Energy Medicine

In 1994, Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan had the idea to freeze water and observe it under a microscope. At first he observed the crystals of tap water and water from rivers and lakes near big cities and he was unable to see any hexagonal crystal structures in the water. He then took water from pristine rivers free of development, and what appeared astonished Dr. Emoto when he saw beautiful crystal forms. His studies continued and he applied other observations like showing the water pictures, playing music and praying over it. He came to realize that water takes on the characteristics of emotions through resonance or vibration. If the vibration is destructive and angry, nothing can be created out of it, but when the vibration is positive it can create intricate beauty.

This study has even more impact for us since the human body is around 60% water with babies being born higher at 70%. Water is a big part of who we are. Taking this further, we can better understand the impact of negative thoughts and emotions on us.  Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions by checking out my book.

Let’s imagine taking a glass of water and writing down the word “happiness” on a small note. We then place the glass on the top of the note and leave it on our nightstand every night. The trick is to use only glass not plastic so that there is a reflection into the water. All night, the water is reflecting the word “happiness” and it is being programmed to take on the dynamic resonance of that. When you wake up in the morning you have a happiness elixir.

This should be your first glass of water for the day. You are drinking in a powerful happiness vibration that is engraved in every molecule of this elixir.  In order to fully absorb this potent potion, focus on the cells in your body and ask them to welcome and incorporate this energy into your being. Each cell in your body has the capacity of receiving this energy and reproducing it.

In order to maintain this happiness resonance it is important that our thoughts also align with the water we are receiving. As the Buddha said “anything that arises in the mind starts flowing as a sensation on the body”. I have noticed clients who have taken this to heart and when the body reflects a new resonance they takes on a beautiful vibrancy. The organs are clear and there is a loveliness to the face and the skin as it shimmers the positive cells that have been “re-programmed”.  Through this process you will see the opportunity to create more abundance in your life and even heal disease. The human body is really just a pile of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles. All of these particles are what we see in a human being as their vibrancy. Just like the sun helps us generate vitamin D, much of our environment is absorbed into our skin and on to the cellular environment.  Find out more about this by enrolling in my course.

I often remind myself when I think that the solution for my sagging skin is in a jar, when in reality the secret potion is in the glass on my nightstand. Like a vibrational medicine, every day I drink my elixir it seeps deeper and deeper into my cells and I walk in the world with a sparkling surge of energy, aligned with nature and the world around me.

With 7 Billion people in a world full of emotions I believe we have an individual responsibility to wake up in the morning with a positive vibration for ourselves and for our world.

Enjoy your personal elixir, and pass it around to those who need a dose of happiness.

Here is what the intention of happiness looks like on water: Energy Medicine









This is opposed to what water looks like with the words “You disgust me!”
Energy Medicine

Here are the crystals with different songs played:

Imagine by John Lennon
Energy Medicine









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