It is time to do what you are really passionate about! 

I believe that working and careers deserve some repurposing for most. So I am going to dissect this. What work really is, is service to others for which we are sometimes paid. When we give we receive so abundance pours in. So first of all start seeing your job as an opportunity to give to others. Often I see people who are more in it for the ego. Their ego thinks that it deserves stuff, it wants to be stroked and coddled which leads to feeling unwanted or overlooked in their job. The ego starts to destroy the original purpose, which is to serve others. Seeing your job through the lens of service creates positivity and abundance and a feeling of success. If you are not participating in service, when you are successful it will be hollow and selfish.

Wayne Dyer said that he did not have a vision board with a new Mercedes or a watch on it, he would instead wake up every morning and ask, what can I give? The first thing he would do every morning is say “thank you” and as how he may serve somebody.

If you are miserable in your job, perhaps you are not seeing it as service? You then have two choices, you can be miserable or you can get motivated. You have a choice, but most people make it complicated and think the worst, never getting out of the misery. The goal with careers is to do what you love and the world is full of opportunities to make a living doing what you love. What is keeping you from this is a lack of commitment to make it happen.

Many of us are stuck competing, trying to get ahead with the blinders on of simply climbing a ladder. Competition can motivate us, which is good, but we are often in conflict with others getting there. A more spiritual approach would be to toss the ego and celebrate those around you as well. Again, giving is receiving. The problem when we are in competition is that we make others our barometer of success not realizing that they have a different path with different goals to overcome. Focus on your own life and work on your own personal fulfillment. Stay in your own lane!

Most who are sitting in a dead end job start the blame game but I gotta tell you, everything that you are and are doing is not your parents fault, your ex husband or wife’s fault, the economies fault, the weather’s fault, your age or your financial situation. You are responsible for every single decision and choice that you make. If you are stuck, it is time to face your choices and take charge. 

At this point a lot of spiritual gurus may say, turn it over to the universe and see what happens, but I do not think the universe is just waiting to fix your life. There is a point where responsibility must kick in and you have to have a vision otherwise the universe does not know how to support you. This is when it comes down to a deep dive into values and how you can organize those values into a solid vision of your career. For example, you may say I value animals, I like to write and I am a social media wizard. Write down all of those values and that becomes the core of your job description. These values could turn into a job blogging and helping to raise funds to help animals in the wild. Service, values and salary combined.

Many people think that getting what inspires you is easy, it is not. Almost all successful people I have known have worked hard, they just make it look easy. Hard work and perseverance of your goals and values are the key to success. The key to making it is easy, is simply to walk in the world with the vibration of success, this is what will draw it to you. Here is an article that covers all that. By taking what you have learned and applying it towards a decision you can create a new experience, a different way to live. When we couple that with intention we help the universe to start connecting the dots and begin to create a new environment in which to embrace the new. Success can become effortless when you have created a new state of being and step out of overwhelming emotion and self doubt and into the unknown, the place of change. 

Just as I have preached the theory of being the observer of your life, it is also a powerful tool to take to the boardroom. I coached a powerful executive who worked in Silicon Valley for one of the world’s largest tech companies. There was a lot of pressure and dysfunction at the top of this company and she deep into it. After talking with her, we realized that corporate management was really a fear fest, everyone was fearful of losing their job or not getting the next promotion so the management of the company was based on personal fears not corporate values. She mentioned how the head of sales was constantly beating up on the marketing team for not hitting the numbers even though sales were climbing. No one felt they were winning, when in reality they were. I told her to sit at the board meeting and to determine what is the underlying fear of each person at the table. She focused on the head of sales who she also knew personally. His wife wanted all the bling, the fancy cars, the fancy house, a full closet of designer digs, the whole deal. Their credit cards were on tilt. So, he was transcending his personal desperation into the people that worked for him causing others to buy into his fear, thinking this would motivate them. The problem with this theory of management is that people can only be motivated by fear for so long because it is ego driven, not reality.

Another barrier to success is are you thinking too small? Are you insecure, questioning and doubting yourself? If so, you need help to shift this perspective immediately, change your point of view and step out of the limiting tunnel vision of yourself. Realize there are multiple ways and paths to financial success.

So what if you are in deep financial jeopardy and feel you can’t get out? You need to start telling the truth. Being silent and hiding is like an alcoholic, it won’t fix itself until it realizes it has a problem. I have seen many cases of people so proud that they pride their way into financial ruin and never get out. “I am too proud to admit I am broke”, they are embarrassed and continue carrying around a myth and most of the time blaming others for what happened to them. 

So here are my tips to enhance and change your career:

  1. Evaluate your current situation and satisfaction. What do you like doing and what do you detest? Is there anything in your present job that you would like to do more? Showing initiative to learn something else is appealing to management. This will also bump up your resume with more skills.
  2. Insure that you are doing your job well and that you are enhancing the operation not hindering it. Have enthusiasm and be sure that you are visible and engaged. This will ensure that you get great reviews and might even get a counter offer of a higher salary if you decide to look for another job.
  3. See change as a good thing and prepare for change. Major transition takes time and planning. Be sure that change though is what you need, fully examine yourself and what is causing your unhappiness otherwise you will take the same unsatisfaction wherever you go. Maybe taking some time for emotional well being is a more fruitful step.
  4. If you are burnt out you need to hit the reset button, A shift is necessary before you start over. Get a good and clean perspective on it, when you are burnt out you cannot see possibility shining through.
  5. If you are in financial ruin, admit it and begin to remove obstacles through affirmations, money rituals and believing that you ‘re a money magnet, not a financial failure. Believing you are whole and worthy again will change it up and get you back to success.


So ask yourself these questions to get started on a career reboot.


What area of my life would I like to invest my time and energy?


What are my most important values?


What am I good at?


What are the obstacles that are keeping me from making a change?


After you have done this evaluation you need to head for the dumpster and dump all of your worries about the future. Worrying and fear will not help you get the sparkling career at the top of the hill. Self doubt and wondering whether things are going to work out will keep you trapped in a dead end job and will lead to emotional exhaustion, illness and burnout. Visualize a career where you are happy and fulfilled, that uses your skills and challenges you to become better every day. It may not happen overnight, but with patience and planning you can be ready to be guided by spirit into opportunity. Be kind to yourself as your strengths come into alignment and take you to the next job. Gain momentum as you go until the light shines on you and you can step into the next endeavor.

The importance of work space 

Your space should be geared for supporting your mental and emotional health, all the ingredients for a successful career and a balanced life. You may want to get a mini feng shui session to enhance the chi and flow in and out of your workspace. Some simple research online may be all you need to get the movement flowing in a positive direction. Keep the air clean where you work, whether it is home or in an office. There are many green plants that help clear the air, one of those is english ivy. It will also help keep you grounded in nature. For clearing the energy and keeping it high vibrational a Selenite tower is a must. If you feel there are a lot of distractions and obstacles around you, a small Ganesha statue can be a big help. 

Another great idea is to frame some of your mantras and have them on your desk. You can also make a small crystal grid, or simply place a chunk of Pyrite on a dollar bill. If you are in deep debt, take a picture of your credit cards and place a piece of Iolite on top to support paying them off by making different choices to conquer financial struggles. You can also use malachite to give you the determination you need to save money.


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