The earth is in a crisis of spiritual unbalance and the only way we are going to be able to survive the onslaught of energies and shifts is through daily meditation. Our earth is moving into higher levels of consciousness and gradually lifting kundalini energies that opens each of the chakras. As they open many of our stressors are being brought to the surface, which is causing us to feel overwhelmed. Releasing the blockages is a necessary part of the cleansing process so that kundalini can flow and we can begin to have a realization of the spiritual lessons we were meant to learn on this journey called life. Meditation disintegrates personality and allows the inner voice and subconscious to emerge. Little by little the truth of our existence and the wisdom of our higher self can be revealed. Unlocking this sacred place within you, you will find source and those answers are rich and deep, real and true. With meditation, the left brain steps aside and a true essence from your higher self can then begin to flow.

Meditation builds bridges to access the subtle energy levels. There you can tap into your past present and future and listen and observe the meaningful information that can come, whether it be through words, images or simply an inner sense or feeling. If we can access the meaning of our trip to earth we can get an owners manual and begin to acquire a greater understanding of obstacles or stressors that may be put in our life’s path. Everytime we overcome an obstacle or blockage our path to ascension is clearer. An example of this is the number of people who have spiritual awakenings you may notice that they often do so because of extreme lesson learning, near death, traumatic experiences etc. These are like crash courses in aligning with the energies of ascension and destroying a confused reality of the way things really are.

Our souls journey on earth is to raise its vibration through love and service to others. The obstacle is the physical body which has difficulty with this purpose because it is obsessed with survival. When the physical loses its ability to allow things to flow freely and instead has blockages, a physical illness can occur in the organs. Through mediation you can uncover the underlying cause or meaning and then correct the spiritual dysfunction. Often the disease can improve or even be removed.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to achieve enlightenment. Achieving this higher view is being able to comprehend the meaning of your life or what we would call a cosmic perspective. It also is the highway to God, Source or our creator. By properly aligning our seven energy centers and getting them spinning and clear, this vitality can help us to function at the maximum levels of our existence. The attunement to the big questions then about life are essential to bringing meaning to our lives.

So let’s talk about how to best meditate:

First, we will tackle the misconceptions about meditation:

 I cannot meditate because I think too much. The problem with the mind is that thinking is its job so it will always be wanting to think. But with practice you will be able to reach periods of silence and these periods of silence will become longer and longer. Thoughts will still plague you no matter how long you mediate, but you cannot beat yourself up about it, it is part of meditating. It is practice not a perfection.

I cannot make the time or see it as a priority in my life. This is the mind selling you a cop out. I usually counter that thought with statistics. Study after study that has been done on meditation has compelling results that show the huge impact it has on stress levels, success, health and well-being. In my case, it sets the tone for my day at a lower level so that even if a stressor comes up I do not reach tilt and can easily divert the energy into a more productive state. Being stressed out or angry does not make you efficient. I recommend mediating 15-30 minutes per day in the minimum, twice a day is ideal. Even five minutes helps, so do not bail if you do not have the time for 30 minutes, any amount helps.

I cannot sit in meditation positions. The typical lotus position is not a prerequisite for meditating, simply finding a comfortable chair or couch that supports your back is just fine. I do not suggest that you lay down as most of the time you will fall asleep. Get out of bed or sit up in your bed if you choose to meditate first thing in the morning which is one of the best times to meditate because the cosmic connection is greater the earlier in the day.

Nothing happens when I meditate. I hear this a lot as people think they are suppose to have a mystical experience but that is not a sign that you are a successful meditator. Instead look at it as a moment to be willing to receive whatever the universe is going to bring to you at that moment to give your body and mind a break, and simply be present and check out from the tens of thousands of thoughts you have every day.

My religion says I should not meditate. Meditation has nothing to do with religion, everyone has the individual right to connect to God or their inner self in this way. Psalm 46:10 of the bible says meditation is the way of knowing God. The bible encourages people to meditate on the word of God.

I have tried but never got good at it. Trying to meditate is counter-productive. Too much trying can ruin the process since the mind it too involved in the trying. It is important to understand that meditation is a state of being not a state of trying. The only effort that you need is to make the time and effort, period. You also need to let go of expectations, a lot of people think that if they never have a mystical experience it is a waste of time and this is far from the truth. Keep an open mind and do not judge yourself and enter each meditation with a beginners mind. There is no right or wrong meditation, simply place a positive intention that your meditation will contribute to your highest good at that moment and trust the process.

I will never be able to do it. This is a very defeatist attitude and is being hard on yourself. You may spend a whole hour too mental but that can be a step in the process of learning how to be in the moment. Pat yourself on the back for sticking with it and don’t give up. You will begin to slip into a higher awareness and it will make a difference, that I can guarantee. Again, whether you meditate 5 minutes or an hour it is always helpful.


Find a comfortable place that is quiet. It may be helpful to organize a place in your home so that you have everything you need there. You may want to have a meditation altar there, or even light a candle. Turn off everything, ipads, computers, phones. I have even put a note on my door do not disturb and train your pets or keep them outside or in another room. If you get interrupted simply go back to your meditation for a few minutes before you finish it off.

Remember there are other places you can take advantage of a quick mediation. I have meditated on a lot on planes, doctors offices and other place where I am quiet and sitting and waiting. I will also take a moment between seeing clients and clear the energy from one person and open myself to be present with the other client.

Remember to hit the bathroom before you sit down to meditate and it is better to not eat before meditating. I will also set the alarm on my phone so that I remember, half the time I do not meditate is because I forget, not that I do not have the desire to do so. Stick to it as I can guarantee you that the longer you meditate the more you will become addicted to meditation and it will become an important part of your life. Another tip is to not just jump up and get going after meditation. Give yourself time to transition to integrate the experience and then move forward to avoid jolting your nervous system.

If you would like to practice some meditative tricks, here is my video. I also highly recommend a book by Sarah McClean, Soul-Centered,  who was one of my mediation teachers. You can also get a lot more information about mediation on her website. She also teaches people and accredits them to become meditation teachers if you want to teach others this important skill. The link to her teacher training is here.


California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), isolated on white

The best flower essence that is particularly aligned with meditation and for seeking inner balance is the California Poppy. This essence tends to align the mental with the spiritual and astral body in order to release barriers to opening up the pineal and pituitary glands strengthening the psychic eye,  increasing the ability to see auras and connect to higher levels.


I love to meditate with a chunk of amethyst on my meditation altar. It resonates very nicely with the crown chakra and the third eye and has a lovely spiritual energy. It brings a sense of calm and can clear the mind and bring in the essence of love.

Healing crystal. Woman’s head with a healing crystal on her forehead. This crystal is an amethyst, a type of coloured quartz (silicon dioxide).

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