You have read all the self help books, taken all the classes, been to Bali, Egypt, Machu Pichu, an Ashram in India, listened to Deepak Chopra for 15 years and stopped eating Doritos, so where are you now on your spiritual journey? Are you moving forward? Are you creating or waiting?

We are masters of making excuses and we are defeating our potential in thoughts like “I don’t have enough time”, “I am too old or too young”, “I don’t have enough money” and a multitude of other unnecessary obstacles. We think that change depends on things like wealth, other people doing things or getting something we “need” first before change can take place.

The key to change is having  an accurate view of reality and not investing so heavily in the external world.

In the external world it is easier to see change as impossible, and then it becomes impossible.  So ask yourself, what have I avoided or postponed? Are you dismissing things because you think you lack time, finances, energy? The truth is that if you want to change the world you must question your beliefs and in an instant your world changes.

My biggest obstacle to change has been the fear of pain, injury or suffering. This has always kept me from the dangling carrot of change.  I can also be my own worst enemy not wanting to be inconvenienced or upset. I accept that this has kept me from the fullness of life at times and I strive everyday for a healthy balance and that my thoughts do not keep me from thriving.

The universe plays a role in change as well. When our lives get real uncomfortable it is a sign that you need to make a move. Losing your job, your relationship and your closest possessions means it is time to change. The more uncomfortable you are, the larger the potential for the future outcome.  Just think about your future, do you see it? Take note because that is the foundation of your next dream. The universe is standing by if we are patient and trusting of it. You might be surprised to see that you can get immediate results that bring you to immediate changes.

Some people think that people don’t change because they are lazy but is that the underlying issue? To change we have to substitute the old for the new. This is difficult if we are unconscious. When we want to re-design our life we typically try an old approach of trying  to monitor ourselves. This works just great until we run out of self-control and then we become exhausted and give up. The alternative is to look forward to change and the new version of your life will be coming towards you.

Change is all around us, the world is a change machine. Are you in a whirlwind or on a steady path? To maintain stability in the chaos,  the only way out is living your hearts desire. When you follow love you are living fearlessly. Any change that you are fearful of is a red flag to get out your journal and make a list of the fears. around that decision. One by one ask yourself, is it true? With this practice you will know if you are stuck in illusion.

Change can also get hung up because of past failures, these are landmines to move forward and kill inspiration. For the sake of change, leave the past behind, it is not an indicator of future results.

Another tactic to avoid change is to think you can simply change others. The problem with this is that we see people through our own eyes, not for who they really are. Inside everyone is the truth, there is the innocent child, a hormonally imbalanced teenager, a fearful parent. What we see from our perspective is a brat, a jerk and a pain in the ass.  We keep trying to change everything we have created when in reality the person is simply being himself or herself.

Here are some tips to change your life right NOW !

1.)  Define what you want by what it looks like in your future. Don’t try to go to all the details of how you are going to get it? The devil is in the details so we need to be open and ready to receive. The universe is so much better at providing it.  Look at the big picture of your future and do it over and over until it becomes a reality.

2.) Get into creation mode which involves intention coupled with a clear purpose. Visualization and meditation are the perfect tonics for creating a life you love.

3,)  Show up for an intimate relationship with the unknown. In the unknown is the synchronicity and serendipity. It is time to move beyond your comfort zone and eliminate the awkwardness of new ideas.

There is always resistance, external and internal. You will hear those who tell you  that you don’t have money, energy, connections. The pure YUK of all of your “loving friends” who sabotage the thoughts in your head. But when you want the future more than you invest in the past you will create new habits.

The key is practicing, we can change the neural pathways and supposedly in 21 days  rewire them. To create something new we have to leave behind the known and step into the unknown, this is why it is so hard to change and what keeps us from meditating. Just think if you put all the effort into the change you want to become instead of the fear and emotions that keep you from it?

Start with my great meditation CD for twenty one days and change up your routine and breath fresh air into the normal.

My favorite crystal for making a big change !!


Peridot: I love this stone for cleaning out the past. An energetic vacuum that sweeps away everything that has been lurking in your baggage. It also gets you out of being lazy and uncommitted to your dreams. It changes pain and suffering into wisdom and gets very deep into the truth. It will also keep you from blaming others, trying to change them and instead help you to change yourself. It expands the heart and clears the solar plexus helping you rid self-doubt, selfishness, guilt, shame and convoluted thoughts of the incapacity to achieve something. It is also good for metabolism and clearing the body of toxins. Detox your life, embrace change and step in to your future.


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