The external energies in the world are getting more chaotic on many levels and those of us who can be conscious of these energies and prepare ourselves adequately will live the best lives. We now must live with a multitude of toxins and pollutants on many levels. I have taken the time to outline the areas where I think we are most vulnerable and where we need to focus if we want to make significant changes in our overall well-being.

1.) FOOD/VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Carbs, proteins, fats and vitamins are essential for our cells and our metabolism. The most important change to make in our well-being is an overhaul of what we consume. It takes seven years for new molecules to replace older molecules. By critically changing our diet now, in seven years we can transform our territory if we stay away from additives, preservatives and irradiated foods. A big step in the right direction is to avoid hormones and arsenic that are found in beef and poultry supplies. Fast food, no exercise and not enough vitamins and minerals are a ticket to stress related diseases. Critical vitamins to watch are zinc, iron, cobalt, copper and selenium. These are the most important for the extraction of the energy that we get from food. They also support our bio-electrical currents in the body. Deficiencies can cause metabolic and bio-electrical blocks that cause physical illness. Another essential vitamin is vitamin C to combat stress. It also helps with fatty meals, boosts the immune system and stimulates white blood cells to fight off viruses and bacterias. Folic acid and vitamin B6 are also excellent protectors for diseases of the cardiovascular system. The best detox program is making a commitment to walk at least 30 minutes per day. Every step we take builds the immune system and stimulates the lymphatic and elimination systems. Deep and consciously aware breathing also aids in detoxing the lungs. Depending on where you live, a powerful air filter may also be a much needed accessory in your home.

2.) WATER: Chemicals continue to fill our landfills and contaminate groundwaters. On top of that our water is poisoned with fluoride. Water is the essence of life and because of toxins many people are not absorbing water well through their intestines. Studies have shown that mixing water with fruit can enhance absorption and help to clear kidneys. So many illnesses have their origins in the kidneys and it should be a top priority. For good water, I highly recommend structured water for an entire household. Remember that water is not just what you drink, it is what you bathe in, wash your clothes and dishes with. You can find these filters here and learn about the benefits of structured water.

3.) HEAVY METALS/VACCINES: From mercury laden seafood, lead drinking cups and vaccines, we are bombarded with metals. We can get them from the air, the dentist and our foods in mostly seafood. Metals are notorious for affecting our neuro systems and spine because they often end up in our brain and neural tissues, inhibiting cell oxidation and the bodies use of calcium. Diseases such as Parkinsons, Fybromyalgia and Alzheimers are classic cases of metal poisoning. Aluminum is also a big problem and shows up in a lot of the scans that I do. It is responsible for alzheimers disease, stomach pain, babies who cry a lot, stomach ulcers. Aluminum can be in antiperspirants, baking powder, hair dyes, beer and soda cans and toothpaste. It is difficult to get an accurate test for metals so I am very impressed with the capacity of scalar energy program that I use to detect the presence of metal in the body, and it can even at times zero in on the actual location. If you think you have heavy metals in the body; chlorella, garlic, parsley and cilantro can be very helpful. If your mouth is full of mercury fillings, Going to is a great first step to get rid of the biggest source of heavy metal poisoning.

4.) CHEMICAL POISONS: Chemicals and metal poisons bind tissues in the body, attract parasites and have an affinity for the nervous system. Environmental toxins tend to settle in the right kidney, brain and stomach. Chemical trails are real and exposure can be noticed in the weakest part of the body. Symptoms can be anxiety, aching joints, lung congestion, hair loss, bad headaches, memory loss, dizziness and vertigo. The radiation from them lingers in the grass that the animals eat and if we are not vegan, then we eat. It is in the air, rain, snow and water.

5.) Solar Flares and Ascension: Now this may seem fearful if we see this through a scientific eye but it is really not. The spiritual view of it is different. The Carrington event of 1859 is an example of a mini version of a solar flare which actually melted electrical wires and the lights in the auroa borialis were lit up so high that those in the north thought it was daylight. In 1987 we had another event that threw out all the lights in Canada. This shows us the high possibility that our sun is going through a transition. All the prophecies in the world have described this event as an energetic activation from our solar system that will cause us to transform as we are activated into a higher level of consciousness. This is happening because our planet is entering into a predicted cosmic cloud. Some people react very negatively and have mental breakdowns and extreme reactions to the world around them. This is due to the fact that they are caught in the density of our planet, swept with fear and survival. Others when exposed to this energy have a very different experience and start to see light, psychic visions, loving and peaceful voices and telepathic abilities and open up to a different level of energy. Either way it is a decisive change to our being. This has been talked about throughout every culture. Remarkably the prophecies have a common theme of the sun having a major solar flash and that it means a dimensional shift in consciousness. The entire solar system is being affected so it is not just an earth thing although the earth is experiencing it. The solar flash seems to be the result of a build up of energy in the solar system that needs to be released. You survive it moving into the higher vibrations and it will go right through you and you will be in a different realm when it is over.

The reason that I speak of this is that I received a major download from Mayan ancestral spirits that work with me. For over a year they tried to explain this to me. They seem to be here to help us as they went through the same experience that we will be going through. I have spent seven years studying this extensively from all scientific and prophetic journals.

Through the process of ascension, your vibrational frequency is becoming lighter. This requires the discarding of egoic thinking and moving into a lighter realm of love and light. Through this processes of Ascension, you will become aware of the interconnectedness of all things and will be able to let go of thought patterns and physical structures that cause stress and fear.

Ascension is a wonderful process that will lead to radical changes in the way you think, act and interact with others. However, as with all spiritual changes, there may be some discomfort along the way. There is a great website here where you can find all the symptoms.

You just ‘know’ or sense that something is happening/changing. You just feel different for reasons you can’t explain. 

Stomach and digestive issues, IBS, gasto-intestial problems; loss of appetite; periods of unexplained nausea. 

Sudden changes in body temperatures; increased sensitivity or intolerance to heat or cold; abnormal heat and/or cold in certain body parts. 

Cold or Flu-like symptoms that appear and then dissapear just as suddenly without escalating. 

Frequent headaches; head pressure or other unusual sensations in the crown area; warmth, tingling, pinpricks, pulsating energy. 

Increase in sensitivity of smell; strange smells from time to time that seem to come out of nowhere; Sinus and allergy issues. 

Changes in vision and perception; catching glimpses of shadows, mist or smoke, flashes of light, sparkles, colors and swirling forms of energy. 

Changes in hearing or sensitivity to sound; hearing strange sounds, tones and frequencies in your ears; whooshing, buzzing or ear popping/pressure. 

Periods where you feel extremely cold for long periods of time or have a chill in your body, cold hands or feet; circulation issues. 

Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits; Sudden cravings for or aversions to certain foods; Unexplainable weight gain or loss. 

Sudden intolerances/allergies to certain food or other products and chemical sensitivities. 

Changes in sleep patterns; waves of extreme fatigue that come and go unexpectedly; periods of restlessness or insomnia; a need for more or less sleep than normal; 

Sporadic sleep schedules; repeated waking in the middle of the night especially around 3 am; unusual dreams or more lucid dreams. 

Increase in daydreaming, fantasy; flashes of insights and visions; increased creativity and imagination. 

Intense waves of heat throughout the body, hot flashes, chills or night sweats; feeling extremely hot or waves or warming energy in various chakra centers. 

Increased static electrical charge in the body; energy ‘zaps’, tingles, itching, pinpricks; muscle spasms or twitches that occur sporadically in certain parts of the body. 

General body aches and pains, tension and soreness not caused by injury or exercise. 

Clumsiness, lack of coordination at times, bumping into or dropping objects more often; dizziness or feeling ungrounded. 

Sporadic bursts of increased energy or inspiration; feeling hyper-active or frantic energy; panic attacks; accelerated mental energy; racing or scattered thoughts. 

Unexplainable nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apprent reason. 

Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations; experiencing pulsating or rushing waves of energy, tingling sensations pressure throughout the body or in specific areas (chakra centers). 

Exteme sensitivity; feeling over-emotional; Episodes of crying for no apparent reason or bouts of hysterical laughter for no apparent reason. 

Periods of intense frustration, anger or rage, short-tempered or easily agitated or impatient. 

Moments where you experience increase in heart rate out of the blue, or unusual sensations in the heart chakra area. 

Unusual skin changes that come and go (rashes, hives, itching or tingles). 

Changes in hair and nail texture, color or rate of growth. Hair and nails may grow faster than normal. 

Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments. 

A sudden increase in synchronicity (meaningful coincidences); seeing 11:11 or other recurring numbers often. 

Abrupt changes with job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments or strong urge to relocate. 

Physicality may feel ‘unreal’ at times and external reality appears dreamlike at times. 

Increased “self talk” or inner dialogue; issues with voice or speech. 

A need for more personal space and alone time; introversion. 

Feeling invisible, alienated or detached from from others and/or the world around you. 

Feeling lost or a sudden loss of your old ‘identity’ and a calling to find your true self. 

A deep longing to go Home even though you may not know where ‘home’ is. 

Asense of urgency like you are running out of time or that ‘something is about to happen’. 

Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information ; or automatic writing. 

Sudden lack of mental focus and ability to concentrate or comprehend linear information; feeling scattered; brain fog; confusion; forgetting things more often. 

Feeling ungrounded at times, scattered or spacey thoughts; feeling detatched or in a dream-like trance. 

Time distortions; losing track of time; a sense that time is ‘speeding up’ or ‘slowing down’ at various moments; 

You begin to see halos of light around people, animals and objects; distorted or blurred vision; sensitivity to bright light; more intense closed-eye visions. 

Increased Telepathy with other people and animals; flashes of insight and increased Intuition. 

Feeling that you have a Divine purpose on the planet and that you are on a special ‘mission’. 

Profound feeling of love, peace, understanding and interconnectedness with All things. 

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition. 

Bizarre or intense dreams; prophetic or precognitive dreams or dreamlike visions occuring more often. 

Electronic devices may malfunction often in your presence (lights may flicker or bulbs burn out often). 

A feeling that you are not alone or that there is a non-physical presence near you (visits from angelic beings, spirits, e.t’s, messengers and guides) 

Experiencing sudden inspirations and divine revelations, rushes of energy and flashes of deep insight. 

A feeling that something is ‘about to happen’ or something important is coming, although you don’t know what or when. 

If you are struggling with these symptoms and unable to function, I highly recommend my friend Eagle Spirit’s course for empaths. She gently guides you through what you are feeling and how to feel and how to function. Here is the link to her course. She was also featured on an interview about this topic that you may find interesting.

6.) Screens and Geopathic Stressors: These all affect our magnetic fields. On top of that, there are natural magnetic fields from underground streams, tectonic plate and fault lines, underground crystal deposits all leading to the term geopathic stress. There can be abnormal energy fields where you live, work and sleep. Often these energies can cause illness. They can also contribute to cancer when there is a build up. These are very hard to measure and determine the affects. Dowsing is the best way to determine this. You can also look at the plants around your house for signs. Trees may have tumors or are constantly being hit by lightning. This is a study called geomacy or feng shui which describes the flow of chi in homes and businesses. Geobiology is the study of the influence of earth energies on all forms of life: man, animal, and plant. Normally silent and invisible, these energy fields are felt by many and affect lives in profound ways.  If you ever read the warning instructions of a cell phone you may be surprised to learn that it should not be kept within one inch of your body. Yes, one inch. It is interesting to note that brain cancer is the fastest growing cancer diagnosis and many believe it is attributed to wireless technologies. The best thing you can do is to opt out of smart homes and have a kill switch to shut down all the wireless at night. 

7.) People: We often do not see our energy field as sacred. A way to determine our resilience is to ask ourselves how others are speaking to us? If we are bombarded with a lack of respect we are in a constant state defending ourselves. Anger is the worst energy and a quick way to illness. Anger means that you are possessed by others. See yourself instead as a graceful human being and more yourself. It may be time to do a full blown people cleanse as well.

8.) General environment: Temperature, noise, crowds, climate and external stimuli. We live in a life of distractions, often our heart rates are affected by how loud our environment is. It is crazy to me that some people cannot tolerate silence. There is like an insecurity about being alone so they marry their cell phone for support. We have adopted a false narrative that multi-tasking means we are more intelligent and a better person. We are addicted to worry. Yes having a mortgage to pay can be very stressful but worrying about it is a choice. Distractions intervene with our intuition and our spiritual self so controlling distractions can evaporate the outside world. There is another speed available, other than the one that is on the internet. Stop the velocity and head to the garden, without your cell phone.

Obsidian is my favorite stone for grounding and detoxing from negative energies. Obsidian is quickly cooled volcanic lava so it incorporates all the elements of our earth, fire, water, air and earth. It is very reflective so negative energies can bounce off of it. It keeps you grounded, focused and clear and supports discernment.

Tumbled and polished volcanic obsidian rocks.

Because black obsidian expresses a clear, detached energy of truth without “taking any sides,” it can be very helpful for those who tend to react emotionally to people and events in their life. 

Some great websites to investigate are:

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