Today I am going to talk about crystals and the important role they play in our lives. You are reading this article because of a vast computer system all powered by crystals that manipulates and transforms knowledge. Our world is what it is because of crystals. The earth’s minerals have been the source of many helpful inventions. The first laser ever developed had a ruby as one of its key components, imagine the shift in the way surgery is done because of lasers and the multitude of other uses for them. Neuroscientists use crystals to understand our memories and how they are stored in the brain and an entire movie has been stored in a crystal. It has been discovered that thousands of images can fit into one simple crystal. We are also just learning about niobate crystals that are said to have the capacity to store all the social security information and the entire content of all of our libraries in the United States combined. The potential for crystals is enormous.

When we take a look back in time we will find that the ancient peoples also knew of the importance of crystals. Interestingly, an ancient battery was found in Iraq, powered by crystals, the Mayans held their history recorded in crystal skulls, from an ancient shipwreck a computer like device was found. The story of Atlantis which is believed to have existed from 150,000 BC to 10,000 BC is all about the use of crystals. Atlantis was also credited with the origin of using flowers and crystals together for healing, most probably the first remedies of homeopathy came from Atlantis. Much of the approach to healing was by using crystals and more specifically clear quartz.

Many channelers have seen visions of Atlantis where there are flying vehicles that are powered by a distant energy source that are called firestones. These are crystal structures that transmuted the sun’s energy into power. This concept makes sense even today as our calculators and watches are powered by the sun. It is also believed that those in Atlantis would actually grow crystals to meet the specifications of size and quality that they needed. Atlanteans used the sun to power their aircraft and communications with liquid crystals. They would also use crystal elixirs that fused nature with sunlight for therapies. Sunlight would pass through crystals for color therapies and energetic laser surgeries. Healers would work on the higher bodies not the physical body. Healing rooms were temples that were constructed of a type of crystal and laid out so the rays of color healing would be directed into the body. Often the priests would look to the akashic records for clues as to how to heal someone. They believed that healing someone is not just about one lifetime but many and this is often where they would find the true cause of disease.

Atlantis unfortunately succumbed to division and split into two forces, those that lived according to the law of one which is based on the lifting up of others, helping them to maintain a cosmic balance. And others that were only focused on power and materialism and immediate gratification. When the crystals were used for power and controlling others many left and went to Egypt, others to the Yucatan and Peru taking the recorded history with them. It is believed that this information is guarded in the pyramids and structures of these sacred places.

Crystals have the most orderly structure in nature and they respond very well to heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity and thought forms which all cause them to oscillate and create a vibrational frequency. They receive, reflect, retract, magnify, amplify, focus, transmute, transfer, transform, store, stabilize, balance and transmit. Before all of that, a crystal is neutral. When the human mind enters into a relationship with the crystal it can emit a vibration which amplifies the power of the human mind. With a properly cut crystal healers are able to remove thought forms that are sources of disease and like a laser cut away buried emotions that will then allow the physical body to return to a positive state of being. The natural energies come through the healer who is then capable of directing them through the crystal into the body the same way a laser works. Forcing the energy of love and compassion brings the surrounding energy into a forceful pattern that amplifies the opportunity for healing. Many native peoples throughout the world have used quartz crystals to heal others.

The other wonderful thing about quartz crystals is its intelligence to know where healing is needed. By placing the crystal into the palm, the hand chakra allows the energies from the healer to pass through the crystal into the area of the body that most needs support. They can also be used to rebalance and cleanse blocked chakras. To clear a chakra a crystal can be laid on the chakra center and with intention from the healer the chakra can be unblocked. Most healers will pull in white light that is then diffused through the crystal into the colors of the chakras. This process can be enhanced by chanting such as OM or with a sound meditation CD such as The Tree of Life.

Although physical efforts can be helpful, as I mentioned earlier, the etheric body holds most of the issues therefore most healing efforts should be directed there first as illness is preceded by dysfunctional emotional patterns that eventually transform into problems in the physical. When there is correction in the etheric field by crystals the dysfunction resets so that tissues can balance their growth and pain can be relieved. Thoughts create emotions which are energy and can be stored for a long time in the bodies of sick individuals who have not addressed things over a long period of time. The stronger the thought, the more energy enters the body so controlling thoughts, minimizing emotions coupled with crystal healing can be a very helpful modality. With scalar energy processes, there is now a technology that takes a multidimensional approach to therapy that identifies everything that is on the field. Like a high tech shaman that can then identify the perfect remedies and strategies that can be developed to alleviate stress and help the patient to cope.

Crystals can also be used for long distance healing whereby the healer holds the crystal in their hand and enters a thought to someone who needs healing. The healer can program the crystal to see the patient with vitality and wholeness, the crystal amplifies it and with intention it goes to the patient. Since crystals are thought energy amplifiers these energized thoughts are broadcast with the pattern of energy that is needed. Within minutes or hours, depending on the type of crystal healing energy is transported. The clearer the thought and the more present the person is, the stronger the transmission. For the crystal to be most effective it should be cleared first of old vibrational energies so that it functions without errors because of old programming.

Old methods of clearing crystals included placing them in the sun for several days, packing it is sea salt or burying them, or placing them in salt water or running streams of water over them for a few days. One of the fastest ways is to place them in distilled water with a flower essence, reminding them of their connection to nature. This process demagnetizes the crystal and keeps them potent.

Without healers crystals can still be great performers. They are natural purifiers of energy as they can absorb negativity and then transform it into positive energies. Just by being in their proximity they can heal with the forces of nature. They can remove pain, elevate your vibration, give you clarity and help you to be less emotionally reactive.

Between the circulatory system and the nervous system there is an electromagnetic current. These two systems have a lot to do with the physical aspects of life force. They also have quartz-like properties, the red and white bloods cells are like quartz and the nervous system is the electromagnetic current. The two together stimulate the body. Other quartz structures in the body are cell salts, fatty tissues, the lymph system and the pineal gland. These are the areas most receptive to tuning and vibrational remedies especially flower essences and crystals. These structures can be especially enhanced by the assimilation of energies, like relay towers that help in penetrating the human body, equally balancing the energies and frequencies that help to discharge toxic thoughts and waste, sound waves also support the movement through the body. We are like living crystal structures as many aspects of our energy system have the same properties of a crystal.

Another way to get crystal energy into the body is through crystal elixirs. By immersing a crystal into water and adding sunlight and then drinking it, the energy imprint of the crystal can be transferred into the body, this is especially true for the the pineal gland through the spinal cord which are the components of kundalini. It is important to separate your crystals for different purposes, crystal for meditation should not be used for healing. You should also not share your crystals with anyone as a crystal starts to be aligned with its owner. Allowing others to hold your crystals is also not a good idea as they can become imprinted with unintended thoughts and energies.

In meditation hold the crystal in your left hand which is connected to the right brain, a better conduit to the higher self. the Right brain is a better connection to the pineal gland. Your right brain is also better for visualization practices. You can also hold a quartz crystal in each hand. The stone in the right hand should point away from the body and the crystal in the left hand should point toward the body, this will align with the natural circuits which take energy into the left hand and out the right. There are also grids that can be designed but I will deal with this topic in another session.

Crystal Elixirs:

Esoteric texts talk about the charging of water with crystals. This is done by placing a crystal in water and putting it in the morning sun to nurture the liquid. The solar energies have their strongest potential in the early hours of the day to help charge the vibrational characteristics of the water. This elixir can then be ingested. These energies when entering the body are assimilated into the nervous system and bloodstream and then into the bodies meridians (acupuncture points) and chakras. This has a very similar effect as flower essences. Crystals will affect specific organs in the body different from homeopathic remedies that that affect the whole body. Crystals work with the bodies crystalline structure to get the vibration into the body. The added benefit is they also enter the higher spiritual body. The geometry of a crystal and its specific frequency is what is transferred into the water and this is a stabilizer of the physical. Their specific patterns are what are transferred into the organs to organize the cells and shift things toward a healthy body. They also help at the spiritual level since they affect the subtle body as well and can modify behaviors through inner work. They are like tinctures of liquid consciousness that carry the life force and can inspire change.

There is one particular crystal that combines human technology and nature and that is the vogel crystal which is a crystal that is carefully cut to the standards of Marcel Vogel who was a research scientist with IBM for many years and holds several patents. He spent a large part of his life exploring the powers of quartz crystals. The vogel crystal is cut with a specific intention and is doubly terminated and polished. The receptive end forms a very precise angle which is the same as the great pyramid in Egypt. The crystal has four or more facets. The male end of the crystal has a more acute angle than the female side. It is designed for the energy to enter into the female side and leave through the male side after it the thought or energy is amplified. Vogel crystals are all about the way the crystal is cut and how many facets they have. Here are the three websites I recommend to find out more and to buy authentic Vogel crystals. They are not inexpensive and cost between $500 and $5000.,
(Drew Tousley worked with Marcel Vogel).

This now brings me to healing wands. Wands are for targeting the movement of energy in the body. It can open blocked areas and allow energies to be released. To remove pain you can focus your energy on the crystal and then place it on the area of pain with the intention of moving painful energy out. Think of the pointed end as a laser. Lemurian quartz have a very good healing component because of the special way that they are designed by nature. They are natural and not shaped. Double terminated crystals can be used for moving energy in and out.

Another process is when clear quartz clusters are treated in a high temperature oven with pressure and by adding a metallic element on the surface of the crystal. This is a way to get color into the crystal. Here is an example of Purple Quartz Cluster which is made by adding manganese to the crystal.

Manganese is an essential nutrient that your body stores in your kidneys, liver, pancreas and bones. It helps with bone health and reduces spinal bone loss in older women, it is a strong antioxidant reducing the susceptibility to disease, reduces inflammation and pain, helps to regulate sugar levels in the body by supporting the pancreas, reduces epileptic seizures, increases metabolism, reduces symptoms of PMS, protects your brain and increases its function, supports the thyroid, builds collagen which helps with healing skin cells. You can find some amazing specimens here.

The science of crystals is ancient and a brilliant way to find a real magical way to heal yourself. Many people and scientists claim that crystals do not possess any health properties but the human mind is very powerful and no one understands it either.