When you begin your exploration of self, many dabble in it like it is something to dip your toe in to once in awhile. But, if you are going to have a relationship with your divine self you need to jump in and fall in love.

For deep diving, what many people need is a spiritual concierge instead of a therapist. What can be at the core of our demise mentally and physically is a lack of connection to living with spirit and the divine force that drives our being. For centuries we have sought spiritual teachers, wiser sages, elders and enlightened ones for advice yet in the modern world we tend to go it alone not realizing that this possibility exists and can be a life changer and shifter. I am a huge advocate for spiritual mentors because hey, this is your only walk on earth at this time so why not extract all you can from the experience?

Suffering is not the only option here on planet earth, it is what you make of it and getting help can make a big difference. If you are spending your whole lifetime working on the external world, trying to control everything that is going wrong why not try an easier way and invite a spiritual practice into your life and start working from the inside out.

So lets outline a few spiritual goals to get you started:

1.) Begin your relationship with God. Ask God the big questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What are my next steps? Create this connection to the spiritual side of yourself. All the dysfunction in your life is a the lack of this connection. Create your own personal prayer and start to rely on divine guidance. It is so much more reliable.

2.) Get out of the known and into the unknown. In the unknown there is freedom and surrender. This is the place where dreams are made and with some tips and training you can learn to exist here. Letting down the grips of worrying about your future and building the trust of what you don’t know can set you free.

3.) Surrender your beliefs at the altar of truth. When you are out of alignment with the truth you are distanced from the soul. The soul is guided by the truth and will always steer you into a divine plan. It is the source of your feelings and will tell you what is singing in your heart. This is the place where your inner GPS resides. If you do not have a relationship with the soul you will never find the truth.

4.) Trust that everything is in its perfect place and at the perfect time. This is the place to believe in synchronicity. The universe will put things in the proper sequence and order, even when it seems like chaos it is conspiring to change your positive thoughts into reality.

5.) Stop defending yourself because it is ego. The ego will always jump to defend and to defend what? All of your beliefs that you should have dumped on step three above and the wounds you are still carrying around. Watch what is drenching you? envy, judging and anger? Are you possessed by fear and striking out?

A spiritual teacher will always send you inside to begin the journey to balance. You need to show up for this every day. When we see that life is different from what we had thought and our deceitful perceptions keep falling away we can bust illusion and let the light shine through.

Now for my 2 billion year old secret:





Shungite is a recently found stone that has amazing healing qualities. It is full of fullerenes which will cleanse water. The energy in this stone will support you with anti-oxidants and help you detox. Some scientists think that it came from outer space through a meteorite so maybe it is a gift from cosmic beings for our planet. Shungite is mostly found in Russia where Peter the Great used it in his personal spa because of its purifying abilities and also used it with the Russian army to insure clean water. It has excellent qualities for being anti-bacterial as well.  Many people see it as a miracle stone, it is like a super power to heal and protect you and devour the negative. It is a great helper in developing and evolving into a spiritual life. Many times we cannot hear GOD through the noise of electro magnetic frequencies and other interferences. Shungite neutralizes the world around us and softens it into a place of calm and healing and opens the door to higher vibrations. Shungite can be placed in water and you can drink it all day long, detoxing your mind your body and your soul.  Shungite also grounds your goals and helps support desired outcomes. It is also wonderful for anxiety, insomnia and inflammation. The key to Shungite it to have it with you, at your desk, as jewelry or in your water bottle. If your house has bad vides put Shungite in the places you are grumpy! Remember to clean all of your stones under the full moon and recharge them for even more vitality.

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