Color and light was extensively used to heal people in ancient times in Egypt, Greece, China and India. Fifty years ago in the modern world it was considered quackery and the FDA banned colored light as a therapy. More recently color and light therapy is back and some devices have been approved. The biggest use has been with Seasonal Affective Disorder and the use of lasers in surgeries.

Light therapy is based on the seven rays of color that we can see. These resonate with the lower octaves of the musical scale and the subtle body. All of this color influences our personality and the growth of our soul. We are very familiar with these colors as they are generated from a celestial origin. Each of the visible colors has a resonance to the chakra system.

Beginning with RED, it has the lowest frequency and is aligned with our root chakra and the physical part of ourselves. It is about the bloodstream, metabolism, stimulation, survival, ambition, motivation and desire. It is about fire passion and warmth. ORANGE is the color that is most connected to our second chakra the sacral which processes the etheric world. The two are very linked together. ORANGE light is very helpful to modify emotions and helps to assimilate the flow of prana through the body. It is connected to the lungs and can be supportive of asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. It is also helpful in moving energy to the lungs. It is about fertility, new possibilities, action, momentum, achievement. The third chakra is related to the YELLOW ray and regulates our digestive system. It is also a part of our emotions that manage our objectivity and material mind. It is our rational side and our intellect. YELLOW can help with ulcers and indigestion and issues of the intestines. It is the frequency for curiousity, joy, freshness, newness, spontanaeity. When a person is sick they may have a very unhealthy shade of yellow. When someone is healthy yellow is bright. GREEN is related to the heart chakra and is the vibration of love and compassion. It is interesting to note that it is the same color as nature with the leaves and trees. Green ray improves heart disease and hypertension. It is about our authenticity and understanding. It is home, comfort and connection. The upper chakras are all about the spiritual nature of ourselves and the lowers are about the physical. BLUE is related to the throat and can be helpful with communication. It is calming and relaxing, restful, gentle and powerful speech. It is where we hold our truth and seeing things clearly. INDIGO is the color of our third eye and aligned with the vibrations of our smell, hearing, eye issues and hearing loss. The VIOLET ray is associated with the crown chakra and our connection to all that is of the cosmic realm. It is about elegance and nobility, spirituality and dignity. Leonardo de Vinci was known to say that VIOLET was the most important color of glass in a church as it would increase greatly the our connection to the divine. VIOLET is a wonderful color to support the mind, headaches, neurosis, dementia and schizophrenia.

There are numerous devices that are used for color healing but you can also make your own color elixir by using distilled water in a colored glass or you can wrap it with a particular color that you wish to work with and place it in the sun while the water becomes charged with the frequency of the color. You can also get chakra glasses and wear them so that the light that is processed through your retina affects the areas that you need healing. Another method is to use visualization and pull the needed color into the area that needs healing. This technique is called color breathing and is helpful to clean the chakras. A beautiful meditation can be visualizing the color, the gem and the flower as these frequencies aument the efficiency of the treatment. Add some mental affirmations and you have a very powerful healing strategy.

Ultra-violet light from sunlight is extremely important as it produces vitamin D that when we are without it causes poor absorption of calcium that can affect healthy bones. If we do not have enough sunlight we can build up toxic thoughts and this deprivation can be a reason for anxiety attacks. Sunlight also hits our pituitary gland and effects our circadian rhythms and pineal gland. Interestingly our sexual maturity is related to how much light we experience. It is believed to be the reason why our children are maturing quicker than times when light was less limited. Light is also the key to serotonin and melatonin production which helps us sleep and gives us energy during the day. The drug Prozac was designed to increase the effectiveness of serotonin when it is too low. You can also curb the craving of carbs during the winter by using light. Many people suffer from light starvation if there is poor illumination in their home or office. This can cause fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, poor concentration. Many people who work on night shifts are known to suffer from heart disease, back pain, respiratory problems, ulcers and major sleep disorders. Color has been known to have success with depression and may be an important element in a revolution in psychiatry. Another component of color healing can be combining color and acupuncture, by moving color into the body’s meridian points. It is surprising that only recently researchers have concluded that our cells emit light which is the basis of the acupuncture meridian system. It is shown that color infused into the meridians can reach organs that need healing.

Light is the manifestation of vibration and it contains waves and particles. Color is about the way light is emitted or absorbed by a thing. Light interacting with different vibrations create different colors. Entrainment is the foundation of color therapy. If you are in the space of a color you will begin to align with it. You can then harmonize with its characteristics. It is a very serious therapy which has been studied for years. Color can permeate your body through your skin and your eyes. Our aura is our color signature or footprint on the holographic field. It can be representative of our health and our harmony.

There has also been alot of science in regards to red led devices. One of these is called a Light Shaker. Research has shown that cell tissues will respond to certain frequencies of low power light. One of the most successful is a low power light in the red spectrum. LED light versions have been proven safe for adults, children and the elderly to self administer. By putting light through the skin and underlying tissue can trigger biological changes within the body. When cells are activated by light it can speed up the cell repair process. It can increase oxygen and blood flow and accelerate wound healing, pain reduction and muscular relaxation. LED’s cannot be over used because the cells will stop responding when healing is complete.

The same theory can apply to crystals as well. Here are the most used for each color:

Red: Ruby and Garnet

Orange: Carnelian and Orange Jasper

Yellow: Amber, Citrine and Yellow Topaz

Green: Emerald and Malachite

Blue: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli

Violet: Amethyst and violet Fluorite

Magenta: Rose Quartz

There are several ways to inject color. The simplest way is to do a chakra layout pattern which has a person lie on their back while the healer places seven different colored gemstone on each chakra. They should be left for between 20-40 minutes. Another method is by ingesting gemstone powder a technique that is used by ayurvedic and gemstone therapists in India. The patients do not actually ingest polished gems as the stones are first burned to a fine ash which is then in turn ingested. The other option is through gem elixirs. Just like flower essences gems are infused with water in direct sun to transfer the energetic footprint of the stone. The water can then be ingested as drops under the tongue from a dropper bottle.

Other practices use the meridians of reflexology points on the feet to move different colors through for healing. To add color to your healing practice you can visualize different colors leaving your hand and into the chakra of another person or animal. First you will need to run your hand over the body, chakra by chakra scanning them for a sense of any energy disturbances. As a healer you will then pull in prana pulling it up through the body, down the arms and into your hands. You will then place your hands with the intended color on the chakra that needs work. You can also simply sweep your hand through the field with a color that is needed. Choa Kok Sui is probably the most well known for this type of healing you can get his book here and a more detailed list of what areas are influenced by which colors for healing.

Many healers also talk of the white light or gold light. Gold is used to heal the soul and to charge up and auric field. Usually if you see gold in someone’s aura it is because they have a strong connection to source energy. White light is usually called in to cleanse the body of imbalance resetting them to their authentic self and the truth. When light strikes white it is the color of purity of peace, divine healing and most associated with the angelic realm. It vibrates at the level of higher consciousness. So what about black? Black is not really a color, it absorbs color and does not reflect color. It is the absence of color. It is used for protection, seriousness, integrity, mystery and power.

So lets do a color meditation with color breathing where we will visualize breathing n specific colors through each of the chakras in successive order. Since it is summertime, I often think of a flower of the color I am wanting to work with. Sit comfortably, breath in and out of your nose slowly paying attention to the rhythm of your breathing. As you relax imagine all the stress and tention melting away. Now visualize from the earth a beautiful deep red rose. Draw the rose up into your root chakra on the inward breath. On your next breath take all of the beautiful red and send it out from the root center to your etheric body. Inhale and exhale three times before we move on to the next chakra. Now imagine a beautiful orange chrysanthemum, inhale this energy from mother earth up to your second chakra located below your navel. Now send this colored energy out through your sacral chakra and into your auric field until you are bathed in orange light. Move to the next chakra and pull up the bright yellow colors of daffodil through your feet and into your third chakra and then send it into the field so you are bathed in yellow. Next imagine a green leaf and pull the color into your heart and flood your field. Next imagine the beautiful blue of a corn flower and pull it into your throat chakra and send the light out. Remember the three breaths before moving along. Now we will pull the beauty of an indigo iris into your third eye through the crown chakra, pulling the color into your third eye and repeating the same effort of filling the field. Now visualize the deep purple of lilacs through your crown chakra and blasting it out into the filed. Now relax and imagine all of these bright colors and flowers. Take three more deep breaths. Now raise your hands avoe your head and stretchy your body, as you breah out bring your arms back to your side. If you like you can repeat this over again .

Remember that you can use color throughout your home as well. For example if you are dealing with insomnia, you can visualize the color blue into your body until it penetrates every cell. You can also try sleeping under blue sheets, wearing blue pajamas or even using a soft blue light to encourage sleep since blue is known to be very calming. Remember also the colors that you are wearing, what colors are in your house and office and even the color of the foods that we eat.

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