A concierge to the spiritual world

For most of my life, I was a skeptic of the unordinary world, which closed my mind to a world of possibilities. If it did not fit into my tidy box of reality, it was trashed. I always questioned the motive of someone who claimed they were “gifted” or could “see” into my past, present or future. The image of a woman with a turban and a crystal ball behind a velvet curtain came to mind.

All my skepticism came to a grinding halt when I realized that I could communicate with the spirit world after a dramatic transformational experience that catapulted me into the unseen world. My mentor, a psychic medium of three generations said that I possessed extraordinary gifts that are typical of shamans. At the time, I was honestly more relieved knowing that instead of being delusional I was gifted yet another part of me was desperate to be normal. I did my best to hide my realization so as not to tinge my precious reputation as a successful socialite and entrepreneur. I believed that people like what I was becoming could not possibly belong in a left brained, socially graced setting. Grateful now, there is no going back to the person I had been. Day after day I am amazed at my ability to tap into an energetic blueprint of others and help them through their life journey.

There are usually three avenues to becoming a concierge to the spirit world

1.) Many have skilled their craft through a generational inheritance. This occurs because a child is taught that they live in a multidimensional universe and then grow up with a perception of the world with an expanded view. With the fine tuning of their senses and proper guidance from other “intuitives” in the family, they can embrace these talents throughout their lifetime. Many children who are sensitive will have these gifts as it is an essential ingredient of the craft.

2.) Another person may walk into this path through a dramatic spiritual awakening. This normally occurs when a child has not been able to realize its true potential due to the lack of awareness of their family members. Years later an event or experience can catapult them into the unseen world. This is normally because cultural conditioning has limited them. Most never intend to walk in the world this way but when it occurs it can cause chaos. Having a good mentor and framework of understanding can make the difference of organizing themselves into a practice to work with others. This is the way that I received my gifts.

3.) Lastly, there are others who feel that they have certain skills and they choose to study with other psychics or teachers. There is now a multitude of courses one can take to fine tune your intuitive skills so many seek this route of learning through seminars and classes. I believe it can be taught but the most gifted are those who have it emerge from within.

To share information from the spirit world with another person is not for the faint at heart. It requires you to feel and hear all the senses surrounding the life of the person you are reading. The art is to channel the information through your own senses from a non-ordinary reality and express the meaning accurately and appropriately so that the person receives it in the way in which it was intended by the spirit world. It requires someone with unshakable integrity who works the craft daily with efficiency and skill. It is kind of like golf, you really need to play several rounds a week and take lessons regularly to have a good game. Not every shot you take is perfect, it can veer right or left but if someone is a good intuitive they are accurate most of the time.

Although spiritual counselors are not licensed they can be extremely helpful. Many times, they can pinpoint through laser intuition where problems are stored and what past issues may be detrimental and energetically lingering. Another area they are helpful is through grief counseling.  Bridging the gap with loved ones who are now on the “other side” can be very healing by reaching closure for those who are still here.

Many wonder where the information comes from and my experience is that everyone who comes to earth, comes with a matrix or template of their personal consciousness. This survives our many lifetimes and we simply take on a different personality in each new life which is based on the influence of the world around us. What an intuitive does is access a field of possibilities that is stored on a record of the journey of each of our souls. This insight can find ways to break barriers to our next steps and pinpoint areas where our energetic body is feeling stuck and not on track.

As our culture opens more to conversations about death and day by day miracles of after-life experiences abound, it is a topic that is gaining interest and insight. Reading the stories of people who walk on both sides of the veil are intriguing and will certainly have you jumping out of your box of beliefs and expanding your mind and your own journey as well. The best way to know if the person you are going to consult with has taken the deep and engaging steps into a connection with the spirit world is to read their book. Here is the link to my recently released memoir Lori: The Disintegration of my Ordinary Reality. 

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