A person who has been through a major spiritual awakening sees the world different. We can learn a lot from this perspective to help us see through the blanket of mist that obscures us from seeing this higher view of the world.  The word Guru means “dispeller of darkness”. We seek Guru’s as they have a refreshing, yet sometimes misunderstood perception of the world. They are valuable to others as through their extraordinary experiences we can find ourselves too.

Here are some fundamental tips to help you evaluate if you have reached Guru status: 

1.)  A Guru does not seek praise.

This is a disease of the ego and to be spiritually awake means that the ego is in check and we have overcome the need for approval or admiration. We simply feel complete, there is no lacking and we know that we have contributed to the world in the best way possible and that is enough. Filling gaps with praise or approval we are not whole. A Guru is motivated by compassion, not because of gaining something from our efforts but because of wanting the highest good for all.

2.)  A Guru does not defend.

Defending yourself means that your limiting beliefs are creating separation. A Guru realizes that everything that is spewed from another persons mouth is simply the outcome of being seeped in their culture and conditioning. The Guru realizes that there is absolutely no way to possibly understand deeply what another person is saying and feeling as often they are only speaking from an underlying wound that has not healed. Trying to defend their wound is like fighting in the dark without a weapon, futile. It is best to honor others and their points of view with only the emotion of compassion.

3.) A Guru sees everything as equal.

A Guru does not see rich or poor, black or white or social injustice instead everyone is on a journey and it is their path and karma to manage. A guru doesn’t fix anyone and honors challenges and sees them as learning. The Guru knows that the more devastating the journey, the more enlightened we become.

4.) A Guru has no beliefs.

Beliefs originate from conditioning and illusion and create separation. We are all guilty of this with religion, sports teams and political parties. We create these groups, take sides and then it becomes a part of our identity. We then start to embody these ideals and then snap out at others in defense of our perception of everything. This is the playing field of the ego where we reduce others for their beliefs and build tribes of those who agree with us. The way out of this is to become every religion, every political party and every sports team and unite yourself in the collective. Tapping in to this theory you can then resonate your vibration in the field and support others who are stuck in separation.

5.) A Guru resonates in the truth and not the illusion.

Most of us live in a grand illusion, we take expectations beyond reality and then we crash in disappointment. This is illustrated when two people look at the same situation and they both have a different view of it, what is really the truth? Can you find it? Most of the time our ego finds the truth when it decides that we are right and someone else is wrong. We then argue our truths, belittling others because we do not live a life of compassion. But our misperceptions are not the truth, the real truth means going in and arriving at “it is what it is”.

6.) A Guru does not impose personal views on others.

The definition of judgement is “the ability to make considered decisions to come to sensible conclusions” but how many of us are good at judging? Mostly we judge from the ego, “you should…if you would have….you better….I think….and then you get to the point where anyone who doesn’t think like you is stupid, ignorant and deplorable. These are all personal, there is no consideration here. A Guru will be more concerned about the feelings of another person to understand the underlying cause of their point of view, often based on the pain associated with mental or physical suffering.

7.) A Guru sees his career as being a life long teacher

The Guru shows up in the world with the knowing that everyone they meet is going to teach them something. Even if the Guru shows up as a cranky cantankerous human being, there is a lesson in that somewhere. When a Guru meets another person, there is certainty that person is mirroring something inside of the Guru for reflection. Everyone we meet is a teacher and we are teachers too.

8.) A Guru knows we can heal ourselves.

The Guru knows that all disease is caused by emotional mismanagement and your environment. If you want to heal yourself you must take control of the mind and leave any situation or environ that is creating disease. A Guru will battle the mind into submission so that it is at the service of healing. This will create a connection to your future self which sees itself in perfection and the cellular environment will rush to mirror this and you will heal.

9.) A Guru is the master of emotional management

One of the great challenges of the Guru are emotions, the random emergence of the past. A Guru does not live in the past or the future so any present response is measured and of an observatory nature. The Guru simply takes note of an emotion and then allows it to move along. There is no storing or accumulation of the emotion. Doing so, would create drama and a Guru is not about drama.

10.) The Guru has surrendered

Probably the last step to enlightenment is surrender where we stop resisting and all judging and negativity dissolves. You simply are in a state of being. Here you arrive at stillness and peace. There is no word in our vocabulary for this state. Some people say it is when you have found God, but that is not the truth because God has always been there for you. Here is the place where the worst thing can be the best thing to happen to you. This is the fork in the road, will you choose suffering? or will you surrender and go with the flow? The Guru has chosen surrender and flow. At the point of surrender you have forgiven, there is nothing and no one left to forgive. This is peace and peace feels good.


The stone I recommend for getting your Guru on is Kyanite. Kyanite is excellent to meditate with and is a transmitter and tuner into higher frequencies. These are the frequencies of a Guru. Kyanite never needs cleaning because it does not store negativity. It is associated with the throat chakra and the bringer of truth, cutting through the mist of expectations, illusion and altered realities. It helps to balance out your past and accept the journey in the present moment. It is also a great stone for healing the adrenal system which keeps you out of the flow and roaring through life in fear. It lightens the load and will help you to take weight off of your shoulders and your hips. Here is a wonderful selection of Kyanite you can purchase.