I can get real comfortable sitting in front of my computer day after day, trying to manage the literary empire that I am in the process of creating. Social media, email lists, Amazon rankings, Facebook posts, tweets, every day I show up to play in a virtual market evolving on my screen. With the launch of my memoir, I decided it was time to get out from behind my desk and go out in the world. I planned a summer road trip.

I packed up the car with five cases of my newly printed memoir Lori: The Disintegration of my Ordinary Reality, a snazzy summer wardrobe, a cooler to hold the ingredients to maintain my healthy diet, a good supply of books downloaded from Audible to listen to and Gracie my three-year-old King Charles Cavalier. We were now ready to launch my book into the world.

Gracie had a well-designed dog perch so that she could see out of the window and take in the scenery. When we stopped along the way, people approached me to meet Gracie. I struck up many conversations with perfect strangers thanks to Gracie and her hot pink visor which got a lot of attention. On a desolate lookout in Idaho, we met two guys who had driven all the way from Mississippi who were on their way to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time and another couple from Kansas whose destination was Hollywood.  We were now a part of a unique club of roadies, a special breed of explorers and gypsies.

Arriving at our hotel in Sun Valley on the second day, we were greeted by the receptionist with doggie biscuits, the offer of a special dog bed, a dog tag and a stuffed baby reindeer that Gracie quickly grabbed and chewed on while I checked in. A walk around the town spurred more conversations with strangers and stories about where people were from and where they were going.

Being on the road, I had hours upon hours of reflecting on me, my life, my past, my present and my future and the wonders of being on this planet. Many miles passed while dreaming and connecting to my true desires.  The GPS lady became the only human voice I was communicating with. I had to keep reminding myself that it was really about the journey, not the getting there. I finally became convinced through negotiations with myself that it was okay to travel with a sense of never arriving.

I reflected on my emerging writing career and my ego’s attempt to get me into the grind of best-seller lists and I made the decision on a curvy road in southern Utah to stay in a place of meaning. I would need to trust myself, trust others and trust the divine source that supports the guidance of my earthly journey. I had an intimate conversation with my intuition too and decided to trust it and live my experience through a spiritual orientation.

All of this was a shift, a U-turn away from a past that was all about controlling outcomes and the fueling of the ambitions of my ego that would capitalize on everything to build layers of influence. I was fulfilled as I realized the power to change direction and avoid being led into a dead end by my ego and now travel a road of discovery.  I had to accept that taking the journey this way may not take me to where I wanted to go, but I held firm in the knowing that it would take me to where I am meant to be. Believing in a divine intelligence would give me all the direction I would need.

My publicist had lined up five events along the way. For me, the book tour/road trip was a big success because I made it about meaning. If it had been about how many showed up, how many books I sold or the amount of influence I gained, it would have never been enough for the ego and its insatiable appetite for fame.

Now home, I celebrate a successful tour and give thanks to the spirit world for the inspirational messages that flowed through me to others.  I cherish my moment with the single mother who is now taking her first steps out of a life of scarcity, the 7-year-old who wanted a message from his dead uncle and his moment of delight when he felt him tapping on his shoulder, the deceased mother who had things left to say to those she left behind and the moving of old energies to make room for the flow of love into a new relationship. These experiences and more were all about living my dreams. These were moments of the extraordinary and the satisfying way of giving to others.

I realized that as individuals, we are all capable of spiritual awakening, just by changing the way we think and see the world.  I remain an apprentice in life and a gypsy to the human experience. My real purpose through my books, articles and sessions is to spread spiritual pixie dust one by one so that others can see the power of the invisible world too.

Arriving home, Gracie was jumping for joy as she felt the familiar and knew exactly where to find her dog dish. But Gracie and I are more than we were now. We are different for the journey.  We built a stronger connection through trust, we are richer for everyone we met, our lives have been graced with the experience and we appreciate even more the place that we call home.

Sometimes the best lessons are found on the road.

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