After channeling almost two hundred animals for my upcoming book, The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals. I must say that the most profound encounter that I had was with the spirit of Whale. I felt like I was speaking to a great wisdom keeper, a cosmic bundle of consciousness with some of the most profound intelligence I had encountered. The spirit of this creature took me deep into the ocean and helped me to see its world, its family, its love for our planet and the beings upon it. There was also a profound sadness that changed me that day. To see the world from another perspective, to realize the importance of our privilege to be here and the call for selflessness and separation. I know you will enjoy, Whale.



Frequency     Ancestral Wisdom         Breath


 “The intelligence is within you. Seek it to love the Earth and the animals and lift the spirit of everything around you.”


Whale is the oldest living large mammal on the planet. A member of the order Cetacea, it is the descendant of land-based animals that returned to the oceans. Blue Whale, which is the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth, is longer than a basketball court and weighs 300,000 pounds. Just its tongue weighs the same as Elephant. The main source of food for Blue Whale is plankton that it captures in the rows of baleen in its mouth. Sperm Whale and Orca (also mistakenly referred to as Killer Whale) are the only types of Whale with teeth.

There is a matriarchal structure in a Whale pod, with a hierarchy of several generations that is respected by all its members. Whale communicates through complex sounds that include whistling, groaning, and squealing. During mating season the male sings a particular melody. The noises it makes are so loud they can be heard 500 miles away. Many Whale sounds are soothing to humans; they have an eerie gentleness that promotes feelings of sanctity. This sonically oriented creature relies on soundwaves in water to track its prey and avoid potential dangers. Whale must be awake to breathe, so only half of its brain sleeps at a given time.

Ancient coastal cultures saw Whale as a god and a guardian of the sea. As such, it was a symbol of love, compassion, and family. In China, the mythical Yu-kiang was a creature that looked like a Whale, but with hands and feet. When angry it would transform into a bird and cause terrible storms in the oceans. In Vietnam a shrine was built when a Whale died, and a funeral was staged. Tribes in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada have always respected Whale for its great wisdom and spiritual connection to all things. The Haida people honored Orca as the most powerful animal in the ocean and thought it shapeshifted into a human being when it went underwater. A Haida that drowned was said to go to live with Orca in its house under the sea. The Kwakwaka’wakw believed Orca ruled the sea and that Seal was its slave and Dolphin its warrior. Whale hunters were said to turn into Whales upon their death. Special rituals were done to ensure that their spirits would be saved so they could be reborn as humans again. The Tlingit of southern Alaska knew that Orca never kills humans so they never hunted it.

According to the legends of the Yupik of Siberia, Orca appears as Wolf in the winter and Wolf appears as Orca in the summer. When traveling in the ocean, tobacco was thrown into the sea to honor Orca. In Iceland, Blue Whale was known as the protector of small fishing boats and it was counted on to drive away any other “evil” Whale. The Australian Aborigines believed that Whale would bring them joy. The Nivkhi people of the Amur River, which today forms the border between Russian and China, hunted only White Whale. Before it was eaten, they covered its head with grass in honor of its sacrifice. Afterward, its eyes were buried with these ritual grasses near their village.

Whale is related to the depths of our subconscious, our memories, our emotions, and the Lower World. Since Whale is a mammal, we come from the same ancestors. Its extraordinary eyes give us the feeling of meeting a pure source of higher intelligence, something that we know exists but rarely tap into ourselves. Oddly, Whale does not see the ocean as blue, but as shades of gray. Because of the iron oxide in its brain, Whale can discern and follow the magnetic fields and ley lines of the Earth. By embodying the vibration of love, as a Power Animal it can guide us to heal our hearts. Whale can help you develop the courage to go within and search your feelings, to breathe and tune in to them so you may release whatever is necessary to sense your wholeness again. Whale resonates joy and will coax out your anger and bitterness and help you otherwise to step out of a state of misery. Its message is to love yourself and start developing a new blueprint for your happiness.

Whale shares: “The only thing that separates humanity from Whale is your inability to swim. Humans are ignorant of the vastness of the ocean, which comprises seventy percent of the planet. The ocean is our home, yet you treat it like a landfill. You have hunted, killed, and consumed us, which makes no sense as my kind feels we are the brothers and sisters of humanity. We are shifting the vibration of the ocean we travel through to the frequency of compassion.  Emotions come in waves and are constantly crashing onto the shores of your hope for transformation. If you could only resonate with the vibration of love, something so elusive to so many humans, it would transmute you. This is the vibration of oneness in which no one exists as self.”

Whale is a member of a conclave of Power Animals that have the capacity to adjust our consciousness. It is helping bring rainbow and crystal children to the wombs of earthly women. Whale is their spiritual mother and father, guiding them before birth. These millions of crystal structures will grow and illuminate the landscape of our hearts and minds. If you work with Whale, you can assist in this mission on behalf of humankind. We must nurture these beings to save all those who walk on the planet and avoid the extinction of all things.





Powers of Whale

Call in Whale for:

  • Help to establish a state of inner peace.
  • Connecting to the magnetic field of the Universe.
  • Entraining to the vibration of love.


Awareness from Whale

If Whale comes into your life:

  • Heal yourself before attempting to heal others.
  • Release anything that does not support your empowerment.
  • Seek ancestral knowledge.


Energy Center: Heart

Mineral: Brookite

Element: Water

Magic & Mystery:

  • The Iñupiat people of the Arctic talk to Whale and have great knowledge of its inner feelings. They have been consulted by scientists for information.
  • The Inuit tribes of Alaska perform ceremonies inside a circle of Whale bones.
  • In Alaska, Native people used to carry amulets made from Whale bones. Hunters placed these face down in their boats to flatter and attract Whale during their hunts.


Shaman’s Intention: Help me to shift my interpretation of the past and see the world through the eyes of the present