When I moved to El Salvador in 1987, shortly after my arrival my husband took me to visit his coffee farm way up in the lush mountains surrounded by volcanoes. I was thrilled with the views and the beauty of the red coffee berries dripping from the branches. I wanted to build a little cabin there the moment I saw the place. I was told that the problem would be water at those altitudes, we would have to hire an expert to dowse for water on the property to see if there was any possibility. That was the first time that I learned of the modern reliance on this old method of dowsing. In the indigenous communities it was 100% authentic and confiable and was still being used even to this day. We did find water but the dowsing showed that the quantity would not be sufficient to warrant the investment. All this information with a stick from a branch.

After a major spiritual awakening in 2010 I was able to realize the potential and the force of the energy around me. My third eye and crown chakra was blasted open and energy started shooting through me. What was most interesting was that the energy would surge when there were affirmatives and it would linger on negatives. I realized after several years that I was like a pendulum, able to transmit this divine knowledge but through my body. Tapping into this I was amazingly accurate with my intuition.

There has been alot of scientific investigation of these methods and remarkably the accuracy rate is 90%, probably a lot cheaper than drilling for water. I also met a woman who had amazing psychic abilities who was even hired by major oil companies and was sent to west texas to lie on the ground to feel the energy and recommend where to drill, she was 100% accurate. I love the old ways, they are often so simple and so powerful and yet we as humans have complicated everything with our overdose of trying to explain the unexplainable and missing the power that exists. Pendulums have been tested in laboratory settings and the results are mixed as it is believed that the ego enters the formula trying to be right instead of allowing the information to freely flow into the answer.

So how does it work?

The best explanation is that a pendulum is a tool to generate movement from the unconscious part of ourselves in order to communicate. It is the ability to tap into the energies of higher knowledge and vibration and receive messages from our spiritual guides. It is an identifier of energies that are unseen. When a person is in a heightened state of being is can be used to ask questions in order to receive divine guidance, awareness and understanding of the unknown. A pendulum is like a conduit for information to be transmitted from other dimensions through a human being.

How to choose the right pendulum?

Crystal Pendulums: I like to choose pendulums made of crystals that are known for their excellent qualities of divination. These would be crystals that are associated with the third eye. Amethyst is a well known stone for divination as well as electric blue obsidian, iolite, siberian blue quartz and blue tourmaline.

Metal Pendulums and Dowsing Rods: I also like copper for its highly conductive qualities making it easy to respond to external energies. Another type that I like alot is what I call the “pocket pendulum” that has a short chain and is my work horse made of stainless steel and is very easy to master and can be easier to use on the body and on charts. If you are interested in obtaining one, send me an email to lori@lorimorrison and I will be happy to send you one.

Lori Morrison - Stainless Steel PendulumThe cost is $20.00 plus shipping.

The other option for the outdoors are dowsing rods which can be helpful to detect energies around the home and garden. These can be very useful in detecting areas of high geopathic stress and to determine the ingress of energies that need to be minimized for overload.

How to use your pendulum:

1.) Clear it with sage or palo santo. I use a special spray that I buy from Full Moon Farms which is Palo Santo. You can place it on a bed of sea salt to draw out negative energies or place it in hot water with salt. Be sure and check if it is a crystal that it can be exposed to water and salt. You can go to the GIA website to determine the care of any crystal. You can also just with intention clear a pendulum holding it in your hand with purpose. I will also give them a moon bath on a full moon or keep them close to the window to get some sunshine.  Clearing a pendulum is very similar to clearing crystals.

2.) Program your pendulum so that you know how it is going to react to the questions that you ask. Hold the pendulum by the end of the chain, trying not to move your arm too much.  Ask the divine energy to show you a YES. You can also ask a question that you know to be true, Is my name ____?. The pendulum will then swing in a certain direction up or down or clockwise. Next ask it to show you a NO answer, it will then normally swing the other direction. Lastly, ask it to show you an undecided answer and it will swing in a manner different from the previous two. Now you and the pendulum are on the same page.

3.) Take the time to build a relationship with your pendulum, it is part of your team and needs to be connected to you. Use your pendulum only when you are at a high vibrational state of being. Not when you are tired or cranky. It is also personal to you so do not share with others. If you do not ask permission there are no guarantees that  you are correct. You should also be certain that the area in which you are using the pendulum is not a high frequency area as it can throw off the results. Talk to your pendulum like it is a person, this will help to direct the energies to the pendulum and not to you. It will also keep your mind on the action of the pendulum and not the energies.

4.) Use the pendulum ethically. Only dowse when you have the permission of another person. Many people are well protected, others are not. Always enter your dowsing state for the highest good of others, never use it for evil or selfish gain, see it as a gift from spirit that cannot be compromised by bad intentions.

5.) Learn to ask the best and most appropriate questions so that the answers are confiable. It is extremely important to ask the question the right way to get the best answer. Be specific by stating questions that clearly define the time and place. For example, a bad question is will I be successful? This is way too broad as the term successful can mean a lot of things, success in what? A better question would be, within the next year, will I have an increase in disposable income giving me the opportunity to have more financial freedom? Do not be vague with your questions. It is similar to going on google, the better the keywords, the more successful the search for the answers you seek. Avoid asking questions that are for an opinion of the past present or future.

The pendulum can be a tool to identify areas of disease, illness and weakness. An experienced dowser can be highly accurate. The accuracy can often be as good or better than a doctor for a diagnosis. Dowsing can also be an insightful way to look for things that are hard to find through normal medical testing, for example parasites, bacterias, viruses, fungus and mold. We should not however rely 100% on a pendulum for our healthcare decisions though, only doctors have the legal right to diagnose or treat any ailment of illness. You can however take your intuitive ideas of what may be wrong and be professionally reviewed and tested for your suspicions. I often find that it is better to have a independent person, chime in on health matters as our body can be less objective when doing ourselves.


I am going to determine where I should go on my next vacation. First of all I am going to write down the top three things I want to have on my vacation.

1.) A relaxing place where I can recharge and not have an exhausting schedule with plenty of time for being by myself.

2.) I want a place where I can focus on my health and do some detox and cleansing.

3.) I want it to be located in a place where I have never been before, something new but it can be a country or area that I have been to.

4.) I want it to cost between $5000 and $10000 dollars and last for two weeks.

Now that I have stated my terms, I will then ask the pendulum. This is a chance to use a map of the world. Ask your pendulum to tell you which continent it would be best to go? From there you can narrow it down to the country, the state, the city and even the hotel.

Now I will see what my mother would like for Mother’s Day.

I will first identify the things that I think that my mother would like to receive:

Chocolate Frango Mints



Talbots Gift Card

Take her out to a restaurant

Now I will dowse on each of these items with the intention that I want to determine what my mother would appreciate the most. After I determine what she would most like I can then narrow it down to for example which flowers. I know she loves tulips and daffodils so I might want to be more specific to determine which ones, or maybe both.

Another use for the pendulum is to find lost keys or in my case my cell phone. Questions that you can ask the pendulum are:

Is my cell phone in the car? Is my cellphone in my garage? My house? Has someone found my cell phone?

It is also a great tool in business for hiring people, knowing the best company to contract for services, which brands to to buy, finding the best restaurant, a leak in your house, buying a car or acquiring a pet. The pendulum can be a very useful tool.

Some tips for success:

Do not attach yourself to an outcome, you should never be a part of the energies that are flowing through you. Being detached will also keep you from absorbing any undesirable energies. Do not inject your feelings into the equation. Always ask permission of your pendulum to provide answers so that you are careful not to interfere with anyone’s life lessons or possibly their karma. A good question is may I dowse for this person and will it be for their highest good? Keep an open mind and be a lifelong student of dowsing. Try to keep the personal view from entering your looking and listening, the only reason that you believe the way you do is because of the time of your birth, your ethnicity, your family, your tribe, your education, your experiences and your religion. Do not let your beliefs block you and keep you from new ideas. Lastly, try to keep your dowsing simple and enjoy going with the flow of dowsing and the advantages it can bring you.

To get in the flow you may want to invoke the violet flame:

I am the divine presence, invoking the full potential of the violet flame to transmute the core, effect, record and memory of every thought, feeling, word or action I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that reflects fear, poverty consciousness, or lack and limitation of any kind. I am invoking my I AM Divine presence to fill the void and flood the space with golden light of God’s infinite abundance where poverty consciousness and lack and limitation existed. I am invoking my Father, Mother, God, the company of heaven, the I am presence of every man woman or child on earth and the violet flame of God’s infinite perfection. On behalf of myself, humanity and all life on earth, I blaze the violet flame in, through and around every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of life that is vibrating at a frequency less that the harmony and balance of God’s perfection. Beloved divine I AM presence, look into my life and the lives of all humanity and see what yet remains to be balanced by us to any person, place condition, or thing we may have wronged at any time, in any way for any reason whatsoever. Reach your great loving hands of light into all of the positively qualified energy we have released throughout our earthly sojourns and draw forth a thousand times as much perfection as we have ever done wrong. Fashion from this substance of perfection a gift of love, whatever is necessary to balance every dept we have created which still remains unpaid to any part of our life. Beloved Divine I am, we ask you to forgive every person, place, condition or thing which may have wronged us in any way, and balance all debts owed to us by life everywhere. We accept that this activity of light has been God victoriously accomplished through the power of God, I am the divine, I am the divine, I am the divine. 

And so it is. 

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