Why are some people masters at manifesting and others failing miserably at turning their dreams into reality? The key is mastering the language of the universe. So here are my top five tips:

1.) Get clear, really clear on what dream you are building. There was a client of mine who worked diligently on finding a man in her life. It all came together when this man showed up with all the qualities that she was looking for. There was just one problem, he was married. This is a lesson about being clear and concise otherwise you may be manifesting mass confusion. Think of it like a google search for a new car, do you google “I would like the universe to bring me a new car” or do you say  “I want the universe to bring me a white car that satisfies all of my needs now and in the future”.  Narrowing the field gives you a better search. This approach just smoothes out all the wrinkles if it is given to the universe in a more refined version. Not being specific with your dream can have you end up receiving a big bucket of popcorn with no butter.

2.) The right vibration is essential to success. If you are swimming in negativity, doubt and “what if’s” it is going to be a challenge and you will miss the signs. The universe will work with those who believe in possibility, not doubt. There also needs to be a heightened energy level, a sense of enthusiasm that your plans are being designed and trust that the universe is a mastermind of synchronicity. Beware of ego that will never think that the  ingredients are coming to bake you a seven layer cake. It will always be frightened unable to see the blessings in disguise. The universe usually brings it all together ingredient by ingredient until one moment we realize that our dream came true. Let’s say you ask for a new house or apartment and then what most people do is try to figure out how it is going to arrive. The universe is much more creative and resourceful than your mind,  so put the power of the cosmos to work for you and stay out of the details and being discouraged. If you question the universe’s ability to get things done then, it does not get things done. Plain and simple.

3.) The universe is dedicated to creation and balance. It will always seek to keep you centered. A balanced life will bring you exactly what you desire not a life based on illusion or myth. So before you start shooting out darts of desires think about why you are really asking for something. Are you asking the universe for more dysfunction under an umbrella of need? Are you intimate with yourself about your vision? We may capture a vision out from the world, maybe the life of someone rich and famous and immediately define that as a dream, but is it really aligned with your hearts desire. Many times we design a dream that is not the direction that we want to take ourselves but instead the ego chasing image. If you are going to dance with the dynamics of the divine you need to be conscious of what you are creating.

4.) Feel the power of the universal laws and know that you are in control. This was my greatest revelation that I could stop blaming everything around me for not fulfilling my dreams. When I realized I had the ability for creation through fine tuning and focusing myself,  the possibilities were endless. Dropping the belief that I was not capable of changing my world was the first step out of illusion. Everyone has the ability to manifest their desires and become inter-dimensional beings seeped in creativity. How empowering to know that I just needed to state an intention, visualize what it looked like and then show up in the world. Sitting in a cave would make it harder for the universe to bring my dreams to light.

5.) Realize the importance of visualization and meditation. The universe is very adept at tapping into your vision. It is richer and deeper in context like the old saying “a picture tells a thousand words” Design your life, create a blueprint for what it is going to look like and keep the vision alive through a vision board or meditation. Soon you will be standing inside of that very dream.

If you would like to dip your toe into the universe, here is a great stone to carry around with you while you do the practice.


My master of manifestation and dream designer is smokey quartz. It is very grounding, a great place to start designing your future. It brings dreams to reality by grounding universal energy from the cosmos to the earth. Smokey quartz purifies the base chakra pumping light into the spine and rekindles a person’s sense of power, igniting our ability to receive.  It also neutralizes negative energy and can be a protective shield as well, like a guard dog for your home, protecting it from theft. On an emotional level it will filter out doubt and hostility, perfect for creating a sacred space to enhance your goals. The added value of smoky quart is the dissemination of electromagnetic waves that can cause havoc if you are being impacted by computers and electronics. You can find an amazing assortment of smokey quartz here. 


After you have finished reading this article for the next two days I would like you to put a piece of smokey quart in your pocket or purse and start actively looking for certain things. Pick something simple like a particular make of car or something general like books, butterflies or coffee cups. After the first day see if you have seen more of what you have chosen. On the second day be a little more specific like a blue books, yellow butterflies and green coffee cups. If you want to take it further, set your intention for a free cup of coffee and see if it appears.