healthy.

5.) Drink two cups of water before you eat, it will dramatically change the amount of food you will consume. A recent study shows that people who drank water before a meal lost more weight than those who didn’t.

6.) I “program” my water by saying a prayer over it and ask that it cleanse my system and carry away all the fat in my body that does not contribute to balance. Water is a major part of who we are as beings. You can read about the programming of water for better mental and physical health here.

Here is a helpful chart that shows how much water a person should be drinking per day.

Weight Ounces of Water Daily
100 pounds 67 ounces
110 pounds 74 ounces
120 pounds 80 ounces
130 pounds 87 ounces
140 pounds 94 ounces
150 pounds 100 ounces
160 pounds 107 ounces
170 pounds 114 ounces
180 pounds 121 ounces
190 pounds 127 ounces
200 pounds 134 ounces
210 pounds 141 ounces
220 pounds 148 ounces
230 pounds 154 ounces
240 pounds 161 ounces
250 pounds 168 ounces

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