To create a blooming visualization practice you must start by willingly suspending all of your beliefs and doubts. This is similar to when you step into a movie theatre, leaving the ordinary behind and then embracing the ridiculous, the unbelievable and the impossible. Not doing so, you would not enjoy the moment. Doing this in real life takes practice however since most of our lives we walk through the world labeling everything. “This is good, that is bad, this is pretty that is ugly, this is true that is false.” This labeling keeps us from observing, and stuck in ordinary beliefs, unable to unleash imagination. When we embrace imagination, everything can exist. This is the place of being that takes us to a higher level of consciousness. So to have a successful visualization practice we must empty everything out, so that nothing is impeding that which is to come.

By entering a place of imagination and possibility we can walk in the realm of creativity. The point of creation lies within our body, like a blank canvas given to us by God. Although we are mostly not aware, we are constantly evolving based on the images of what we desire. We place an image on our inner canvas of how we want to look, what our home should be like, how our future will turn out and then the universe starts to kick in to make it happen. The seeing comes before creation which is the first step and an important one to create a successful life. If we do not approach the canvas empty, then the creation can become contaminated with beliefs and doubts from the past and the outcome is not pure and aligned with the universal potential.

So, to have a successful creation we start with a blank canvas and then master our connection to the universal field through the breath. The breath is the guide to source that recognizes and brings in the co-creator. It, however requires being in the present state of being to have a successful connection. Being in the NOW is being in the presence of God. I often describe this place as a river, a flow, eastern religions term it the Dao, a source of all life, an energy that moves through us as infinite beings.

Alan Watts described the past as a memory and the future as an expectation, so you cannot expect a result from what you are doing. So what is driving outcomes? Thoughts, desires and being.

In the wake lies all of our past, the child abuse, the absent father, the dysfunctional upbringing, the poverty, the sickness, the disability, all the junk and poison that we acquired and still carry. The only way to create a clear and beautiful future is to release all of the energy of the wounds. Forgiveness is freedom. So many people thrive on wounds, they wear them around like badges of honor yet open wounds can become infected until the body is destroyed and in the process your future too. We like our connectivity with the past, it defines and explains us to others. But the truth is, it never explains anything as it does not explain now. The real me is lost in this as I end up as a puppet of the past. Breaking the chains of this, we no longer define ourselves as who we were and we become only what we are at the moment.

When we embrace limitless, we open up. What we are all most infected by is what is called “tribal consciousness” where we take on the battered stories of our tribe. Being the youngest, being the oldest, being in a family that hates tomatoes, loves tomatoes, lazy, successful, all attachments and labels that we buy into, keeping us from sacred awareness.

Creation and healing must be a non-negotiable thought. A simple second of doubt can have a positive outcome come crashing down. Those who successfully heal and create are masters of no doubt, breaking the chains of tribal theories and inter-generational standards. The moment that we think in terms of scarcity we believe we are not deserving and unfortunate. So for successful creation, we must be able to visualize perfection, tap into a steady stream of healing and access the creator and thus achieve a higher knowing without any doubt. Worry is change and an integral part of life, acceptance of change keeps us from suffering.

“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves”. -Wayne Dyer

So we all have the potential for a metamorphosis. Through intense visualization we can find our purpose. After you see the dream and the vision, your passion begins to kick in. But often, the waiting and procrastination begins and you are not creating and then telling everyone around you that you feel “stuck”.

If you want health, wealth, a loving relationship, abundance or anything you need to get on that frequency, walk in that vibe. You need to kick in the motor that unlocks the vision.

Let’s take your health and wellness as an example. For the most part health is tied to a frequency of worthiness and safety. Ask yourself what about your body and its capacity inspires you? Would you like to be able to take a long walk, an active playful time with your children, a feeling of being light and agile, exercise without  pain, sleep soundly, dance in a sexy dress, wear a pair of Jimmy Choos? These questions all bring up visions of you in a different scene in life. These can be very powerful visions for change. So I want you to take a couple of minutes and think about a vision of you in this new dream. What is around you? What is the scenery like? What do you really love? What does it feel like? What is happening in the scene? What is coming up for you that causes barriers to this vision? What thoughts are appearing? Are these thoughts counter-productive to what you are trying to visualize? Tap in now to your body, what is your body feeling about this new you? Is it a positive or a negative feeling?

So now I am going to take you into a journey of the new you.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, exhale in and out slowly. Fill your body with the vibration of source and release all the past. Detect any thoughts and with intention have them turn to mist and dissipate. Now go deep into your heart and tell your heart that you are ready to experience the new you. Give yourself permission to see this new person. Empty out everything that might inhibit the experience. Look for the blank canvas.


Now we are going on the Jimmy Choo meditation

 I want you to see yourself in a big beautiful rose quartz bathtub full of bubbles. Look around the bathroom, what do you see? Now reach over and turn off the water that is the perfect temperature for your bath. Look across the bathtub at all of the bubbles and see your toes that are sticking out under the faucet. What do your toes look like?

Next lift your leg straight up in the air. What does your leg look like? Does your future leg have cellulite? Is it fat? Is it full of varicose veins? Or is it sleek, shiny healthy and fit? Transform the vision into the perfection that you seek. Is there anything in your thoughts that doubts this as a possibility?

Next move the bubbles away and look at your naked body, honor it, it is your life suit and has been through alot to get  you two this point. Thank your body for giving you the ovaries to have children, the breasts to nurture babies, the legs that took you on vacations, the eyes that allow you to see nature and the beauty of this world we live in, the strong back that has made you a successful laborer. Now express to your body your intention to change, to create a healthy body. What is the reaction? Is there resistance? Is there hopelessness? Breath through that until it is mist.

Now look at your body again through the water as the bubbles have now dissipated. What does your future body look like? Stare at it, lift your leg again, is it lighter? Move your arms, is the sagging gone? Stay in this vision until you see the perfection that you seek.

Okay, the bath is over. Now you are going to get out of the bathtub. In your new body you are able to get up very easily and step out. There is the perfect hot pink towel ready for you to dry off in front of your beautiful carved mirror. Drop the towel and see what you see now. Work on this vision until you can create the person that you want to see in the future.

Now walk into your perfect closet and find the brand new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in a box on the shelf. Take the box down, open it and hear the tissue paper as you take the shoes out. They are the perfect size for your thin foot to slide right into. Grab your slinky dress and now you are ready to go dancing. At this moment, open the door and step into a carnival parade in Rio de Jainero.

No more wishing for who you want to be, you have just created your future self.

Notice I have not mentioned a diet?? Working out? The body will know what it needs to do to get there. Trust its intelligence and the intelligence of the universe to get you there.

So now you have finished your meditation and you are feeling sexy and slinky and lighter, but when your eyes open there is the overweight you still sitting there. If you see yourself like that, you have just wasted your time as your perceptions are deceiving you as you are now back into being overweight believing that it has not happened yet. You know for sure as there is no confetti on the floor. You have just sunk into the energy of the past, thinking and feeling the same way as before. This is the danger of the waiting game, always hoping for the outcomes you wish for. If you determine your reality by waiting, change never comes. You must practice just like a concert pianist who plays the melody over and over again until it becomes automatic and your intention turns into a new reality. All the sudden you will wake up and that which was painted on the canvas in your heart will materialize as matter. Remember, it will never arrive as you think, the universe is totally unpredictable. Feel instead like it has already happened to you, no doubting, no forcing no controlling, hopingand wondering because then you are back to that old body. Do not see obstacles, this will fuel doubt, simply become it and keep dancing in that elegant state of being where you feel like the dancer and can hear your footsteps. Never give up the image, you are worthy of becoming whatever you desire to create.