Numbers are a profound system of philosophy and symbolism that is an underlying formula of our natural world. They represent the laws and powers of the universe and in the right sequence, they can heal you through sacred and mystical coding. It is believed that the universe is ruled by numbers. Numbers were used by ancient societies as formulas of universal truths. Because of the mistrust of christianity much of these meanings were hidden and considered “devilish”. Interestingly among the great cultures and ancient ancestors there is a remarkable consensus about the meaning of certain numbers. Many believed that the conversation of angels is numbers that can capture the meaning. Swedenborg in his book, the secrets of heaven said “I have occasionally observed that when the speak of angels filters down into the world of spirits, it falls into rhythms of various different counts. I have also noticed that where people read a number in the word, angels understand some attribute. The earliest people who were heavenly and communicated with angels knew the symbolism of every number, even the multiples. So this symbolism was passed down to their descendants. It is believed that even numbers respond to good and odd number refer to truths.

0 = Is the nothing and yet the everything. In Mayan calendars zero was represented by the snail shell with its spiral form. In tarot zero is the fool card of enthusiasm and innocence

1= The oneness of all, the individual. This is the symbol of the human, the only creature that stands upright, one of a kind. This number represents confidence and the oneness of many. It is the core of the world tree. One stands for the unifying spirit that binds us all to the same energy. It implies the eccentric, the maverick and someone who is out of the box, questioning the rules of society. In tarot it is the number of the Magician, the secretive loner who has the power to amaze us. A series of ones is a code from the universe that you are aligned in the frequency of oneness, a higher vibration. It is a time to manifest as you are at a higher power.

2= Duality, balance and separation, the positive and negative aspects of all things. Opposites like day and night, light and dark, good and bad, male and female. Two is the number of balance but also the number of conflict. It is the number of Eve. In tarot it is the number of the high priestess underlining the female or Yin. Seeing 222 is a sign that you are standing apart, moving forward, luck, empowerment and charisma. It represents a uniqueness your place of personal power to excel. It can often means that it is time to start paying attention to the people who are coming into your life and relationships to come.

3= The spirit, communication, wisdom. Three lines make up a triangle, the holy trinity. Past present and future. Three’s are lucky, like in sayings that “the third time is a charm” three wishes from Aladdin’s lamp, goldilocks and the three bears. It is a number of understanding and knowledge. The Christ Consciousness number is 333. There is nothing to fear, there are blessings from the sacred source of the universe. The spiritual meaning of being whole and perfect.

4=The earth, solidity, understanding, order. It is the square or a cross. Four is a masculine number and gives us the four directions, the four elements and so on. The Sufis say there are four gates a man passes on his way to enlightenment. In tarot it is the Emperor, the father, order and harmony in the universe. It was believed that 4 symbolized God. The pythagoreans believed there were four parts to the soul: mind, opinion, science and sense. Jung mentioned sensation, intuition, thinking and feeling. For the Hindus it represents the four paths to God and the self which are wisdom, devotion, meditation, and action. It is believed that this is the favorite number of angels. It is a number of prosperity.

5= Harmony, justice, protection, love. A pentagram represents five. It is a number of balance and symbol of a human being which forms the five pointed star shape when legs and arms are outstretched as in Leonardo DaVinci’s famous drawing. The Pentagram is a sacred symbol of health, vitality, and light. The Mayans saw five as a symbol of perfection, related to the five digits on a hand. In tarot it is represented by the face of God. It is about creating and advancing forward.

6= Marriage, union of male and female, balance of opposites. God created the world in six days. It is the symbol of marriage. Six is dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. It is also the star of David which embodies the phrase as above so below. In the tarot 6 is the number of the lover. It may also indicate an imbalance and a reminder to get back to balance.

7= Spirituality, the occult, intelligence. Seven days a week, seven traditional planets, seven deadly sins, seven order of angels, seven colors in the rainbow and seven pure notes in the scale. For the egyptians, eternal life. The seventh day is a holy day. After death it is said the soul rests for 49 days 7×7, The seven chakras or energy vortices that correspond to the seven notes of music. In tarot it is the chariot a man that knows where he is going and is full of determination. A highly spiritual number, 777 signifies teaching or learning and moving into a more spiritual life.

8= Eternity and infinity, justice. A number of cosmic harmony and balance. A cube has eight corners. The serpent on the caduceus makes figures of eight shapes. For the Hindu’s the eight petals of the lotus that reside inside the skull. The eight qualities of God: innocence, omniscience, freedoms from impurities, benevolence, omnipotence and bliss. The cycle of purity, self-knowledge, the cycle of life, birth, death and rebirth. In tarot it is the number for justice, reflecting the universal idea that 8 is balance.

9= The limited and the limitless, experience and virtue, completion. Hindus, the number of Brahma, the creator. The symbol of perfection and unity. The Nava Ratnas are the nine gemstones that are considered particularly precious these are the pearl which is the moon, the ruby or sun, cat’s eye the descending lunar node, diamond or venus, red coral or mars, yellow sapphire for jupiter, the emerald for mercury, and the blue sapphire for Saturn and Hessonite for Rahu. The use of all nine is a very powerful talisman. Wearing the nine gems is said to provide an astrological balance and benefit to the wearer. Hindu astrology also says that these gems potentially may have both positive or negative influences on human life, and that astrological gems should be worn only after consulting a Vedic astrologer, who is also conversant with gems. Based on an individual’s sidereal horoscope either a single gem or a combination of compatible gems is advised to be worn to harness beneficial planets or counteract harmful planets sense of completion and wholeness. Nine represents achievement and culmination of a task. Nine months of gestation. In the Tarot, it is the Hermit.

10= Death and rebirth. Perfection. The number of fingers and thumbs on one hand. Ten commandments. The Mayans saw 10 as an unfortunate number that belonged to the god of death. In tarot it is the number of the wheel of fortune.

Another number that is extremely powerful is 12. It is the division of unity into twelve parts. The twelve knights of king arthur’s round table, twelve followers of quetzalcoatl, twelve followers of Buddha. The twelve disciples of christ, tree of life bears twelve fruits. Twelve inches in a foot, twelve days of christmas, twelve grades of school. The day and night is divided into 12 hours and the 12 signs of the zodiac and twelve months.

Numbers are the building blocks of life. Quantum scientists have determined that each and every ailment, nutrient and emotion has its own frequency signified by a sequence of numbers. By reciting or broadcasting the correlative numbers, for balancing a particular ailment, the body will respond the same like a physical antidote. By reducing healing frequencies to numbers the energy comes together based on the laws of the universe. The building blocks of our existence are a mathematical reality. This is the basis of the term “alchemy”.

The Universe can use numbers to communicate with us. It will send us very subtle messages so that we look at something. For example, on a number on a piece of paper, on a book cover, on a billboard, as part of an address or zip code, in your phone and so on. These repeating numbers are a reminder that something very magical and Divine is happening in your life.

Frequencies are all controlled by underlying mathematics and by taking a number and repeating it, it is like a mantra. The math is basically the control of all energy. One of these technologies is called Rife which is a machine that sends a combination of numbers to a person with intention. You can do it without a machine If you can perfect the intention accurately enough that the body recognizes the intention and then you may not need numbers. But the precision of a concept, and the ability to be able to hold that concept so precise that you can pass it to somebody else and have it be interpreted exactly the same way as you have intended can be problematic. So, for yourself using the number as a mantra is like a controlled meditation. As you meditate on the number over and over again and you are the person controlling the thought it can be more accurately delivered. Numbers however are more precise than thoughts because the thought you are transmitting from one person to the next can be misinterpreted.

So, if you are able to identify what the spiritual, emotional, physical and bacterial issue is, you can then obtain a numerical sequence for a person and the intention is automatically embedded in the number sequence, the number is the message that goes into the body. There are books of numbers that can be utilized that will send an intention to the body and the number becomes enmeshed into the body to create balance. The body works kind of like a radio that if you tune into a station and there is static that means there is imbalance in the body. The human body has over 2 million frequencies and each one has a very precise number so if you are “off”, the number frequency in your body has static or disease or illness. Number sequences will re-balance that frequency. These numbers are like very precise mantras for a particular field, organ, gland, muscular tissue or whatever. When it comes to the emotional side of the body or the spiritual side, they can have a wider range of efficiency as it is less defined as emotions can be all over the place.

This is a very powerful way to work with children who have had major health problems and by just balancing their energy these can be avoided. Animals are also very receptive to numbers. It is believed that because their belief systems are not so defined they are more receptive. In the third dimension of consciousness we are normally 20% light and 80% human. The fourth dimension is usually a stepping stone to the fifth. When you reach the 12th dimension you are normally 80% light and 20% human. Many children who are coming into the planet have arrived on the frequency of the sixth dimension or are of 50% light and 50% human and they are labeled as ADD or Indigos. They are seen as being in a very chaotic state, unable to organize thoughts and create a plan as their mind is not stable enough to allow them to function properly. Number therapy can be helpful to bring them back to the fifth dimension and get them more grounded and centered. Imagine the impact numbers could have on a classroom of kids who are all stuck in the sixth dimension? There have actually been experiments on classrooms and through the use of numbers teachers were able to alleviate these difficult behaviors simply by putting the right number sequence on the blackboard. The whole classroom level of confusion decreased and the cognizance increased. It is assumed that this took them out of the 6th dimension and back to the fifth for better learning.

The work of Lloyd Mear is a fascinating study of number sequences. Lloyd had a heart attack while driving in a very remote area of Canada. The nearest hospital was 60 miles away and he was by himself. Determined, Lloyd put up an extraordinary fight, suffering extreme nausea and often finding himself passed out on the wrong side of the road in oncoming traffic. It took him 6 hours to drive that 60 miles but somehow he made it and walked through the doors of the hospital telling the staff he thought he was having a heart attack. Four stents later, he knew that it could happen again if he didn’t get his arteries clean. Lloyd determined that the type of plaque he had was caused by exposure to a caliche limestone deposit below his home. Being a civil engineer with over 20 years experience in the mining field, Lloyd knew a bit about minerals and their isotopes. Having studied for years how gold is formed in rivers, Lloyd knew that if he provided his body with the right isotopes the plaque would dissolve on its own. He figured out that if he put the energy of Indium 125 into water it would get rid of his particular type of plaque.  When the energy of Indium 125 gets into the bloodstream through drinking the charged water, the plaque would slowly go back into solution and exit the body. Within a month his arteries were clean as a whistle! Inspired, Lloyd set to work. He said, ‘If I can do this with one correct isotope of energy in water, what can I do if I had all of the correct isotopes I need in the water?’

Lloyd Mear who was a pioneer in this field believed that what happens to a fetus can also be “rewired”. He believes that there is energy from many sources like the sun, the solar system that comes from throughout the universe to earth. He has identified three ingredients deuterium, technetium a mineral that is on the periodic chart but not found on earth unless it is a remnant of a shooting star or solar activity, and the third is promethium which is an energy that is also recognized but rarely found on earth. He believes that these energetic minerals come into the fetus, not from the mother, but from the universe during the development stage of humans and animals. In some cases these minerals can be deficient in fetal development and it may cause autism because of the diminishing energy of these minerals in earth and not getting enough of them. There may be a solution in number sequences to supplement fetuses in the future during their development. It appears that at some stage of infancy everything is normal but at some time during development an abnormality takes place around the age of three or four and autism starts to evolve. It may be a possibility that without these planetary minerals, the digestive system does not have the capacity for certain enzymes to develop and therefore food can be toxic instead of energy. Evidence shows that when there is a specific diet, autism can often be reversed. The immunization step plays a role as well, but it is believed that it is not the major role. There is also evidence that the energies in plastic contribute as well to autism through plastic baby bottles and toys. So because through numbers we can identify anything, there are then numbers that counter this so that there is a neutralizing effect. This is best done in the fetal stage or very early on and it may be a piece of the puzzle to solve the problem. There must be more research done on this area.

Numbers can be written on the body or impressed into water, especially on the left hand side of the body. That is where the energies enter into the body and right hand side of the body is where it exits. The body recognizes the intention and it absorbs it, this is an underlying secret to the human body that it has the capacity to be imprinted. Animals are also very responsive since they are very neutral. You can use your hand and touch them on the left side with a number on it and heal what they need, their heart, their lungs, their organs whatever needs help. Numbers can be adjusted to counteract bacterias, mold and other environmental effects. Every cancer has a number and can be counteracted with a balancing number. Healing with numbers can be a powerful tool to try. If you would like a session to work with numbers and their frequencies, Lori is here to help! She has the capacity through a sophisticated program to broadcast numbers for healing into your energetic body without having to do it yourself. The broadcasts can occur every hour or day no matter where you live. It is precise and accountable. Go here to book a session.

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