Ascension Uncovered

Riding the wave in to the fourth dimension The Ascension theory is about a change in the frequency of our planet and the expansion of our awareness. Each dimension has a different frequency which creates a separate reality. The third dimension where we live right now is the most dense consciousness. Here we do not …

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Serendipity and Synchronicity

There are no coincidences when you are surfing the quantum field of energy.  Man, surrounded by fact, permitting himself no surprise, no intuitive flash, no great hypothesis, no risk, is in a locked cell. Ignorance cannot seal the mind more securely.” Albert Einstein.  Many of us have not learned to listen to our soul as …

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Playing in the Quantum Field

What is the quantum field? The answers began to to be revealed when I looked at the vast star studded sky with new eyes after my awakening.  I saw everything as a multitude of triangles all interconnected in what seemed to be an alive and galactic fairy land. This opened my heart to a greater …

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