This year was vibrating at a ONE which is the beginning of a cycle which had me sensing that it would be very heavily focused on new beginnings, starts ups and get goings but I was wrong. Instead it was the year of facing the overloaded dumpster of all the things that had been accumulated through our last numerical (ten) cycle. Everything that had survived a lack of personal scrutiny was still lingering around us. The truth was underlying everything but not to be revealed until we tossed the old narrative of our beliefs. Ignoring this, we would take a beating. This would be a challenge for most since there is a vast divide between the truth and what we believe since our thoughts skew reality. The over intoxication of our personal beliefs and the unwillingness to let go of them had everyone higher than a Woodstock Music festival leaving many still soaking in the jacuzzi of their views of right and wrong.

Prepared for battle our collective disfunction put on boxing gloves and armed ourselves with how pristinely correct we were, a right to our beliefs over those of others. Many are still in the fight, boiling and defending differences. This was the frustrating part of the year as from the sidelines I could see that no one was winning all the while the wrestling continued. I grabbed some solace at times and trusted that higher vibrations would prevail and that the whole chaos that we were collectively creating would subside. I waited and waited and then I shrugged my shoulders when nothing changed, we were going for the long haul. My job as a spiritual light bulb grew harder and harder as I kept rescuing people from the external world that was whittling away at them. The more we looked outside of ourselves the more dismal it became. I kept redirecting traffic trying to reorient the emphasis on us as individuals, trying to convince others that the internal is the place of salvation. “Come out of the chaos, dump your beliefs and find the truth beyond the noise” I called out to many. For those who took the call, it meant some deep dumpster diving.

Sexual abuse, childhood vulnerabilities, untruths about our legal and political systems, unconscious motives by previously trusted people and institutions and fake narratives that we had bought in to all surfaced. It was a rough year as many relationships did not survive stark realities. Among my extensive clientele I experienced a good share of divorces, separations, job changes, reevaluation of lifestyles and plain and simple destruction of old paradigms. Everything was falling apart, luckily.

We started to realize that our perception of everything around us was not as it seemed. From fake news to fake medicine we did not have the truth anywhere. Yet as I suspected, when our beliefs began to dissolve,  the truth started to slither out of the crevices as everyday the awareness of what is going on behind closed doors emerged. For many it was brutal, as their institutional minds were unraveling. Interestingly, our illusions had created a fake world view and we were screaming at what we hated, which was ironically the story that we had been sitting on for years, a mistaken truth.  So 2017 was a wake up call to clear out our totally incapable view of the world around us and begin deciphering what was real. This unsettles people, in fact, makes them crazy, insecure and desperate, but unfortunately it is a required pathway. With just one truth we can unravel centuries of obscurity and when the light shines through, it sets all of us free even those who have lived in the shadows of it all.

So, how did you do? If you are still pissed, you haven’t finished 2017. It is time to turn off the faucet of anger and belly up to the bar and order a hang over tonic and detox from your chain smoking beliefs, fully customized by toxic media.  Take a breath, the perception of this horrible hateful world is your creation fueled by your beliefs and is your wildest dreams, not your real backyard.  Take a cold shower and remove all of the careless thinking that has lead to an insanity of ideas that puts you into useless categories of thought based on old divisions of people. The collective is really kind and generous and although shaken has a genuine quality since at the source we are speaking from our heart. It is the mind that is suspect and manipulable as from the mind to the mouths of separation, our bias is spewed.

2017 was humanities time for a quickened awareness that it is time to trash the thoughts and concepts that have bridled us into a servant of antiquated beliefs. No one is right and no one is wrong so don’t bother with accusations as they are puffs of smoke yet can be debilitating if inhaled . Thinking otherwise can never get us to the highest good. We are each simply the cosmic conglomeration of an earthly experience where we are suppose to be learning from our walk, not busting down the signs along the way in some ego sense of our singular place in the grander scheme of things. Like feisty children, some of us have to learn the hard way when all 2017 was asking of us was to take a big bite of awareness and we would feel powerful again.

The successful who have survived 2017 have done so by slimming down on the intensity of their beliefs and gone within and asked spirit to reveal the truth that has absolutely nothing to do with your thoughts especially when they are toxic. But wounds run deep and it is harder for some to walk away from their bag of beliefs than others.



In 2018, we have all hopefully depleted our disgust about the world we live in and exhausted the hate towards all who do not believe in the perfectly designed view of our righteous selves. We have also hopefully moved beyond seeing the world through the lens of politics and current events and into a longer term goal. This year is a time for peace and understanding so the clean up should be wrapping up and we should be turning inward.  2018 is a year of two ones. Get out your hammers and nails as we are going to be building stronger inner foundations for different outcomes. Change from 2017 has been good as we have been forced to face what was not working and now prosperity can begin, but overall the planet will be more sensitive. There will be a renaissance of new ideas and innovative solutions will be given more merit, do not judge new ideas from those that you have opposed as all creations are valuable. This creates a richer sauce when the mixing is over. If you are starting over, now is the perfect energy as you rebuild a clearer and more intuitive path. When all that you believe is shattering, intuition thrives and new ways of thinking are revived. Sure there are times of slide when you doubt the potential but the energies are available now, if you can just get out off the battlefield of ideas and right and wrong and into creation. Resisting and clinging will not serve you now, no one is listening to lame lyrics as the volume is turned up too high. The subtle and more fine tuned, graceful and accepting you can become the greater the wealth of energy flowing your way and out to the world around you.

When people see prosperity, they prosper. The ego thinks there is more to go around so it lies less in scarcity and can become more generous with others. Keep it real, give to what matters most for the evolution of your heart not your mind. This investment will pay back dividends as the higher vibrations begin to reward you for taking the higher road. This is a good year to create a solid nest, savings, family, housing, long term commitments and investment in self. Coaching, self improvement are all foundational matters to start the base of solidarity around you, not limp, ego driven external causes which can be tap dances with fear. With the realization of personal power we will not feel the sense of helplessness and we will thrive more successfully on our own contributing to the greater good one by one instead of constantly seeking consensus and diluting our individual impact. We will just know we are powerful. With increased prosperity we can assume greater joy but we must temper it with reality, remembering that money does not buy happiness no matter how much the perceived thrill of trying to obtain more and more of it.

As we shift from powerless and unaware into a personal and collective abundance many will thrive around us, yet we need to stand strong focused on the goal which is the removal of beliefs. We then turn to replacing them with trust and a higher level of consciousness that does not breed antagonism, frustration and fake dialogues. The veil of transparency will continue to be lifted and more and more will be revealed to us about falsehoods and misperceptions. Keep an open mind to all avenues of information and avoid bias.

There will still be the remnants of conflict that will be attaching itself to the weakened ego but little by little we will stop drinking the kool aid of separation and find common ground to build our new spaces. Our personal innovation will come with less ego and more values if we drop the toxic thoughts.  There will be a tendency toward peace and calm even though you may feel like protesting against everything, just know that being in line with the restorative energies of the master year you will be contributing with or without a protest sign. By expressing ourselves in a higher vibration we can tap into the sensitivities of the planet and guide mother earth into a soft landing after so much conflict. Allowing for patience is key so that the negative does not prevail.

The bottom line for 2018 is: diminish ego, redefine personal prosperity, change the discourse, embrace the ideas of strangers, invest in your individual excellence, recalibrate frustration by busting beliefs, ask yourself “is this really the truth?” and know that 99% of the answers to that question are within you and not in your exterior world. All will continue to be revealed, be open to receive the truth in whatever form it takes.


From the other side of life,




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