My home is my castle, my refuge, my roots and my sanctuary. A sense of home is vital to a stable and strong root chakra. Without a sense of place we can feel ungrounded and unable to launch. Often when I see clients who are struggling with moving forward, it is because they lack stability in their living situation. Food, water and shelter are the basics and if any of those are uncertain, we end up in survival mode and exhaustion creeps in. So the most important thing for a foundational existence is a sense of place. In your sanctuary I suggest that you create sacredness and a connection to the spirit world. This connection builds a sense of safety, knowing that higher beings are protecting you and working with you and the unseen world, which I can assure you exists and is a vibrant place to connect to.

Shamans create a sacred place by calling in the four directions. Here is how I create sacred space, my prayers for calling in my spirit guides and my protection prayer.


East is the place of the rising sun and the element of air. Here you can place offerings of feathers, pumice, mint, incense, butterflies, lemon grass and lavender. The color associated with this direction is white. Here you would place stones that are clear and white or a soft blue.

Guardians of the east, Great Eagle and Condor, come to me from the place of new beginnings, open horizons, visions and inspiration of newness and fresh starts. Protect this corner of my circle and allow the air to flow in. Bless me with the music, melodies and vibrations that ride the winds. Inspire me with new beginnings through the rising of the sun. Bring clarity and perception from the eyes of the eagle and the right language for expression. Allow me to be the wind beneath your wings and to fly with the great spirit, and to see from the mountain tops the perspective of the unseen world.  I bless you and request your infinite wisdom and blessing for this space. Join with me, spirits of the east.  

If you prefer to work with angels, Raphael is the keeper of the east.


South is the element of fire and the place of creation. Here you can place offerings such as rosemary, apache tears, copal, pomegranate, cinnamon, sunflowers, tobacco, marigold, frankincense, dragons blood, pineapple and tangerine. The color associated with this direction is red. You can also light a candle. Here you would put stones that are red, orange and yellow.

Guardians of the south, Great Serpent, come to me from the place of the summer heat with strength and courage to ignite my heart with unconditional love. Protect this corner of my circle and allow the sacred fire to burn within it. Bless me with passion from the flames and allow them to burn all that does not serve me. Inspire me to rise from the ashes into a higher place where I can speak my truth. Help me to shed the past the way you shed your skin. Teach me to tread softly on the earth and bask in all the beauty that is here. I bless you and ask for your infinite wisdom and blessing for this space. Join me, spirits of the south. 

If you prefer to work with angels, archangel Michael is the keeper of the south.


The west is the element of water and the place of the setting sun. Here you can place offerings such as shells, passion flowers, tamarind, morning glory, gardenias, avocados, aloe, hibiscus, sugar cane, papaya, moonstone, mother of pearl and gourds. The color associated with this direction is blue.

Guardians of the west, Great mother jaguar, come to me from the place of the harvest with  community and sharing of the bounty of our efforts and purpose. Protect this corner of my circle and allow the water to flow into it. Bless me with cleansing from the sparkling streams and rivers, the power of the waterfalls, mystery of the oceans and the peace of serene lakes. Bring me the peace that comes from the abundance and nurturing of mother earth and teach me too have a life that is fruitful and full. Help me to walk in the world with no fears and to live impeccably and love beyond the cycles of life and death. I bless you and ask for your infinite wisdom and blessing for this space. Join me, spirits of the west. 

If you prefer to work with angels, Gabriel is the keeper of the west.


The north is the element of earth and the place of sleeping and dreaming. Here you can place offerings of ferns, corn, vetiver, agate, jasper, coal, crystals, malachite.

Guardians of the north, Great Hummingbird, ancestors and ancient ones, come to me from the place of the night and winters that hold the wisdom of my elders. Protect this corner of my circle and allow the spirit that exists in all living things to support this space. Bless me with dreams, quiet, stillness and introspection that takes me deep into the reflection of my true self. Bring me the guidance of the wise ones, and the knowledge of the great source for the understanding of my connection to all things. Help me to honor all who have come before and shower me with the light of crystals and plants who nourish my body and soul. I bless you and ask for your infinite wisdom and blessing for this space. Join me spirits of the North. 

If you prefer to work with angels Uriel is the angel of the north.


Spirit of father sky, come to me from the place of angels with the sparkle of stars in the night and the vast beyond that has no knowing. Bring a light to shine upon me and guide my steps into the unknown with confidence and connection to the cosmic world. 


Spirit of mother earth, come to me from the place of the roots of my existence, the ever changing and inspirational world of your beauty. Bring your nurturing and bounty to my heart and the wisdom of your support and stability. 


Finally, I call in my own essence, the place of emotion, intuition and feelings. Help me to embrace this wisdom that comes to remind me of my uniqueness yet also my connection to the universal field. Guide me to sing my song and share my gifts and fill up others with union, love and reverence for life. I open my heart to receive all who are here. 


I invite all of my guides and spirits to come from the highest vibrational place of existence. May the messages that you share with me be illuminating for my highest good and the highest good of others. I ask that the messages be clear, kind and compassionate. May the voices bring lessons and insight to the purpose of life. May the energies that flow through me be in tune with what is needed at this time and in this space.


 I declare my boundaries and my right to be fully who I am. I allow only those of the highest vibrational energies to connect with my heart energy in both the physical and non-physical world. I am protected from any influence that does not serve my highest good.


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