Love is the strongest vibration in the universe, therefore it deserves our attention whether we are in a relationship, leaving one, thinking about one or wishing we never had one. Creating a heart space around us can change everything like how our kids feel, our partners respond , the level of vibration of those that come in and out of our lives and if we truly love ourselves. Romantic love is just one form of love yet often it is what we spend the most time focused on. Love flows through many things in our lives, we love our pets, our jobs our creations our families and our community and friends. For me love is required for the highest form of learning, without loving someone how would you ever learn about jealousy or control for instance? When you share with others you are willing to take leap of faith into learning about yourself. Who we attract is reflection of ourselves, in front of us others show us our own dark shadows and what we need to work on. To love ourselves we must go deep to face what we have become and forgive and foment a new self and a loving vibration from healing the heart.

When you walk in the highest version of love you see everything as beautiful as your heart is clear and without judgement. From this place you see the world through the lens of love and not anger or selfishness. The connection with others on this level creates the highest potential for elevating your heart and others to the greatest version of themselves. The gift of loving others and oneself is an act of authenticity, becoming whole hearted and fostering connection which is part of being human.

To create a health love nest you will need to ask yourself these questions to see if you are prepared for love:

What does love look like to you?

Many of us do not know what it feels like to have perfect love. Often we are raised in families that have not been the model of perfection of loving relationships and we have no idea what true love is? Many of us marry our mother or father for this very reason as their relationships become our definition of love. Step out of those boundaries and believe that love can be outside the barriers of conditioning. 

Are you willing to believe that you are perfect just the way you are and loveable?

“I will start looking for a partner after I lose weight and get a face lift”, sound familiar? One of the first ingredients for finding the perfect love is to love yourself just the way you are. There will never be the perfect time to fall in love or find it. True loves comes without conditions. 

Are you willing to take healthy risks for love?

Many are so afraid of falling in love because of past failures that they stay stuck unable to create a vision of a future love. Many ask me if there is only one soul mate and the truth is that the universe provides many choices on the planet, not just one. A heart that is willing to fall in love is willing to take a risk. Love is learning and that is why we are on the planet. Putting yourself out there can be daunting as the vulnerabilities mount but look at it as a chance for connecting, being with others without the pretense of the past and the perception of the futility of the future. 

Are you willing to allow others to be themselves and love unconditionally?

The best love is unconditional, do you trust yourself and the universe to attract what is in your highest good? A successful marriage is built on acceptance and learning. The first question you should ask when you meet someone is “what are you going to teach me”. Every soul has a built in curriculum and future loves and lost loves are our greatest teachers. 

To build a love nest here are my favorite crystals:

Green Aventurine: This crystal will help heal the heart center. It is like an elixir to relieve emotional stress and create an environment for harmony to grow. It feels crisp and fresh and a sense of new beginnings. With a toned heart center the field will flow with a soft and tender energy that reflects a caring attitude and a nourishing energy. It is like the energy needed to foment seeds of love for ourselves and others. It helps to soften the heart and being to reflect a desire to reach out and accept others in your field. It is a stone to settle the vibration of disappointment breathing new life into the heart so it is ready to love again.

Pink Tourmaline: A powerful stone for healing it is a power booster to move energy out of the heart and into the ultimate field of possibility. It contains lithium, the happy mineral which balances emotions and creates a place for being present and injecting a calm sense of ourselves into the field. It helps us to feel safe in expressing from the heart. It is a very feminine stone that represents being willing to receive and embrace others into our lives. It calms others emotions as well and can be helpful in a bedroom or a living room to insure that the energies are in harmony and the the frequency of love is ever present. It will support positive conversations and dispel judgement and anger. It is the great mediator, encouraging boundaries yet opening the hearts door to understanding. It keeps us out of expectation and moves us into compassion for others and helps us to be gentle with the hearts of others.

Ruby in Zoisite: The colors of green and red combine to bring harmony to the heart, reconciling differences and and removing obstacles for positive change. It will release the trauma of past relationships and help us to create new dreams and empower us to renew our vows to ourself and others. It encourages sexuality and passion for our partner. It knows the place of perfection and can create the frequency that supports you in getting there through good time and bad. It will heal a broken heart as it knows the way to balance and will help you to release anyone who is not aligned with your souls love nest.

Unakite: A stone for uniting, bringing together and harmonizing the energies of people. It helps to place value on the human experience and see others for their value and worth. It grounds the heart into its highest vibration so that it can be a foundation to receive. It creates a sense of unity and desire and reminds us to allow without resistance that we are ready to blend our heart energies. It keeps you in the now, knowing that you are at the perfect place to receive love at this moment. It reminds us that we can be happy again and live in harmony with others. It soothes you out of the chaos of your life and gives a sense of time and space for others to enter. Pink is representative of innocence returning to our primary instincts and green is for success and growth so the combination can open the door to possibility. It will also help you to decide who is the right person for you at the right time. After finding that special one, place Unakite in your garden as it will use its growing energies to fertilize the stagnancy in your home so that love will blossom there.

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