The ins and outs of connecting with your

guides in the spirit world:

I get a lot of interest from people about connecting with their spirit guides.  Although it may seem like simple and rewarding idea, it requires a lot of knowledge to jump in to communicating with the spirit world. To engage with your spirit guides however there are important rules to ensure a positive experience.

Here are my tips for opening up to the spirit world 

When you are opening up to the spirit world it is important to have prayers of protection and create a space of honor where all beings know the rules of engagement. I also suggest that you thoroughly sage the area that you will be working in. State your intention clearly when opening sacred space. Be specific about the spirits that you wish to engage with. Ask that only those of the highest vibrations and with crystalline and enlightened intentions be allowed to enter. Ask that the messages that come for you are always kind, uplifting, relevant and that they support the highest good for all involved. Engage your spirit guide team to be protective of what entities come into your sacred space. When you close the space, thank everyone for being there and supporting you. Here is my prayer of protection:

I open my space to the energies of the divine source and ask that these energies keep me safe. May all that I learn from spirit come from a place of peace and may the lessons enhance my life’s purpose. I ask that all energies that flow into my space be compassionate and loving and may God’s voice always be present. May good come to me in all that I do. I ask for the respect of my boundaries and my right to be myself at all times. I invite only the highest vibrations to connect with my heart in the physical and non physical world. I am always grounded and protected from any influence that does not serve my highest good.  

After you have opened your space it is important to state a clear intention of what you would like to do. Keep your intentions very positive and communicate it clearly to your spirit guides. All intentions should be high vibrational meaning for positive outcomes for all involved. Any malicious thoughts or intentions will bring negative entities. It is important to be of clear mind and avoid alcohol or drugs. Negative energies are notorious for showing up when we are not at our best. Also, if you are feeling down or depressed opening up to the spirit world is not a good idea. To the contrary if you emit the frequency of love, you will have loving spirits in your sacred space.

It is best to do work only for yourself in the beginning until you are experienced and have been mentored by an expert. There is a sophisticated protocol in the spirit world for when you work with others. For example, it is always important that you ask permission to do any spiritual work on behalf of others. It is easy to get the wrong messages from the spirit world and you may misread the footprint of the energy that is interacting with you. It is a process of learning over time the vibrations that you can count on.

Probably one of the most important things you must be aware of is the danger of being fearful. Fear is the way that spirits manipulate you. Anything that does not feel right, is not right. Everything should come from a place of enlightenment, no exceptions.

It is imperative that you are working with spirits of the upper levels such as your own guides or those of much light like angels and ascended beings. Earthbound spirits are always people who are dead and they do not make great guides as they may not know anything more than you do and they may be on their own agenda. They can be tricksters and take you down a long path into believing them but then you find out later that they are not as they seem. These spirits may try to dominate your thinking and force themselves on your insights. They can also become angry or insistent and try to control you. This is a very sure sign that they are not evolved and should therefore be avoided.

We all have the capacity to receive, what blocks this ability is our human conditioning. Transformation into believing that all is possible is your first step to experiencing a connection to the spirit world.  One of the most receptive times to communicate with your guides is in the early hours of the morning. At that time there is less interference and the messages flow into your field easier.

So how to begin? Start by trying to feel the “spirit” in those around you and detect their vibration. Describe it to yourself and begin to recognize their unique vibration. You will begin to see hidden connections with you. You can also do this with plants and pets. The earth spirits are gnomes, fairies, tree devas and elves, the water spirits are naidas, undines, sprites and sea nymphs, air spirits are air devas, builders, zephyrs or sylphs and fire spirits are known as salamanders. Many of these can be easy to connect with and    of course Gaia/mother earth her self. As time goes by you will start to see the spirit in all things. Allow for your imagination to explore these energies and do not censor anything. The trick is to get around your brain and in to your heart.

So who are these spirit companions? We all have spiritual companions and the first group are guardians. They may be spirit animals or guardian angels. Both have the same vibrational energy and have been with us always. They watch over us and guide us on our earth journey and then take us home. Spirits in most religions are referred to Angels and one of the few things they all agree upon. Christians have seven archangels, Jews have Metatron as their greatest angel. Angels are often attributed with saving us from near death experiences and are seen to divert our attention away from potential danger and harm. Sometimes they appear at unpredictable times, guiding us to do work for them to insure that others are helped. I have often been put at service to angels and even helped to save lives. Sometimes they can simply appear as humans, conduct their business of healing us and then leave.

The energies of high level spirits is often similar to the beautiful melodies of music. Playing some music can make it easier to bring them to you. The word angel means messenger so it is helpful to give them tasks and assignments, always with a loving and appreciative communication. Remember to turn it all over to them and trust them because they know alot about what they are doing. Begin to sense their presence and start to acknowledge their foot print when they come around. I always say HI !

When we need power boosters we can also call on the Seven Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and Remiel. They all end in “el” which means shining being. They all cover different aspects of protection. Getting to know their qualities can be a helpful tool in your everyday life. Their energies are very strong and they exude kindness. Their presence can be very uplifting and often a permeating love will surround you when they appear. To call them in you can speak their name slowly, I have often used incense to call them in or they come in on beautiful music.

Your spirit guides are different than angelic beings as they have had earthbound experiences so they are very understanding of the ins and outs of being human. Angels are always available to us, ever present. Guides however must be invited into our presence. Then they are able to offer advice. Some guides are very skilled in one area and offer up their “specialties”. One of my guides I call Madison since he is very creative in marketing ideas. I asked him about his enthusiasm for the world of advertising and promotion and he said he worked on Madison Avenue, hence why I named him Madison. Other guides can be family members who have crossed over and have elected to remain connected to us and offer support. Some may also be from past lives helping us to navigate this one. There are also spiritual teachers, these are very helpful and important in discovering our souls intention. In my case I have a council of Mayans who chime in consistently and attempt to teach me of my abilities and connection to the spirit world. Lastly, your higher self can be a very enlightened guide as well. For me I have many spirits that I interact with each one bringing a specific gift when needed. It is important to realize that their insight is not guaranteed so be discerning and conscious of a clear intention so the answers are more relevant and helpful.

Finally, be prepared to listen to the guidance from your spirit guides otherwise after awhile they will give up. They love to help you if you let them. Their guidance can be subtle so be in a state of calm and wanting to receive spiritual support. They can only connect with you at these levels so being relaxed will make for a successful vibrational interaction. The more you practice the more comfortable you will become with their presence. Watch for great ideas to land in your lap or impressions that bring brilliant opportunities, many times their inspiration does not come in the ways that you would expect. It is helpful to become familiar with symbols and signs that you will begin to recognize over time.

My favorite crystal for connecting to Spirit Guides is Kyanite. It helps you to tune in to their frequencies and stimulates the psychic in you. It supports higher vibrations and stabilizes negativity. It is a great promoter of communication. Another feature of Kyanite is that it never needs clearing or cleaning since it always holds a positive vibe. Messages from spirit can attune to this frequency and make it easier to tap in. There are some lovely specimens of Blue Kyanite at Healing Crystals. You can find them here