Update on the book! I have asked several people to read my manuscript and write me a review. This review came in from Katie Mottram who is the founder of the International Spiritual Emergence Network. I am so grateful to Katie for all she is doing in this field and honored to have her support.

So what’s the latest on the book? Just waiting for the design to come back from New York for the cover, auditioning people for the audible version, waiting for the publicity company to prepare the launch campaign, working with a stylist to get my public image nailed down, waiting for the printer to set the text on the pages so I can take the last look before it is printed! Our release date is July 10th, just in time for summer reading!

Here is the review:

It feels such an honor to be reading the manuscript for LORI, The disintegration of my ordinary reality; a book that I have no doubt is set to make an indelible impact on the bridge that is forming between the chasm that currently exists between the worlds of psychiatry and spirituality.

Through her powerful prose, Lori manages to demonstrate perfectly what is needed when someone is going through the process of spiritual emergence; to feel safe but to be given space for the wisdom of the natural healing process of the soul to occur, however crazy that may look to the ‘rational’ mind.

Heart- wrenchingly beautiful, authentic, brave and compelling; reading Lori’s excerpts had me both in streaming tears and laughing out loud.

Her detailed recollections so exquisitely exemplify the grey area between what is currently described as ‘psychosis’ and spiritual experience; often a process of the soul ‘remembering’ and starting the journey back to wholeness; a journey that is unavoidable once begun.

Reminiscent of reading The Celestine Prophecy; reading Lori’s manuscript found me lost in a story of adventure, love and excitement, but at the same time acknowledging it as an invaluable educational tool. That is a rare talent.

What I love the most about this book is that it doesn’t shy away from the darkness – such bravery by someone also maintaining a professional position is uncommon, but so necessary in the shift humanity is facing. Lori is more likely to be taken seriously in the vital information she so generously shares, and therefore rock the status quo; a rocking that is so desperately needed, to help those that are currently suffering at the hands of a naïve society that doesn’t understand this very natural process.

I am eternally grateful that the Universe led me to connect with Lori, and for her dedication to raise awareness and support those people going through such a traumatic transformation process; gracias, mi alma gemela.


Katie Mottram

Founding Director, International Spiritual Emergence Network


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