Before shedding, the eyes of Snake become cloudy, representing a moment of inner reflection before coiling into a new place of power.

There are almost 3,000 different species of Snake on Earth, from the tiny African Thread Snake to the massive Anaconda. Only 10 percent are venomous. Snake evolved from Lizard over ninety million years ago, losing its legs in the process. It is found in many habitats. Snake’s tongue is an important sensory tool that helps it find food and mates. It has an excellent sense of smell and touch, but poor eyesight. As a cold-blooded reptile, Snake must adjust to the external temperature to regulate its internal temperature, so it will seek cool areas on hot days or bask in the warm Sun on cooler days. In the winter, it hibernates.

Snake sheds its skin up to six times per year. Many cultures see this as a sign of immortality as Snake continually emerges as a new being. Ouroboros, the symbol of a snake eating its own tail, has many meanings: the cycle of life and death, infinity, wholeness, creation, and the encircling of the world in unity. The more repressive religions and belief systems have linked snake to evil which stops at a level of ignorance about its rich and full history of symbolism.

The ancient Egyptians saw Snake as possessing healing abilities. Offerings were made to the goddess Wadjet, the patron of Lower Egypt, in the hopes that her good will would be manifested. The pharaoh wore the image of a Cobra head on his diadem—a uraeus—symbolizing that he embodied Cobra’s powers. Nehebkau, a double-headed benevolent Snake god, was linked to the Sun. It was said that he protected souls both in life and in the afterlife.

The ancient Sumerians also saw Snake as a symbol of healing and depicted its importance in the caduceus. An icon of medicine to this day, it shows two Snakes intertwined around a staff with wings. The Snakes represent the nervous system; the staff is symbolic the spinal cord; and the wings denote the two hemispheres of the brain, with the center representing the pineal gland—or third eye. At the Temple of Asclepius in ancient Greece stories were told of Snake crawling across the bodies of sick people during the night and licking them back to life or curing deafness or blindness.

In the traditions of yoga, dating back anywhere from 5,000–10,000 years in India, Snake is emblematic of the nature of the kundalini energy that lies asleep in the human sacrum, near the tailbone. In the process of awakening, this energy rises through the subtle body via the nerve currents of the spine, passing through the chakras until it arrives at the crown producing ecstasy and transformation. The Snake on the left is the ida, a channel for feminine prana (life force) or Shakti energy. The Snake on the right is the pingala, a channel for masculine prana or Shiva energy. The central channel (like the staff of the caduceus) is the sushumna. Full enlightenment, according to some sources, is when Shakti has risen to meet Shiva. Some Indian myths portray their god Shiva, the destroyer or transformer, with a cobra on his head and another on his shoulder, ready to take on any enemies.

In almost all world cultures, Snake is seen as the guardian of the Lower World and a messenger to the Upper World, a figure able to slither through the cracks between cosmic dimensions. African and Australian tribespeople alike revere Rainbow Snake, believing it gave birth to all other animals. Rainbow Snake is also believed to have created all the waterways on the planet. Many tribes believe a race of Snake people who are half-human, half-snake live below the surface of the Earth, and they tell mythical stories of shamans traveling to this underground world. They see Snake as a wisdom keeper, perhaps because Snake takes its time to evaluate if it should strike. To them, Snake is an umbilical cord that connects humanity to Mother Earth.

One of the most important ancient Mesoamerican gods was the feathered serpent the Aztecs called Quetzalcoatl, god of wind, air, and learning. The Mayans called this same deity Kukulkan. According to the legends of their descendants, he once appeared in the form of a human and was known to have brought advanced knowledge to the people. It is said that when he died, he became the star of Venus.

In North America, the Hopi view Snake as a symbol of fertility. Their traditional annual Snake dance is done to celebrate the union of the male Snake sky spirit with the female Snake Earth spirit in the hope of revitalizing and fertilizing plants in the high desert where they live. Live Snakes that are part of the ceremony are then released into the fields to ensure abundant crops.

As a Power Animal, Snake is the companion to our higher consciousness, allowing hidden knowledge to be born. The egg of Snake is a symbol of the union of masculine and feminine energy in the material world. When the egg hatches, you may expect a powerful creative explosion to occur. As we mature emotionally and spiritually, the energy of snake arises and begins to move through our chakra system stimulating the emotional, mental and spiritual centers. This flow of energy is a symbol of good health.

Just as Snake sheds its skin, we must periodically shed our old ideas and allow our minds to experience new perceptions.  This is the moment of its alignment with the frequency of the Earth, enabling it to enter the field of manifestation. Snake reminds us of the illusion and limitation of cloaking ourselves in a stifled view of life. To be enlightened we must leave the old self. This can be a monumental task for many as our lives become habits that we often struggle to let go of. Sometimes it means a dramatic spiritual awakening to break through the chains that bind us.

The dark side of snake symbolism can mean a cold blooded and heartless behavior. It can also be deceitful not revealing its true feelings and instead coiling up and then striking out at what may seem a very random time. It can also be the greedy side of your personality that takes over and causes you to be toxic or poisonous  towards others in an attempt  to get more than you really deserve or are worth. Snake can also be a catalyst for a venomous mindset where you come from your darkest shadows and conjure up hatred and are vindictive, always wanting to seek revenge. So if Snake is coming forward for you in this way, pay attention to where you may be taking on these characteristics and then embrace it for its healing potential.

 So now I want to venture into the concept of ascension, an area that the snake can be very helpful in navigating. Ascension describes a gradual change to our planetary system. It involves the upgrade of our DNA which has been slowly restructuring, even our brains have been evolving, increasing in volume. All of this change is part of the movement into the fourth dimensional energies which are beginning to surge into our consciousness. This brings up the good with the bad and these changes will magnify everything in its path. So many prophecies spoke of this time.
There is also a more spontaneous version of this event by those who speak of the great solar light that will engulf the earth. Many cultures have spoken of this solar flash. At this time there is evidence that many other planets in our solar system are experiencing major changes just like our own planet as we move into this heightened magnetic field. This is all a part of the 25,000 year cycle that the Mayan documented through their calendars.
Many believe that the bulk of this transition will be occurring over the next ten years. So I am going to spend the rest of the article explaining how to be best prepared:
1.) First of all religion is not a factor, it does not depend on a certain faith to weather the changes. What will occur is that your current reality will disappear and you will move into a different reality. This is what happened to me for two years. You will see what you see based on your beliefs, for example if you are at a level to see ascended beings you will see the ones you believe in such as Christ, Buddah or Allah. These are all human or incarnate versions of Source or God.
To be successful we need to see how simple it is to align with the fourth dimension but often is is elusive and difficult. The number one ingredient needed in the fourth dimension is forgiveness. Forgiveness stops karma in its tracks. This is the way out of the karmic cycle. The current state of being in our political world is very dangerous to achieving balance. The media is also throwing us off into a divisive and unforgiving  place. To make it in the fourth dimension we must focus on self care and supporting ourselves as we try to reach the frequency of love. This frequency is the gateway to higher dimensions. The more love that you have, the higher you go. Doing the work that is needed will get you even higher. The goal is to get an upgrade to your soul’s journey.
When I received this download from Mayan ancestral spirits they kept referring to the over the 50% rule which meant that to evolve your thoughts must be positive over 50% of the time. They told me that the goal is to exude compassion and begin to see others in a greater light and to be kind and loving. Ascension is a positive time and an opportunity to begin service to others. For many it can seem more of a challenge to stay over 50% but those who do, will be greatly rewarded. This time is the ultimate initiation and the moment to work through your earthly lessons and capture all the learning through our experiences. We need to approach life in this different way, without stress. I also realized that allowing was a huge lesson, pushing this energy can lead to desperation. Getting to the fourth dimension means getting there from a place of calm.
Our life is a school. If you get caught up in drama and are lashing out at others and not practicing calm and forgiveness you will suffer in these energies. Turn that energy into loving you, this will keep you from trying to manipulate the world around you. Accept your shadows without seeing others as the villians and being hateful. The more your soul evolves, you will be on the path. This is when the synchronicities start occuring 11:11 and so on. It is time to dive into loving yourself and others and get out of a victim mentality. If we do not follow this advice we will just coming back lifetime after lifetime trying to get out of a karmic circle. Learning is a way to escape into a higher consciousness. The fourth dimension is much more harmonious, there is no hate and the thinking is pure and compassionate. Aligning ourselves with this energy, will ensure that we ascend into this perfect place.
My favorite stone for working with ascension is Snakeskin Agate. Call in snake to work with you on your spiritual path to awakening.
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