When I had my spiritual awakening, one of the most impressive things I experienced was my over the top perceptions of the natural world. I could feel grass growing, I could see the dynamics between the plants, air, water and other elements. There was also an interesting hum and vibration that felt like an orchestra that all things were dancing too. It was an incredible scene into the dynamics of the world around us. My hope through this article is to help you the reader see the garden from a deeper dimensional view.


But first, I am going to get a little scientific. Back in the 1960’s a Dr. Grad from Canada had the desire to study hands on healing. He chose plants to heal because they did not “believe” in the healing powers of a healer, something often mentioned as a component for healing. In order to create a sick plant he watered barley seeds using a salt solution since salt is known to inhibit plant grown. His hypothesis was that if a healer could positively affect the germination rate of his saline-treated seeds, as well as their subsequent plant growth, it would mean that the healer’s influence would have to have come from something other than belief. He contracted a local healer to “treat” one of two flasks of salt water. He watered two groups of barley seeds with saline water from either bottle X and bottle Y and then gave some time for the seeds to sprout. After sprouting they were put in identical pots with identical dirt and untreated water. When he compared the seeds, the healer treated seeds sprouted more and produced taller and leafier plants with higher chlorophyll levels than the non-healer water. The conclusions showed meaningful results that “healers” could actually impart something that could have positive results in effecting living systems. Exactly what is exchanged remains in debate but it did prove that we all have the capacity to transfer life-force energy from ourselves to the world around us. This knowledge is invaluable to understand as when we walk in nature to understand the power of this exchange. This connection can opens ourselves up to our potential as we walk into our gardens. The characteristics of the energy in a garden are about fertile growth and the orchestra of vibrancy. Crystals can help to reflect this vibrancy throughout the garden, enhancing its effect on those who walk there. This energy is always available to us but we rarely think of it as we are walking out the door of our house on our way to work or run errands. When was the last time you walked into your garden with the eyes of a child? Probably the best way to see your garden is to take a child and ask them to describe it to you from their perspective.

Making a garden is our way to pay respect to Gaia and mother nature. There are many spiritual lessons to learn in the garden. One of the most important the garden can teach is about giving and receiving. Also, look for signs in the garden about yourself. Is your garden full of weeds? Maybe it is trying to tell you something about your life. There are many signs in your garden about what you need to work on. Going back to nature you may find the answers that you seek. God is in the garden, it is a sacred space. Gardening connects us to the natural rhythms through the seasons and is the place where we are reminded to stop and smell the roses. The garden provides a multitude of objects for gathering, something that is very much a part of our humanness. From the garden we can gather what we need to make an altar; pinecones, beautiful leaves, rocks, acorns all can all be combined to create a special corner in our homes or porch. You may see children do this all the time as a natural instinct often lost to us later in life. We often think of tending to flowers but another option is to grow herbs that we may need for our physical or mental health. Look up the benefits of different herbs and grow them in your garden and then fill a vase on your nightstand to help with your breathing or any mental stress you may be having. Another option is to make them a central part of a bouquet or a gift to someone who may be under the weather.

Now let’s get to crystals. The use of crystals in the garden can greatly enhance your ability to have a green thumb since crystals can be little helpers. I have two favorite stones for the garden.

The first is Tree Agate which is an activator of growth and protector of the trees. It is a fortifer of plants that may struggle. It will enhance crops and maintain the health of house plants. It will also pull you into the realm of the vibrant garden. It works slowly but effectively. It creates a very peaceful environment for energy to flow, opening up everything to more abundance. It also lowers geopathic stress which protects plants.

My second must have crystal in the garden is Moss Agate which is a cousin to Tree agate. It is a wonderful connecting stone to the spirits of nature. It has been called the “gardeners talisman”. It carries the energies of birth, fertility, abundance and transformation. Often spiritual gardeners wear it when they are gardening. Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings and helps to refresh the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.

Color is another important aspect of a garden and I like to put flowers with crystals that match to enhance the energy. For example, I like putting yellow flowers near the front of my home and a few chunks of citrine to bring abundance into my home. For insects a protective stone like obsidian, black tourmaline can be helpful to deter them. Place these grounding stones at the roots and base of plants or create a border of protection.

Intentions work brilliantly in a garden. Before you are ready to spread your fertilizer, place a quartz crystal in the bag and program it for bumping up the power of the fertilizer to enhance its performance. Aquamarine can be the perfect stone to program in your pond for high energy and to keep it balanced. Tomato plants love programmed crystal points to resist pests and disease. If you like to receive or give orchids, place a programmed crystal point in the pot for longevity or program it for healing for your friend. Do not think that you need a ton of crystals to make a difference just one simple crystal point packs alot of power. Remember to avoid malachite as it can damage a plant and do not use selenite as it will deteriorate and is not helpful to plants since it is compressed salt water. You can also use crystal chips in your garden, quartz, jasper and agates are excellent to spread around. They are especially effective when mixed with the soil. Fruit trees will especially love green calcite or tree agate for an increased bounty.

A garden is our altar to Gaia. Before entering a garden we should remember to approach with respect and an intention to honor the land. I carry a bag of Indian tobacco in my car and when I go to my land I throw a pinch as a sign of honoring the ancestors who have been there before and who are protecting the land now. I also have a place to receive offerings, a small table or an angel with a bowl where you can place cuttings for honoring and just simple decoration. I have the realization that land is temporary, we are simply custodians for a short time so it is really like visiting something that is not ours eternally.

It is important to know what I call the “hot spots’ around your house. You can find these energy vortexes by using dowsing rods. Hold out two copper dowsing rods and walk around the perimeter of your house and when the two rods come together that is an energy force coming in. It can be helpful to place a grounding stone in those areas to reduce the amount of geopathic stress that is coming into your house. Next you may want to identify the major entrances to your home and I recommend placing in those areas rose quartz or citrine for love and abundance, or whatever type of energy you would like to bring into your home. On the corners of my property I use smoky quartz as my crystal security system for protection.

Things to add to your garden can be bird baths which you can put crystals in and large bowls with sliced citrus and crystals are beautiful attractors of butterflies and bees. I have programmed crystals in my garden to protect the bees and also to attract them as I do not use any pesticides in my garden and I know that they will be safe there. I have also seen some beautiful crystal mobiles on etsy or sun catchers or crystal wind chimes that can be hung from branches to enhance your garden and the energy that flows through it. Crystals can also be used to heal plants. Simply wrap a quartz crystal around the limb of a tree with the intention of healing and you will be very surprised how quickly the healing process takes place.

Gardens love crystal grids and they can be designed for harmony and balancing your land and home. One of the best ways to build a grid is to first draw it out in your garden, use sacred geometry as gardens love align with that, so circles and stars work great. First clear your crystals then hold your crystals in your hands and hold them near your heart. Then ask that all of the crystals work together for the highest good of all of the creatures there, including YOU. After blessing them with your intentions then place them in the corners of your grid. Don’t overthink it, just follow your intention and do what feels right. You can also blend crystal chips into the dirt before planting giving the soil a needed boost of crystal energy.

Containers are great ways to create energy centers around your house. It is a good idea to have annuals and perennials together so that there is always something growing there. In a container you can pick a theme and using plants and crystals that follow that theme end up with a powerful source of energy. For example, you may wish to put a gratitude pot somewhere in the garden where you can go and leave behind all the things you are grateful for. Just imagine the energy flowing through those flowers. You may also want a pot honoring deceased loved ones, maybe some forget me nots would be nice there?

Gardens have been proven to relieve stress, increase our exercise, contribute to brain health, support meditation and healing and even build our immunity as the bacteria in soil can actually provide stimulants that elevate mood and even increase serotonin. It can help with dementia and just being in a garden can put you in the same vibration that you may be in if you are meditating. Not to mention the vitamin D and a place to foster mindfulness it is certainly a mini retreat to simply walk into your garden at anytime.

Another great idea is to use flowers for meditation. The rose is especially connected to spiritual geometry. The bud of a rose has five sepasl that open to release the flower. What is interesting is that they open the same way you would draw a five pointed star or a pentagram. This is the same ratio as the golden mean or the sacred spiral. This can help you with a powerful connection to your cosmic being. A rose is also the same vibration of love so it is a way to foster more of a heartfelt center as you meditate. If you do not have a labyrinth in your garden, meditating with a rose can be the second best thing.

You may want to give your garden an overall theme or honor a god or goddess. There are hundreds of goddesses that were worshipped by the many tribes throughout the planet. It may be fun to study some of them and see what most resonates with you and then build your garden around that entity. For the Greeks, Gaia was the personification of earth, Venus was a Roman goddess that represented love and fertility, Aphrodite was a greek goddess connected to the birds, Antheia was a greek deity associated with flowers and vegetation as well as spring and love. Honoring them will bring their energy and the power of the collective worship into your world.

Lastly before we leave the garden we need to talk about the elemental spirits that you will find living in your garden. To understand them we must first be introduced to Paracelsus who was a Swiss German physician, chemist, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and general occultist who is famous for his rebellion against the conservative medical orthodoxy of his day, as well as for his bold, new ideas in medicine. He was the first credited with describing the elementals in our world. From this time esoteric teachings have sustained the idea that elemental beings coexist with us on another dimension. Children and shamans often speak of seeing these beings.

Paracelsus, classified these beings in accordance with each element of Earth. What I believe elementals to be are a particular consciousness that aligns with the earths element. There is an intelligence there that takes form that we can see in another dimension. So first there are the Gnomes which are the earth elementals. They are all about the soil, the trees, the mountains, plants and their roots and hold the properties of the earth’s rituals. Gnomes can support grounding, stability, security, safety and building a foundation. With Gnomes in your garden you may find that your crystals move around since they love shiny things and hoarding them in the root systems. I simply allow them to move my crystals where they feel they are needed. The Undines are the energies of the water, they protect water and are part of the family of sprites, nymphs and mermaids. They are very much governed by the moon, so moonstone would be the perfect crystal to honor them. It is said that they are the spirits of love lorn women and live in each teardrop of sorrow. I have often seen them near delicate ferns on the side of rivers or streams. The third are the sylphs which are the elementals of the air. There is a beautiful book written by my friend Renee Baribeau about the shamanic connection to wind, which is insightful and an intimate journey into the world of the sylphs. Her book is called Winds of Spirit and you can get it on Amazon. The Sylphs represent the skies, winds and air. They are very connected to the butterfly. You can call them in from the east to honor them. Lastly are the salamanders who represent the element of fire. Geoffrey Hodson was an English visionary who has written a lot about elementals and other spiritual beings. He describes the Salamanders as if built of flames with a constantly changing form that looks similar to a human with a pointed chin and ears with hair that looks like it is on fire and tongues of flames. They dive into fires and fly through them. They are especially connected to dormant volcanoes which is where they too sleep. They also produce electric fields of energy. They are known to be wild, bold and fiesty and very lively. Overall they do not have a fixed form as they consist primarily of streams of fiery energy. When viewed by humans, they rarely however have a human face. Salamanders can vary in height from two or three feet to the level of a Fire Lord which is associated with the sun. I have often seen them dancing in a bonfires, very happy and tending to the fire.

The garden is teeming with life from the mystics point of view. I hope this article will help you to connect more with your garden and make it a place of joy and harmony in line with the spirits and deities that live there.


Add Some High Vibrations to Your Energy Field.

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