The Sacral Chakra:

The sacral chakra is strongly linked with relationships, guilt and blame. We store our primal sense for power, sex and money here. This is our center of physical survival, control and one on one relationships. This is where we strap our gunbelt and the core of the fight and flight response. Our jealousies and betrayals are stored here. This is our reaction to friends and lovers. It is strongly linked to control.

If there has been sexual abuse or a lack of comfort with one’s sexuality you will find the deep seeded reasons here. This chakra is in the area of the lower abdomen below the navel.  This I supported in my CD.

Which organs are affected in the Sacral Chakra?

If this chakra center is unbalanced you might find problems with the lower back or hips, sexual potency, urinary problems, prostate or ovarian illnesses, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis and ulcers. The complications of menopause and fibroids and uterine illnesses are also present. Here is where the fears of the loss of control or being controlled are stored. Events such as rape, betrayal or impotence and financial loss or abandonment of a partner find their negative energies in this place. When there is guilt and blame of others or oneself there is a leaking of power in this area.

How to care for your sacral chakra? 

Taking risks with little doubt and being confident about one’s personal identity and being powerful in decision making and discernment is key to managing this power center. Cultivate a habit of self nurturing and self care. Music and sound therapy is a good way to calm your body and environment. To clear and charge this chakra a walk in the moonlight is perfect! Water can heal the shame associated with this sexual chakra. Imagine all of your guilt and shame dissolving in the bath water with sea salt and baking soda while manifesting “I speak the truth and reclaim my true nature, I am pure, I am clean, water is healing”.  You can learn more about this in my book.

Unblocking this energy center is a need to be real, open and honest in our relationships. This is where your “gut feeling” resides.

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