Riding the wave in to the fourth dimension

The Ascension theory is about a change in the frequency of our planet and the expansion of our awareness. Each dimension has a different frequency which creates a separate reality. The third dimension where we live right now is the most dense consciousness. Here we do not have the capacity for perceiving higher dimensions so we do not see past lives and other experiences that we have had in other dimensions. We come to this planet with a built in amnesia. Ascension is when we start to remember, the barriers to this begin to disintegrate.

All that exists on our planet is resonating at a similar frequency. If the frequency of our earth changes, we change. When our mother earth raises its frequency, we change and that is what we call a spiritual awakening, a process where we clear the denser energies of negative emotions and ego.  We can begin to have an expression that is more aligned with our planet whose frequency that is going higher and higher. This new frequency permeates everything and starts to overcome negative vibrations. Although we want to blame Global warming on humans it is way more than our abilities, our universe is in charge, magnetic shifts are occurring and the energies circulating around our planet through this change are the real culprit.

Ascension has been discussed among the ancient ones. They have always known of this time. Many people think it is the end of the world but the reality is that it is a new beginning to the way we see the world. In August of 2011 the process started and we shifted into higher frequencies on December 12, 2012. Heading now in to the fourth dimension we move in to a place of peace and compassion. To do this, we need to trust in the unknown and begin to feel and embrace a sense of unity with all things. The Mayans have a term for this feeling,  Lak’ech which means you are another myself. During my awakening the messages that I received from the Mayan were that it was important to extract the truth from everything. We must begin to avoid separation and instead join as people in insisting that we collectively demand transparency and opening into the inner workings of our world. Only then can we move toward full awareness. If you would like to hear my messages from the Mayan for humanity you may click here.

Humans have DNA codes, in our DNA is the formula for the expression in these higher dimensions. We are designed to embody the new energies and transform in to a higher vibrational state. What occurs is that the body begins to take a more crystalline form. Ascension is like an upgrade to the human operating system, a re-boot. In the fourth, you cannot lie, you will manifest immediately what you want, you can levitate objects, travel through time and space and heal yourself.

Those who have experienced their spiritual awakening are now charged with helping others.  Not everyone has chosen to evolve during their lifetime. That is their choice and they are where they are. It is not a good or bad thing, in fact, in the fourth dimension nothing is good or bad anymore. Many hearts are very closed and it will be difficult for them to open up to these new energies. It is however available to everyone and is the ultimate destiny of humans. Unfortunately we have been suppressed and told that other dimensions are figments of our imagination and in an attempt to control us we are ridiculed. Our fears are manipulated to gain power over us. This requires that we master our thoughts and emotions. Negative entities cannot survive on a planet that is in the fourth dimension. This is the dimension of unconditional love, when our planet is aligned with the heart chakra. Many of us are floating in the fourth with our open hearts but without wisdom we can be manipulated and controlled by others. We lack the ability to say NO and honor our space.

In the 5th dimension we gain wisdom and become light and we arrive with honor and integrity and we take the responsibility to support the world with love. When we combine the two, love and light, the unity of these two is compassion. After that is the seventh density where we are fully enlightened and have collapsed into oneness, you become a star and are part of everything. In the 8th dimension, there is no memory or identity, here you gain back who you really are and all the addictive behaviors are gone, you are no longer separated from God, it is within you.

Ascension theory has at its foundation in a philosophy called the Law of One which speaks to what is required for achieving ascension and the instructions for building awareness. The Law of One describes the world we will live in as one hundred times more harmonious than now. We need to see ourselves as the light workers that we are and accept our assignment. This means letting go of pain and fear and clearing your identity so that our DNA is recoded and light can exist in this higher form. People who reach these levels are called Star seeds, Indigos, Crystal Children, Grid workers, light workers, ascension stewards. It is important to realize that everything is going through the growing pains, our institutions, our countries and nature, it is all in the same stew. By feeling separate, we will eventually realize that we need each other and move closer.

There are often very challenging symptoms, my book outlines the difficulty of moving into these upper energies. I am the perfect example of a sudden and spontaneous awakening. It is a complete change that forever alters the way we see the world. A big disconnect are ascension symptoms and we go to a regular doctor who often treats us with drugs because they have no idea what is causing it. It was a big challenge for me as I could not have a conversation about my reality.

So what are some of the symptoms of ascension:

1. Ear Ringing

Some will hear one loud tone or others will multi tones or layered frequencies. I will often experience this right before a download of information. It is like an attunement to help connect to the enlightenment process. You may also be tapping in to the sounds of other dimensions

2. Weight Gain

Ascension energies are not familiar to the human body. If the body feels like it is under attack it will always defend itself and create layers of fat. Fat is energy and the body will use it to protect itself from the unfamiliar. The way out is to drink lots of water and eat high vibrational foods.

 3. Loss of Close Relationships

This can be one of the most difficult areas since we rely so much on others. We often resist letting go but it often just prolongs  pain and suffering. Since our frequency changes we often resist letting them go. This unfortunately prolongs our misery and only brings more pain.When our frequency changes you will attract new people. When the harmony is gone, there will be a change. It will become very difficult to communicate or understand others that you used to have a great vibe with. This is because the ascension is not occurring at the same rate. One of the big laws of the universe is to offer yourself to others but not go chasing after people since the positive path honors free will. Loving others means we honor them enough to let them go.

4. Sensitivities and Intolerances

Many people have sensitivities if they are around negativity or toxic energies. Some will get a rash or have a reaction to chemicals, food or drink. Whatever you could eat or drink in the past can make you very sick as it no longer matches to the frequency that you are on. It requires listening to your body and aligning with its internal recommendations.

5. Vertigo and Strange Occurrences. 

You may feel that you are unable to accomplish anything and this may cause anxiety. You may also start to hear voices or receive impressions that are from outside of you. You may even see other dimensions and extra terrestrial beings. Some people may hear nature speak to them. For me I was woken up every morning at three to four in the morning and received channeled information.

Many of these symptoms are a result of electromagnetic signals that travel through the human nervous system and with the inability to manage these energies there can be a loss of energetic stability.

Here are two of my favorite crystals to help stabilize these energies.


Bloodstone is the stone of courage which helps with fear and hate. It is a protector of negative energies and a great protector. I unblocks the flow of energy through your body and circulatory system. It also unblocks obstacles throughout your life to facilitate growth in business, life and health.


Edgar Cayce mentioned Lapis more than any other stone in his reading. It is very connected to Egypt and was buried with the dead. It is wonderful for tapping into higher vibrations so that you can resolve issues from your many lifetimes. It is also helpful to purify the body and open all of the chakras.

 Quantum Crystal Intention

“I place my intention that you hold the highest vibration in order to raise and maintain the best expression of my highest frequencies. Support my frequencies for  radiant health, wellbeing, physical vitality and a bright light of spiritual wellness. Support my mind, body and soul to be open to receive  the highest vibration. Help me to maintain these vibrations for the highest good of my self and others.”

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