As flowers have begun to emerge from the mulch of winter there is always that sense of newness, change, rotation, new cycles. Everything changes and spring is a vibrant reminder of this potential. Every morning we wake up we chose what to wear and that choice is our first decision about the alignment we are making with ourselves and how we will step out into the world.

The universe is made up of more colors than we can even imagine or see and each one sets a tone and a vibration that will attract negative or positive energies. This is important to realize that each color carries a tone of our energy center and if we are trying to stabilize and align ourselves with cosmic energy, the color that we wear can be just as important. Our chakras are little whirlpools of energy so feeding them the right colors we can infuse balance and support the change and work we are doing to increase our vibration. Choosing the right colors strengthens the positive attributes of a person, support their acceptance and self worth.

When I spent time in the Amazon with a group of shamans I was amazed at how much importance they placed on the colors that I wore and what they allowed into the spiritual ceremonies that I participated. When I arrived with my black with black and black accessories I was immediately told to throw all the black away, including my bras and panties and to find clothing of blues, whites and yellows. I sadly watched as almost everything I owned was thrown into a dumpster. At the time I had little purpose of trying to understand the meaning behind it, but now as a highly sensitive psychic intuitive I can feel the difference and it is profound. The color black can certainly attract negative energies and repel positive energies coming your way.

Color was an important part of ancient practices and very much a part of healing. The chinese have a color for each organ and use those colors for healing. Blue is to heal the kidneys, red to heal the heart, green the liver, white the lungs and yellow the spleen. Feng Shui also prominently uses color to set mood and congruent vibrations. A new product available are mood glasses that through color, support the way you see the world.

Through what we wear though we can affect our mental and physical growth. Clothing is something that our skin in is direct contact with. Color seeps through our pores and being, infusing us with a frequency and therapeutic properties. When selecting color for moods, choosing warmer hues creates a sense of unwinding and chilling out whereas blues and violets raise energy and put you on a higher vibe.

root chakra

Root Chakra:

Red Hot, this is the life force and survival. The Chinese believe that red attracts luck and money.

sacral chakra


The Sacral Chakra:

Bright Orange, A color for connecting with others and finding a mate. It exudes a sense of sexuality and creativity giving you a boost of inspiration.

solar plexus

Solar Plexus:

Happy Yellow, a color of self confidence and a definite mood enhancer.

heart chakra

Heart Chakra:

Green, the color of the natural world, reflects peace and the ability to love and be loved. Perfect color to support and console others.

throat chakra

Throat Chakra:

Blue, the vibe of conversation, self-expression and communication. Perfect for a presentation or interview.

Third Eye

Third Eye:

Indigo the color of our imagination and inner wisdom. When it is time to make a decision cover yourself with a yummy indigo throw and ask for the answers that you seek.

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra:

Purple power, the key to higher wisdom and connection. It is the color of spirit and pulls in the cosmic connection to source.