Your Power Place Chakra!

The crown chakra is where you will find grace, compassion and your source of prayer. Here lies your spirituality and connection with source. Your life force and inspiration from the universe enters through this chakra. Located on the top of our head, it is where you can find “your life purpose” and connect to the spiritual part of ourselves.  One of the main results of my course, The Tree of Life is to work on finding you life’s purpose.  Here flows the essence of who we are. Faith is essential in knowing the divine and releasing us from our fears through this path to inner guidance.

Which human organs are affected in the Crown Chakra?

The muscular, skeletal, skin and nervous systems. In addition, many mental illness are a result of a poor connection of the Crown Chakra to universal energies.

How to have a healthy Crown Chakra?

If you feel that you are disconnected from life and struggling with unhealthy thinking maybe it is time to invite the divine into your crown chakra through individual prayer, meditation or communication with nature. Physical exertion and honoring your connection to a greater power will provide a solid base for the healing and cleansing your cells of stagnant energy. Surrendering to a higher power will shut down fear, anxiety and danger. Prayer helps to diminish emotions that otherwise block the light that comes through the crown chakra. When one has the ability to trust their life, values, ethics, courage, humanitarianism, selflessness and the the ability to see the larger pattern with faith, inspiration and devotion to a spiritual cause we can build a stronger link to this power. The crown chakra is the human transformer that connects us to the higher energies or GOD which strengthens our mental and emotional well being. It is our most intimate connection yet something we often overlook until the spirit within us deteriorates and we lose our faith. This is when the self is shattered.  By reinforcing this connection through meditation and peaceful contemplation we can find ourselves again and throw the switch on to receive the flow of energy or “prana” from source and begin to walk with the divine again.  I covered some amazing meditation and peaceful guidance on the Tree of Life CDClick here to learn about the other power centers in your body

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