After my deep dive into the world of “alternative healing ” almost ten years ago, I find the term ridiculous. For centuries we have been healing ourselves by what are now considered outdated and antiquated methods. The irony is that if we want to go back to using those methods you have to consult a doctor, who knows nothing about natural medicine. The truth is that our current system of western medicine is “alternative medicine” as we pump people with “inventions” by pharmaceuticals approved by our government who is often in denial about the benefits of natural medicine.

Alternative healing is two-fold as it relies on energy and frequencies to heal the body. This makes total sense because we are energy. Western medicine treats only one aspect of our being. If we take a pill, we are being treated on the physical body and it can manage symptoms at that level, but most of our illnesses have an emotional component and that is on the emotional body. How many times do you go to a medical doctor with a pain in your hip and after taking all the tests says “I think many of your emotions are in your hip, so you need to do some emotional clearing there”. There are also causes on the spiritual body, the etheric and astral body, the connective body which is where all the intergenerational causes are held and four more energetic bodies beyond there. We are not treating the full spectrum of illness on our energetic field.

All traditional systems of healing from traditional chinese medicine to shamanism to herbalism subscribe to a basic philosophy that seems to be absent in western medicine and that is the belief that the entire energetic body has the capacity to heal itself. It is the body’s natural tendency to work toward balance. Natural medicine helps this process along. If the body is properly nourished with the nutrients it needs,  it will kick in and get rid of viruses, bacteria and other toxins. If we start supporting the body and not overwhelming it with bad food, stress, toxins and bad relationships and give it plenty of time to sleep and repair itself, some sunshine and love it up, it will heal.

The other difference between the two methods is that one approach is healing symptoms and the other is looking for the cause. I recently spent some time with my father and he told me when I asked how he was doing that he had gone to the dermatologist several times over the past year to have skin cancers removed. I asked him what the doctor had suggested he do to deal with the underlying cause of the cancers they kept cutting out. Nothing ! They told him to wear sunscreen (most is toxic). I said, did they say anything about your diet? No nothing. Since I know that sugar feeds cancer  I went looking around the house to see what I could find. I enrolled my mother in the effort for the honesty factor. I went on a search for what may be feeding his cancer. She came out of the pantry holding a can of Arnold palmer tea and I told her to read the label. First item, high fructose corn syrup. I said Dad you are like a hummingbird, filling up on sugar all day and feeding these cancer cells. Your doctor is doing nothing more than harvesting what you are producing.

I had read a quote by Dr. Joseph Brasco about natural treatments and cures. He talks about the “rule of thirds”. One-third of the people he treats will get 100 percent better, completely cured. One-third will improve considerably and may be able to go off of meds and their symptoms will be reduced and lessened and they will have less pain and suffering. The other third will not be helped at all. I believe that the one third that is not helped are often non-compliant or the issues are too far steeped into the other “energy bodies”. The beauty of natural medicine is it will generally help people, if not a little, substantially. Other benefits are that nothing you take is addictive and the potential for abuse by death or overdose is remote. Now, you can take a toxic dose of a vitamin or herb, but there is less risk that prescription medications. Remember that this is not faith healing, you are not going to throw away your crutches and start walking again, but we all should definitely consider natural healing as a helper on your road to freedom.

Another criticism of natural healing methods is there is no good research that it works. We hear this constantly from vitamins to shamanism. It is not true, there is tons of research. The problem is that the people we go to for health advice know very little about it. You can find these studies and read hundreds of case studies  and your doctor can find it too. Studies can be tricky though since natural nutrients are helpers, some work slower than others as they often go to repairing the mechanisms that caused the symptoms in the first place.

Doctors are taught that the solution to every illness or condition is a drug. There are very few medical school curriculums devoted to complementary medicine.  This limits a doctors toolkit, which normally just has drugs in it . So asking a doctor about natural treatments is like asking your personal trainer to recommend a fast food restaurant. There was a world renowned nutritionist who was quoted as saying “any secretary who’s been on a diet knows as much about nutrition as the average doctor in the U.S. ” Those that do, are a minority.

Currently there are many successful treatments waiting for you that do not have the approval of your government, or never reach the market because of the futility of trying to convince others of quantum science over old theories, they just doesn’t get very far and mostly end up in the practices of “healers” and are called quackery.

So, when our stomach is screaming at us, we pop an antacid as it is quicker than taking the time to repair and support our stomachs ability to properly digest food. Natural medicine is a hard sell because it addresses the whole person and it takes time. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are in an accident please do not drive to my front door, western medicine is the perfect place to go for triage. What they are not good at are chronic conditions and prevention. Illnesses such as asthma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, fatigue, allergies, depression, low libido, heartburn, reflux, indigestion, constipation, autoimmune diseases are things we are told we must live with and manage, not cure. In these areas natural medicine really helps as it focuses on rebuilding you and finishing off the symptoms for good.

So here is my approach to healing:

A shamanic healer is not a specialist in any one area, instead a shaman works on the whole energetic field and is a seer into the energetic body. When we are born, we each come into this earth plane with a unique holographic “blueprint” or “energy”. This blueprint identifies our unique self, our life force or soul. To reach a whole body diagnosis, I first extract this information from the field with your name, birth date and birth place to match you with the  right blueprint. I then work with the energy that fills all the empty space between your cells. This is the same energy that moves prayers between people. Nikola Tesla was a scientist that showed us that this energy can even power light bulbs without electricity. Quantum physics has named this scaler energy. It is an infinite energy that pervades the universe. It is an advanced form of physical therapy truly natural and effective.

Finally scientists acknowledge this energy and have created mechanisms for accessing this energy to read our  “blueprint” and identify what is swirling in our cells and around us. With an extensive database of possibilities these energies can be lined up and identified. They can include anything from your thoughts about your mother-in-law to your cravings and addictions and stressors. The database will then reveal the frequencies that are most dominant on your blueprint and provide you with an inventory of problems that are most probably causing illnesses. It will then search the field for healing modalities like flower essences, sound, natural remedies, crystals and oils along with ancient and modern nature remedies that are analyzed to see their efficiency for healing. Scalar energy (prayer or intention energy) allows us to reconnect with the vital force in our body and stimulate it, allowing us to return to balance. By broadcasting your energetic field with positive affirmations, homeopathic remedies, healing colors and many many more natural solutions,  people can feel the difference immediately. It is perfectly safe, there is nothing unnatural about it as it has been around since the creation of the universe!

So how does it work from a distance?

There are many experiments that validate distance healing. Two cells from the same person when separated and moved 3000 miles away will still respond to the distress or love extended to the other. Because of this quantum validation of our cells receptivity, we can be analyzed or receive energy anywhere in the universe and still get the same benefit as if you are standing in my office.

Thanks to quantum technology, we have found a way to identify and use scalar energy in a more focused way than ever before. We have always known that prayer and intention worked, science proved this but since it require so much focus and meditation, people have often had a difficult time doing it for long periods of time. With this new technology, I am able to be very focused on needs and broadcast positive intentions and frequencies of every plant and natural remedy that exists on our planet, sustaining them over long periods of time when appropriate. These energies balance our life force and give us the type of miracles that prayers can bring.

Just imagine having your own personal shamanic practitioner who is not only able to see the energy in your bodies and the blockages therein, but also able to identify and focus on the vital forces in your body, remove blockages, broadcast remedies and stimulate healing every 15 minutes? That is the power of scalar energy. It is similar to a computerized, supercharged version of dowsing and medical intuition combined to find the underlying cause of illness and search the field of natural methods to see what is best aligned with your body to heal.

In addition, I have to be honest and say that I have helpers that I give a lot of credit to. These are a group of Mayans that have adopted me as their human counterpart to help human beings heal. They guided me to this technology and continue to show up, directing my attention to resources and boosting my intuition to solutions. It is a powerful alliance with great potential for success.

My feeling is that all imbalances can be balanced. Depression is not a lack of Prozac, heart disease is not a lack of Lipitor in your diet. Going to the natural pharmacy is the most powerful cure and where you can feel empowered to take back your own health care. I want you to be in charge, not follow health guru’s and fads. Instead, help identify the frequencies that are on your blueprint so that you can try some things on, see if they work, use what does, and throw away what doesn’t. The difference is that you will be doing it with energy medicine supporting you all the way. The best medicines are the steps that you take to get better and finding the best treatments for you that actually work. Scalar energy can reduce the search and give you some signposts along the way. Listen to your heart and your body, it knows who to trust. You are ultimately in charge.

When you are not healthy you are not showing up in life at your best version and depriving your family and friends and the rest of humanity of your potential. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to be the fullest expression of who you are. That means a healthy body, mind and spirit. Don’t settle for anything less.

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