There are thousands of sacred places on our planet. Our heart is always drawn to these places which is why millions of people venture out to visit. Take a tour with me to some of the more significant places and learn why they are so powerful and attract so many of us for learning, love and high vibrations.


Chartres, France – May 22, 2017: View South side of Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Our first stop is Chartres Cathedral in France. Chartres is probably one of the most mysterious of all cathedrals. The ground below Chartres is an ancient, pre christian pagan mound with a grotto called the pregnant virgin. First, a Roman temple replaced the druid temple that was built on the site. Later, it has become a special place for worshipping Mary. It is constructed with the basics of geometry like a mandala and represents the nine gates of the human body. This is why it is believed that nine knights were involved in its design. There is much legend and mystery as it is believed that these knights were the knights templar that brought the lost language and the treasures of Solomon and hid them in the crypts of the cathedral. Some say that the Ark of the covenant may also be there. In addition, it is believed that the veil that Mary wore when she gave birth to Christ is there, other says it is the veil of Mary Magdalene. There is a window there that depicts the life of Mary Magdalene. It doesn’t surprise me the connection of Mary Magdalene as a waterbearer for her symbolism often is her carrying a jar. Water is the sign of Aquarius and now as we enter the Age of Aquarius there is a new role emerging of the role of women to be seen as equal under the eyes of God. Another important feature of Chartres is the rose window and the labyrinth which are on the floor protecting the sacred space of the altar. There is one path to the center of the labyrinth and the center itself is a 6 petaled flower that may conceal the star of david. Walking the labyrinth enhances the possibility of feeling the powerful earth energies which have contributed to making Chartres a sacred site throughout the centuries. It allows us to connect to a universal archetype of the divine feminine in our own individual way.


St Michaels Tower atop Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Our next stop is Glastonbury Tor, the place where it is believed that King Arthur and the Celtic Gods of the Underworld are buried. This is the place all the myths of fairies and spirits come from. This hill or Tor when viewed from above resembles a vulva so it is an icon of the feminine. Centuries ago it is believed that it was surrounded by water and was named the Isle of apples, notable in the legends of Avalon. There is a winding walk to the top on paths that form seven terraces. The spiritual explanation is that it represents the seven levels of ascent. Pilgrims climb the spiral path of the Tor as a physical and spiritual journey.

From the Tor we turn to the Glastonbury Zodiac, a place where the seen and unseen world meet. An astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I was the first person to propose that the zodiac occupies this sacred area. Later in 1929 a woman named Katherine Maltwood revealed that the outlines of the characters of the zodiac were traceable in a radius around the town. The shape of Leo was the first one that she noticed. Through aerial photographs much of this was verified.


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Hindu temple on Bratan lake, Bali, Indonesia

On to the mysteries of the Hindu Temples where the core of a Hindu temple is like a womb or inner sanctuary that holds the God to which the temple is dedicated. There is usually space for visitors to walk clockwise around following the path of the son. The vimana is the main tower that is highly decorated and with many steps to symbolize steps to heaven. The steps often portray stories of Gods. This represents death and rebirth and the soul that reaches the top of the tower to rendezvous with the collective consciousness. Hindu temples are very much alive and bustling at any time of day or night as people bring their puja. These might be malas of beads, garlands of flower, ghee, fruits, rice and lots and lots of incense. There is normally a thriving market where you can buy these things and on the outside piles of shoes. Wearing shoes is an act of disrespect. The entrance portrays the division between the ordinary world and the sacred world.


Authentic modern and traditional senior navajo woman portrait posing outside a real native american residential structure hogan

In the American southwest the Hogan is a traditional dwelling of the Navajo people of the U.S. These are constructed of timber and earth and is built to replicate the home that the coyote and beaver gods, made for the first man and woman. The hogan is the cosmos and a very straightforward version of the cosmos. The doorway faces east a place to welcome the morning sun and receive its blessings. This is the entrance that birds and bees prefer. It has a central hearth and the southern half of the room is male within the north that is female. To build the hogan there is a forked female log that is placed toward the north with a straight male log pointing towards the south resting in the cleft. These represent the bond between male and female. A third forked log is placed in the west to balance the energy of the home, the rest of the house is made with wood and other earthly materials. Crystals and other gemstones are hidden in the wood and then it is covered in mud. A great ceremony is held as pilgrims walk around the Hogan to honor the path of the sun.

The medicine wheel is like an earthly mandala. This symbolism is similar to Stonehenge or the Bighorn Medicine Wheel at Medicine Mountain where hundreds of cermonies were performed by many indigenous tribes. There are 28 spokes made by half buried rocks that come from a hollow center. Each spoke is 36 feet long and 245 feet in circumference. Around the hollow center are 6 stones. Like Stonehenge the stones align to the sun and the moon and the solstices. The 28 spokes represent the days of the lunar cycle. Others reprsent celestial bodies like Sirius and others. The circle is a meaning of no beginning and no end. Tipis are also constructed to reflect the cosmos, with their three poles that become a tripod. The three together represent man woman and the Great spirit.


The Spider figure as seen in the Nasca Lines, Nazca, Peru

One of the greatest mysteries is the Nazca Lines located in the desert near Nazca Peru located on a plateau between the Andes and the Pacific ocean in one of the driest places on our planet. Scattered over 200 square miles are 100 massive animal shapes. These shapes are so massive that only from the sky they can be observed. Since there is little rain, they are in fairly good shape and were created by scraping away the topsoil. Most of the lines are in excess of five miles long. There are geometric patterns, a snake, flowers, a lizard, a spider and several birds and the famous God Huitzilopochtli depicted as a Hummingbird. There is no knowledge that explains why these drawings are there. Most say that is was an active area for the landing of UFo’s or to please the Gods above.


Machu Picchu, the citadel of the Inca Empire.

Visiting Machu Picchu you will feel a heightened sensitivity to energy. It is an energy vortex center and being there will calibrate you to the surrounding energies. It resonates with all of your chakras. There is a lot of quartz rock and we all know that quartz is a natural healing crystal used in holistic health. Quartz helps to harmonize and balance our own natural frequencies. In Machu Picchu you will find the Saywa stone which every winter and summer solstice shines directly over the monument at noon. Shamans say that if you put your forehead on the stone you will become enlightened.


Close-up view of ancient stones during sunset at UNESCO World Heritage Site at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK.

Stonehenge is another impressive site near Salisbury England. It was built between 3000 and 2100 BC. It was constructed by stone from Wales which is over 600 miles away. It is a popular place to visit during the solstice when the heel stone of the circle aligns with the rising sun that comes ups over the horizon.


Boudhanath Stupa and prayer flags in Kathmandu, Nepal. Buddhist stupa of Boudha Stupa is one of the largest stupas in the world

I feel blessed to live in a community that has a Stupa here in Sedona. These beautifully constructed forms are loaded with symbolic meanings and jewels and their shape is meant to be the mind of the Buddha. The sanskrit name for Stupa is “heap” which is a the word that describes a mound of earth. The Stupa is what was designed to cover the relics of the Buddha whose ashes were divided into eight parts. The urn and embers make up the number of the original ten stupas. Later they were opened and the contents were distributed among thousands of other stupas that were built by Emperor Ashoka. These structures grew more and more elaborate and the symbolism became more and more complex , a far cry from the original mounds. A stupas is meticulously constructed and carefully planned. In every Stupa there is generally soil from the eight places where Buddha’s ashes were buried as well as other relics of the Buddha’s religious texts and other deities. A Stupa is meant to be the physical form of the buddha. Pilgrims walk around the Stupa in a clockwise fashion, the path of the sun, which is like winding a clock that is meant to spiral energy into the sky. The interior and the exterior are very decorated with minerals and metals and if you see a Stupa from above it is like a mandala.

So why are these and so many other places so sacred.

The Phi Ratio

1.) Many of the structures have the proportion of the phi ratio or golden mean built into them. The builders carefully measured every single distance to match the ratio. Classical architectures such as the Japanese pagoda and the Greek Parthenon embody the same mathematics. Even the Great pyramid in Egypt have the same ratios.

2.) Ley Lines

Back in the 60’s the American and Russian government realized that there were electromagnetic fields that stretched out in a grid fashion around the world. When you lay out the grid and superimpose the military bases of the world you will find that they are almost always located on the nodal points of the grid. Is that a coincidence? The entire Giza complex is derived from this standard. Although the structures are up to a mile away from each other they are in perfect alignment. It is believed that from Giza the mapping was done to see where the two energy lines intersected all over the world on over 83,000 places on the earth’s surface. So, the location of sacred sites is no accident.

The Giza plateau is like the North pole of the unity consciousness grid. The South pole is on a little island called Moorea which is shaped like a heart. All of the houses on Moorea have a heart with their house number on it. If you dig a hole in Moorea you will end up in Egypt.

Another revelation came from an astrologer that realized that one of the nodes lined up with the four corner region of the United States where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet so it is believed there may be an Egyptian influence in the Southwest. There is a story that there is a mountain inside the Grand Canyon that is called the Temple of Isis. There is even an old article in a Arizona newspaper about this. It is said that there are Egyptian mummies and hieroglyphics inside the mountain. There were pictures taken of people taking the mummies out by the Smithsonian Institute but no word of the findings have every been revealed to the public. This area is now closed off to visitors. It is very remote and only accessible by skilled mountain climbers.

So where these Ley Lines intersect it is believed that there are high points of electromagnetic energy. This is the grid that moves energy around the world. So, guess where some of the most sacred temples and monuments are built? On these nodes. The Pyramids, Machu picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat to mention a few. It is clear that ancient civilizations understood lay lines. In China they are known as dragon lines, shamans in Latin America call them spirit lines and the Aboriginals call them dream lines. In the West they are called ley lines. Where they meet is perfectly aligned with astrological constellations. These nodes are like the chakras of Mother Earth and the ley lines are the currents.  It is no wonder that birds migrate and flock along these lines.

It is believed that Mother Earth has many of her own “chakras”. These are the major Chakras of Gaia:

Root Chakra

Mount Shasta, California, USA

Mt. Shasta is a beautiful mountain in Northern California that is part of the Cascade Mountain range which starts in Northern California and runs up to Canada. It is believed to be the most super charged mountains of the group. It is believed that it is the base or root chakra of the earth’s energy system.

Sacral Chakra

Lake Titicaca, Peru-Boliva, South America

Lake Titicaca is the geometrical center of the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth. The surrounding area of Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Iquitos are have very high energy. There are two Ley lines that intersect at Lake Titicaca. One is the Male Dragon Ley Line which runs from Mt. Shasta to Lake Titicaca and the Female Dragon Ley line.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Uluru- Kata Tijuta, Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru and an area called Kata Tjuta in Australia is believed to be the Solar Plexus chakra of the earth. This is a very sacred area for the native Aboriginals today. The Female Dragon Ley Line runs through both Lake Titicaca and Uluru.

Heart Chakra

Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Somerset, Shaftesbury and Dorset all form the heart chakra of Mother Earth. Stonehenge is constructed at the strongest point of all of this energy. The Female Dragon Ley Line connects Uluru to Stonehenge.

Throat Chakra

The Great Pyramid, Jerusalem, Mt. Sinai and Mt. Olives (Middle East)

The throat chakra is the area of the Great Pyramid, Mt Sinai and the Mount of Olives which is located in Jerusalem. It is one of the largest energy centers of Mother Earth.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye chakra moves every 150-200 years due to the movement of the Earth’s axis. Many believe that in 2012 when we shifted into the Age of Aquarius, it is now located near Stonehenge. When we shift again, it will supposedly move to Brazil.

Crown Chakra

Mt. Kailas (Himalayan Mountains) Tibet

Mt. Kailas is located in Tibet and is considered to be the most sacred mountain of the Himalayas. It is considered the Crown Chakra of Mother Earth and is believed to be connected to the Scorpio Full Moon. Many of the locals harness the energy of Mt. Kailas on the night of the Scorpio Full Moon in April or May. 

Although these chakras have very high energy there are many other “nodes” with high energy vortexes such as:

The Bermuda Triangle

Karachi, Pakistan

Devil’s Sea Triangle in Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

Maui, Hawaii

Sedona, Arizona

Lake Louise, Canada

Findhorn, Scotland

Kiev, Ukraine

Bali, Indonesia

Easter Island,

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sarawak, Borneo

Gabon West Africa

Capetown, Africa

Lake Taupo, New Zealand Bermuda Triangle

Karachi, Pakistan

Devil’s Sea Triangle (Japan)

Mount Fuji, Japan

Maui, Hawaii

Sedona, Arizona

Lake Louise, Canada

Findhorn, Scotland

Kiev, Ukraine

Bali, Indonesia

Easter Island

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sarawak, Borneo

Gabon (West Africa)

Capetown, South Africa

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

In Sedona where I live it has a very unique location on the grid. It is the only place that contains 15 vortices within a 5 mile area. A vortex is when the energy is highly concentrated and therefore forms a receiving station of energy resembling a whirlpool. They are like the acupuncture points of Mother earth. Sedona is connected to other important spiritual pathways and linked to Chaco Canyon, Cuzco in Peru, Glastonbury England. In Sedona, you can easily slip into other dimensions in certain areas and even connect to other areas such at the Glastonbury Tor Hill, which was mentioned above.

Sacred sites can also be defined by the consistency of the rocks which depending on the minerals will help to magnify properties that can be healing in our own internal grid system or chakras.

Cathedral Rocks at Sunset with rising moon in Sedona Arizona USA.

In addition to “nodes” there are also entrances into the inner earth that are sacred places. These entrances were built when the Lemurian and Atlantean peoples relocated to the hollow earth where they built crystal caves and cities.

They exist all over the world.

Cenote Ik Kil in the Yucatan of Mexico is a huge limestone hole that has collapsed and sunk, creating a large body of water, now used as a swimming hole.

The Hopi are said to be descended from the Lemurians. Their legends speak of them coming to the area of Arizona “in bamboo rafts until coming to a wall of steep mountains which they climbed; as they looked back they could see the islands sinking behind them.” When people meditate on the memories of Lemuria at these vortex spots, many will have visions of crystals and even perhaps a life in Lemuria or as indigenous peoples. I have personally seen in my visions large geometric crystals in this area in other dimensions. Where Sedona is now, there was a beautiful Lemurian city.