One of the fun things that I like to do at the end of the year is listen to all the prophets to see if there is a trend as to what they are predicting. Then, I too like to jump in and try my hand at prediction by receiving a channeled message from my own guides.

To listen to predictions you need to step out of your opinions about things and see it with an open mind. A prediction cannot be an opinion or garner an opinion, it is simply a glimpse into the future and an accumulation of energy that brings the highest possibility to us. Predictions relating to people can change. Humans have free will and events that are foreseen now could change in the future. The future’s not set in stone, but constantly transforming.

 The oldest known prophet is named Nostradamus who lived during the 16th century in France. He predicted that the King of France would be killed in a jousting incidence and sure enough it happened four years later very accurately as he described. Nostradamus had an extensive collection of predictions that cover centuries of events ending in 3797 where he talks about the earth disintegrating because of the sun devouring it. So according to Nostradamus we have 1800 more years to go. There is no worry though even if you come back to earth as he says that everyone who is here at that time will have been moved to another planet. He has predicted the two world wars, 9/11,  Princess Diana’s death, the JFK Assassination, the moon landing, Hitler and Napoleon’s rise to power to name a few. He also predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union and that the leaders of the U.S. and the Russians would become good friends and a new Russia would emerge.  Another man that is considered a top predictor is Edgar Cayce who lived in the early 1900’s. Edgar Cayce has been extremely accurate and his predictions are very well respected.

Although I stand by the rule of never discussing religion or politics, politics and religion is a big topic for prophets, the events they predict are usually measured by what is done by governments.

So here is my accumulation of the predictions of about fifteen different astrologers, psychics and prophets young and old:

For 2019, European countries will have bad floods especially in Hungary, Italy and Czechoslovakia and Britain. They will continue to have a dilemma with immigration and terrorism.

Extremism in many countries of the middle east will lead to disorder and many refugees will be the result. Religion will spur killing mostly in the name of Allah and continue a migratory wave in Europe. Countries who have received too many migrants will seek to close their borders.

 Europe will experience an economic collapse, Italy will be the next crisis. It will be similar to Greece which will be kicked out and there will be an overhaul of the financial sector there. Italy may exit the Euro because of pressure.

Climate changes will continue to affect the planet and will push the world into coming to an agreement because of water rising and the earth sinking.

Climate and hurricanes will be a factor especially for people in Florida, Texas and New Orleans.

The U.S.A will have a 500 mile earthquake between Vancouver and Northern California. The magnitude will be around 8.0 and 8.6.

Church people will be exposed for scandals. Religion will continue to diminish its influence over others, especially the catholic church because of a lack of doing anything about abuse. An eclipse will occur in July 2019 which will start a downward disaster of the Catholic church. There will be a spiritual famine of people trying to find the truth beyond their mainstream religious beliefs.

Many psychics predict a world war that will involve two superpowers and will last 27 years and start after the death of the current Pope. Edgar Cayce did not predict another world war as he believed that there was a power available to us to change this course. He was hopeful that the spirit of freedom of American people would prevail and keep things at bay. This would be a counter to a military complex that thrives on war. Nostradamus was later contacted through Delores Cannon and he said that after the year 2000 this possibility will diminish as there will be the appearance of a great genius that will bring us many inventions and ways to live better. We will begin to live in space and travel throughout space and the inventions will have us living much longer.

People will be able to speak to animals. Pigs will become friends to man. This may be interpreted that humans will begin to stop eating animals and that there will be a technology developed to talk to them.

 There will be new health discoveries in order to help save lives and our life expectancy will start to extend to 200 years

Edgar Cayce says that Russia will dominate the world in trying to expose the deep state. The old world order will begin to be replaced by a new one by stopping the masking and control of the media of the population. There may be an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin from within the security detail for wanting to expose this.

Edgar Cayce predicted that America must embrace freedom and the morality that our country was founded on. Russia is what is seen as the hope of the world, not a concept of communism but of freedom. In the U.S. we have often imposed ourselves on others and Cayce encourages us to look at ourselves and not feel that we have the perfect solution for the world. This is egocentric and there will be a pull back from different countries which is a good thing as we have not been successful at this.

A possible meteorite may hit Russia. Nasa has plans to wipe out asteroids if they threaten earth however after being busted up into smaller parts when they land on earth they will start major fires.

There will be a discovery of a new form of energy on Venus that could eradicate world hunger.

Trump may have a mysterious illness and have hearing loss, vertigo. Theories will be thrown about that they are using sonar or toxins similar to what happened to diplomats in Cuba. There will be awareness of  eavesdropping devices that can emit dangerous waves and cause brain trauma. A member of the Trump family will be in a car accident but will not die.

There is no longer a news media that was meant to be a system of checks and balances. It is a very dangerous time because we do not have a questioner of power and authority, a free press.

There is a misconception that Trump is a catalyst for war. This is the opposite, there will be less involvement of U.S. troops in other countries. Edgar Cayce suggests that if the U.S. is a friend with Russia, there will be peace. The military industrial complex is encouraging an animosity between the leaders to insure a feeding of their industry.

Cayce also describes that if the US leads by example it will shine a light on education and the importance of our rights under the constitution. The people in power should be fearful of the people not the other way around. There is a lack of respect of a document that has kept the country intact and successful, the constitution. This will keep money out of politics as the structure was built for the people. Criticizing it is undermining what works for our rights. This gives people power over large institutions as the constitution was not written to protect them. By example we are needed for other countries to see what is possible for freedom.

There will be a union of North and South Korea. China will make some very bold moves.

The Democratic party has no vision and if they continue to seek the destruction of a President they will lose the next election. They suffer from short term thinking and are not interested in seeking the truth no matter where it is.

Witch hunts shut down free speech and Trump will survive any attempts to impeach him since this approach does not give them any power to take him down. The investigation by Mueller will be dead and buried.

There will be continued extremes of left and right dogma. When there is no vision, there is difficulty in taking steps forward so not much will be accomplished. Since there has been no respect for losing elections, no one is learning from mistakes. Being more objective they can then listen to the voices of the people and learn valuable lessons about how they feel instead of criticizing them

The stock market will be up in the summer and fall.

Migration is an issue that should be managed, otherwise it will backfire on Democrats.

There will be an emergence of electrical cars and motorcycles. Folding phones are back. Internet will surpass TV. World’s largest solar park will come online in Egypt. 5G laptops will arrive. Wind farms will continue to thrive. There will be the introduction of self driving cars throughout Europe. The cost of solar energy will go way down. GM will have self driving cars to compete with Uber. Volvo will only produce electric cars. Robots will begin to replace judges with mind reading devices to determine guilt. We will also be able to hire robots for lawyers that will give legal counsel for routine cases and handle tax accounts. Many management positions will begin to be taken over by bots to manage workers. If we cannot drive, we can get a robot to drive us around.

Artificial intelligence will diagnose disease and recommend medical care specific to the patient’s medical history or DNA.

From the perspective of astrology, Jupiter was in Scorpio last year and it unearthed dark issues like child trafficking and the me too movement. This was a transformational process and it will begin to slow down as Jupiter comes into Sagittarius. Now is the time when a plan emerges and an understanding of the reason for the chaos begins. Jupiter is a benevolent planet with Sagittarius and financial issues can be successful. We will have a better view of our place in the universe at this time. From January 22-25th there is a grand trine or transit which means there will be a lot of optimism and a boost to move forward in our lives. This energy can be helpful if you are creative and imaginative and help others.

In March there will be a greater sense of hope and optimism. If we adopt the right perspective on things we will weather it well. We will be asked to have faith again after being challenged by our institutions.

2019 is a year to get out and about, meet others and nature. Bag the cell phone and have conversations again in person. We will be more open and social and will choose our friends wisely. The downside is everyone continues to think they know everything.

There will be an energy where people are looking for others to follow instead of going within. Do not search messages from fancy gurus. Only rely on them for helping you to find your own inner guidance.

There will be the implementation of 5G. This will expand the control over the masses. At least 6 out of 10 households in the world will have a device that will monitor their activity. This will mean we are bombarded even more from advertisers telling us to buy more and more. Programs will continue to learn from the consumer and keep records of our habits, predicting what we want to buy. It is a mechanism to manage marketing strategies and control our pocketbook and spending.

The era of social control has begun in China where they will classify its citizens into sectors based on their decisions made and how it behaves with its everyday life. This will determine who is worthwhile and who is not to reduce overpopulation. In other countries it will be sold under the guise of identifying terrorists when in reality it is about taxes and banks.

There will also be widespread tax reform because of protests over complex tax system imposed by world governments with high levels of corruption and mismanagement. There will be tax reductions to avoid revolutions in the streets. Mexico and Argentina will have to use power to reduce demonstrations.

Feminism will need to be careful the way that they impose their ideas. Any negative events will call into question the quality of their judgements. If their movement is not based on studies and instead by theory, they will be protesting for nothing. Trying to expose men for bad behavior will backfire as no more than a witch hunt.

 The Mayans believe that on December 21, 2019 begins a week of a heavenly wedding. A bride receives a ring from the groom. December 28th, the wedding ends. This will be the beginning of a pole shift that creates a new heaven and earth. There will be a bright light that appears as a cosmic anomaly, it may be the start of the great shift referred to as the Blue star kachina of the Hopi, the navel of Vishnu or the eye of Horus.

The Phoenix bird is a symbol of eternal life and in July a strange bird was captured on the Grand Teton National Park camera that is believed to be the great Phoenix. The Phoenix is about immortality, transformation and balance. It is believed that only one can exist on earth at a given time and can live up to 12,000 years. At the end of its life, it builds a nest for itself that it then sets on fire and it is then consumed in the flames. After three days the the Phoenix rises from the ashes reborn. It is associated with the sun. Shamans say we are in the Phoenix days of the great earth.

So here is my assessment of 2019:

There is so much happening in our world and things are changing dramatically. We are working on karma daily. The information is coming so fast and we are being asked to analyze it and process it at a speed that we are not familiar with. To be successful in life we need to become observers of it and students instead of caught up in the whirlwind of manipulated information. Every time we believe something we cut ourselves off from others and ourselves. It is time to be strong willed, this way you will triumph. This means to be in control of you and let go of that which you cannot control. It is a time to build a relationship with you and not be so focused on others for now. The more focused your mind the more possibility of bliss you will experience. By sensing your own presence you will be on sure footing. The only way to awaken is from within. When we have accomplished this we will overcome all of our wounds.

January: There will be a crisis of right and wrong, many will realize that what they thought they knew they did not. There will be a temptation to build something that does not really exist in your future. Take time in January to evaluate and remove yourself from the world for awhile. Meditate and really see for yourself what is going on and how you fit into the scheme of things. Deep meditation for discovery is needed this month.

February: This is a month for turning to your home and creating a healthy environment for you. It is time to really enjoy your hard work. Step back and see all that you have accomplished. It is a month of accomplishment, you will feel more stable and happy with your living environment. It is a month to enjoy the finer things in life, and upgrade your living standards.

March: It is time to be analytical and remove yourself from situations so that you can see it from all angles. This will help you to gain respect from others and build your credibility and a sense of responsibility from others

April: A month where your charms will excel, where you may feel adventurous and know exactly how to get what you want. A good month for asking for a raise or anything that has been elusive.

May: The energies are ripe for forgiveness. This is a month to work on your personal freedom from judging others. Get rid of petty conversations that only stoke fear upon you and others. Be reborn into not holding on to beliefs so hard that you imprison yourself

June: A month of expansion and inspiration awaits. New growth is ready to burst into bloom. Your ideas will expand and your creativity will burst onto the scene. It is a time of fertility and re-birth so there may be a baby arriving. It will be very thrilling time but don’t mess around with your good judgement.

July: This is a month when you have come to a crossroads. It will mean a important choice will need to be made. This will be hard but will lift the burden of it. All choices affect our lives and know that the divine is supporting you

August: Prosperity, growth and generosity will abound. All that you have been waiting for is ready for picking bringing more wealth that you anticipated. Remember to give back this month, help others as a token of appreciation for all that  you have been given. It may also mean that someone will be generous with you. Accept their gift and put it to good use

September: Mystery is afoot. There is an energy of stillness as the time is right to use your intuition. There is power in silence so listen to the inner voice this month. What is hidden, what did you miss in a certain situation. Some work on the shadows may be helpful.

October: You may feel somewhat selfish. There is also a secret being kept from you or you have a secret. Sniff around for where you may be being deceived or avoiding something. Face secrecy or you will walk blind into this month.

November: This is a month when you will be put to the test. Will you continue to let people walk all over you and play the victim. Are you a victim of backstabbing? Is there too much drama in your life? Stop focusing on the drama and move on

December: Time to move on, there is nothing left for you in the past, start anew. If you do not make a move, you may find yourself stagnant and with an illness. Seek the horizon and take a step into a new future.

The stone that I have chosen for 2019 is Goshenite:

Goshenite is the colorless form of Beryl. Impurities in the crystal system of Beryl yield varieties that include Aquamarine, Emerald, Morganite and Heliodor. It was often called the “Mother of crystals” and, as such, is one of the premier crystals for mothers. Goshenite brings those who suffer from severe mood swings a sense of peace and calm. It is also helpful for those who have post-natal depression, severe PMS and other hormonal-related conditions. Goshenite provides a state of composure and the wherewithal to move forward during times of upheaval. It is a stone of honesty and helps those around you to speak the truth and lesson the spread of gossip. Goshenite is a wonderful crystal to keep on hand when one has trouble making decisions. Goshenite is a stone of creativity and expressing yourself honestly and with originality. When used with the Crown chakra, Goshenite allows you the happiness you deserve. It is also an excellent crystal to use when communicating with angels and other spirit guides, and helps those in a relationship to communicate truthfully with each other. Physically, Goshenite helps the eyesight, leg muscles, and the immune system. It is also beneficial for those suffering from ADHD. Because it is associated with the Moon, Goshenite helps with balancing the hormones and fluid retention.


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