Our past can be full of experiences and beliefs that accumulate in our body and mind dominating our thoughts and response to things. Returning to a state of wholeness requires releasing the toxic emotions that have taken up residence in our heart. Pain and suffering can remain lodged in our body for a lifetime creating a challenge in returning to wholeness. Crystals can be a brilliant helper to process emotions, stagnant memories and limited beliefs that have accumulated and now affect the integrity of your physical and non-physical body. It can be difficult to let go of our “stuff”. Hearts can carry a heavy burden and over time feeling like there is a brick on your chest. This heaviness is often the layers and layer of emotional “lasagne” that has accumulated through your lifetime. If you are weary and feel overburdened it may be time to take a concerted effort to release what no longer is serving you and step into the light of your true being.

Your emotions are held in seven different energy centers or chakras in your body. Much of what creates anxiety and fear is held in your solar plexus. It can be a place for stored memories all attributing to our reaction of the world around us. If this area is “stuck” it will inhibit the flow of energy from rising into the heart where we have the highest vibration. The best solution for release is surrender, realizing that we can control very little about our lives and that the beauty of life is accepting what you cannot change and going with the flow. Another energy center that can be stuck is the throat chakra. If you are a person that does not speak your mind and keeps everything inside your throat chakra may be compromised and will not be moving out negative energies. When energy is stuck, the issues are in the tissues and you may experience physical or mental pain. To be healthy we need to release all that is not serving our highest good.

Here are the three stones that I feel are best suited for releasing emotions.


Aquamarine is a vibrant stone with the soothing colors of blue and green. It takes its name from the ocean whose influence it embodies as well. Like waves, it helps emotions to flow in and flow out of our body. It encourages us to seek calm and learn to relax helping us on our path to surrender. It can be a helpful ally in releasing pain and creating a sense of flow so that the universal energies of love can sweep through the body replacing the density of negative emotions. It allows change and the release of ideas that keep us stuck. It has a sense of liquidity, like the ocean which seeps into our being and carries out what has been hiding below the surface of our mind. It knows what to take with it to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. When I need to move out stubborn thoughts and ideas I place an aquamarine in my water and sip away, allowing it to vibrate its soothing purpose throughout my being.


Citrine is a uplifting stone with a yellow, brown and golden tint. The lighter the citrine, the more light it brings. Citrine is about detoxing and eliminating on all levels. By releasing tensions that keep a steady grip on the emotions we store it can begin to move out energies and help to align with our original human purpose, free of conditioning. It is the key to abundance and a healthy existence. It is a belief buster destroying patterns of thought that stifle our view of possibility, bringing back to us a sense of alignment with all things. It opens pathways like the lungs and tight muscles allowing us to unwind from what we have been holding on to, often for years. It will give us a sense of calm as change takes place as trapped emotions make their way out of our body. Ride the wave of citrine energies to release trauma by drawing out the pain and start the process of 



Malachite is associated with copper and its exuberant green aligns with the colors of the heart chakra. With its copper content itis a conduit of energy, a super freeway of energy strands that can move things along with little effort. Watch as pain is removed and balance is restored by using Malachite. It holds the memory of the heartbeat of the universe so that when we are disconnected from source it will remind the heart of unconditional love and higher vibration. This rhythm will place us back into synchronicity with the heart field and nourish us in love and emotional well being. It will purge every barrier to this field and will take on any resistance to giving and receiving love. It will dive deep into the recesses where toxic emotions are held and draw them out to be released. Whatever is suppressed malachite will find and send it on its way.

Add some High Vibrations to your Energy Field