There are no coincidences when you are surfing the

quantum field of energy.

 Man, surrounded by fact, permitting himself no surprise, no intuitive flash, no great hypothesis, no risk, is in a locked cell. Ignorance cannot seal the mind more securely.” Albert Einstein. 

Many of us have not learned to listen to our soul as we are so caught up surviving in the external world. If we catch a whisper of it, we call it a coincidence when what it really is, is the whimsy of the souls design. These are unexplained moments when we are unable to find a reasonable explanation, so we either brush it off or just sit in curiosity wondering who is behind the curtain pushing the magical button. What these circumstances are really telling us is that we need to start paying attention to the messages from the divine energy of the Zuvuya, a term used by the ancient Maya to describe a quantum field that surrounds us.

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity and it still remains one of the most complex and misunderstood concepts since it tip toes in a world of what is not rational to the majority of people. For me these two terms can be compared to putting a puzzle together. Synchronicity is when you find the perfect piece at the perfect time that sets in motion more synchronicities. Serendipity is when you see the outcome or the final result of all of the pieces that had to be put together.  With little to no effort on your part, you end up laughing at the perfection of the pieces of imperfection that all came together. These are moments that are unexpected, when you are not really manifesting or planning consciously an outcome. It is the time when everything aligns and you reap the benefits of a pleasant and happy surprise.

The reason so few play in the field of synchronicity and serendipity is that they must rely on the unseen world, like putting together a puzzle without the picture. It can be a tall order for some. It is often odd to me that this still is so elusive when so much of life is built on this premise. I believe we miss it because the irrational is probably the quickest thing to rationalize. There are a multitude of stories about how people met their soul mate, all very unpredictable. There are also stories about people who have died and returned to earth, told that it was not their time. There are then the signs like when a leaf falls on a coffin or a bird appears in a very strange and awkward way. All these are nudges from the spirit world to remind you that there is more, a lot more.

 What is required to live a life of synchronicity and serendipity?

1.) We must be inspired to see things in a different way than we have before. This is the moment we get out of normal and in to the  paranormal world that exists around you. Time to begin a relationship with the unseen world and the mystical realm.

2.) We will need to accept that there is no coincidence, nothing casually happens. What is going on is the universe always seeking balance. So when you are not teetering on a balance beam the magic beings to appear. This is the moment that the soul is in alignment with the universal field.

3.) We need to know that this knowledge lies within us. Not in our mind but in our heart and soul. We know deep down in our soul that this field exists.  We desire that connection and that moment when we feel weightless. There is an adrenaline when we move beyond ourselves. When we are connected to the field, people will say things like, “I was lost in the moment”.

4.) When we are not thinking and have our emotions in check we walk in observation of the world. We see the meaning in everything and the fate and destiny of where we walk. We are still in wonder of it all and seeing the awesome in even the most simple things. We must remove ourselves from the predictable moments like brushing our teeth and start to live in the present, this is the place of harmonic convergence with the divine.

5.) We must be willing to step into the magic. Most are too fearful and never trust,  so they keep going back to the past which puts a ball and chain around adventure. They then say they are stuck. We need to be willing to show up and play the synchronistic game. To see an opportunity and know that something will always come from it for learning. This will keep you in the flow of the divine, ready for the next ah ha !

Serendipity requires that the physical world and the mystical world merge into magic.

6.) We do not have any control over synchronicity. Our only option is to believe that anything  can happen, ANYTHING,  and be willing to receive without trying to figure it out as it is impossible to do. It is a chain of causality and it is humanly impossible to see each link in the chain.

7.) We cannot fight change or fear the unknown, it deadens the field and shuts down the energy that shows up for synchronistic events.

8.) As you are connecting to the field you may begin to see sequences of number 11:11, 12:34 etc. There is a lot of speculation as to what it means but my spiritual intuition tells me that what is really happening is that we have crawled out of ignorance into awakening and that at that moment you are in the field. Take IN that one minute of awareness and blast out your mirrored image to speed up the creation of your hearts desires. Numbers also carry frequencies and can be very helpful in healing. For example, the number 337373 is a very powerful number to heal.

So how does it work?

It is all about electromagnetic forces. Think of your thoughts as electricity and your feelings as magnets. You are an electromagnetic signature in the field of possibility. You now emanate a state of being. When you are focused on a clear future the little “coincidences” being to show up. This means that the field is beginning to mirror you. Remember, the Mayans called our planet, the planet of the mirrors.

To keep it moving, you need to be joy to find joy and gratitude buys a big chunk of vibration. You then start to receive what you feel. You then get inspired and it all starts snowballing in the direction of your destiny. You have now aligned with the outer world. As events keep coming, you get more joy, more trust and better believing and this encouragement brings even more events. So now you are in the groove and you have designed a new state of being and receiving .

From here you can now trust your instincts, you will step out into the field more often and trust the sense of alignment for amazing outcomes.

This is the place where you find the perfect career, relationship, deal because you learned how to create and trust in the signs that are coming to you.

The other benefit is that you can count on the field for answers. So let’s play in the field.

Here is a practice to get you enthusiastic about some preliminary results:

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” – The Dalai Lama

Assumption: Your connection to the Zuvuya, as the Mayans call the energetic field, will provide you with accurate guidance.

State your intention: If I ask for guidance I will get a clear answer to my question.

You will then write down the question that you need a yes or no answer to:

Should I take this job? 

Should I marry this man? 

Should I leave this marriage? 

Wait 48 hours until the answer appears.

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