You need to witness your thoughts of poverty.

My first job I was 11 years old. I ran the concession stand at a baseball park. I worked the entire summer a lot of hours a week and I made $300.00.  My most famous customer was a three year old little boy named Curt Cobain. His father was a short-stop on my Dad’s baseball team and I would keep an eye on him during the game. This was in the 60’s and after my summer job I had $300, I felt like a multi-millionaire. I think this experience was the catalyst to my success because I realized my potential. I felt capable of working as an entrepreneur and creating wealth. My father worked for a family company that behind the scenes there were a lot of challenges but on the surface it felt abundant and rich with opportunities to excel. This was my model of life, thriving and earning.

After college, I stuck to my dream of international finance and when I couldn’t find the big fancy job I took an entry level job as a telex operator, I became a wire transfer specialist and then an account investigator and was promoted to manage a large operations department, within a year. After that, I moved to Texas and had my first “big job” interview. I found myself sitting in front of a Senior Vice President of one of the worlds largest New York banks. He pointed to a stack of resumes about 15 inches high and said, “all of these people want this job”. He pulled out a few from the pile and said, “Harvard”, “Yale”, “Stanford”, “Wharton”. I shrunk feeling that my resume was not going to compete, but I had gotten to the table, so I paused. He then said, “I am going to hire you for this job”, I said “why”? Shocked at his response. He said because you have done every job of all the people that you are going to supervise and that is extremely valuable. You are also willing to roll up your sleeves obviously by taking a job that is less than your experience and learn the business. In six months, I was a treasurer of a New York bank at 22 years old. From there I went on to success in international finance. Looking back on my success in life through a spiritual lens, I moved forward quickly because I never suspected that whatever I wanted to become would not materialize. I always believed down to my core that anything was possible.

I believe that your relationship with money starts the moment you show up on earth. I believe this since 98% of your current thinking has been derived from someone else. You live your life thinking it is you, but it is not. So many of you are packing all the scarcity, fears and poverty thinking that your parents marinated you in through your childhood. Ideas of poverty and scarcity are normally from someone else. To break the chains of “less” you need to realize where the ideas of poverty came from? All the disfunction you have about money has been what you are attracting by modeling others. Our money mindset is designed by how our family handled money or thought about it.

If your models had low self worth, then often your current net worth will reflect that. When accountants talk about money, what you have is your NET WORTH, the term “worth” is the secret to abundance. If you don’t think you can get the big job, you won’t get it, plain and simple. The state of hoping and wanting and wishing will not get you there, that is what people in poverty think. The real steps to wealth mean that you have to be worthy and willing to receive. Not understanding that wealth is a state of being is the biggest obstacle for having the money you need. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is, are you willing to receive? Are you worthy to receive? If you are worth it, the problem of money goes away. Most people do not have the capacity to ask for money. They stay in endless jobs, upset because they are overlooked, never asking for more, all based on a misconception of unworthiness.

To break the cycle, when you are more of you (without the models) you can then default into a state of possibility. The key to success is rewiring the mind for abundance. This rewinding is the key to a lot of things and I have designed my online course, exactly for this. It starts in the womb and runs you through the conditioning to uncondition your mind into a place of observance instead of immersed in a pool of scarcity. You can sign up for my course here. It is called the tree of life and it starts in the roots and unwinds everything.

So with 98% of us walking around with other people’s thoughts, whatever we think about money is how we feel about money and that is our energetic footprint about success, or the lack of it. Money is energy and whatever energy we give it we get. Opening up to limiting beliefs and cleaning up our money mindset can lead us down the road to financial freedom. If we are absorbed in the 98%, and the 98% is a ticket to disaster,  good luck, the possibilities don’t exist, if you can step back and be the observer you will see the blockages and be able to get out of limits. If you are thinking that you will never make ends meet or be good enough you will be constantly struggling for your personal financial security. If you walk with lack……you get lack.

Because I grew up in a large family with a sense of entitlement, a big fish in a small pond mentality, powerful entrepreneurs that had some level of influence over a small town which I think looking back was a good thing. I simply believed that I was entitled to be wealthy. Now, we can say that people like this are arrogant, they think they are so great. I have been accused of this all of my life and it bothered me so much that I wanted to be poor so that people liked me. As an empath this was stressful so I chose to hang out with the kids from the other side of the tracks, trying to hide my importance. Looking back I realized I had joined the crowd of judging others and when you are judging you stay a loser succumbing to a story that you are not entitled. You then conjure up a story about how you are such an amazing person because you don’t care about money like those horrible other people do and that they hardly worked for their money anyway (which is true if they are in the zone) and that you do not want to be like them, and you decide that it is more noble and conscious to be poor.

Judging others with success and money is a danger zone because it keeps you as a loser, unentitled and poor. And when we are poor our only justification of happiness is that we are better because we are not like rich people. That is a hell of a way to justify poor. Now, I know alot of your are saying, yes but a tragedy struck, my car ran off a cliff, my husband left me and I have no skills to get a good job but  I am still going to encourage you to show up and believe that you are going to fly first class wherever you go. Even if you are dirt poor you can show up with a millionaire attitude. You are always wealthy if you are happy because wealth is the result of happiness not the cause of it.

 So here are some tips for a money rewind

1.) Where is your mentality off? What story are you telling yourself? Is there enough to go around or are you believing that there is no room for you at the table, or at that determining interview? Women talk about shattering the glass ceiling, I encourage you to instead shatter the mold that you have inherited that keeps you small. Pay attention to your thoughts during the day and analyze your behavior around money. When fear comes in, make a perceptual shift and choose to see the situation differently.

2.) Be cautious about wishing and wanting, it is a ticket to disaster. When you walk by that ferrari dealership, do not think of what you do not have, instead focus on what you are grateful for, again a fullness and wholeness is the key to wealth. Choose not to focus on what you are missing. Amp up your gratitude and believe that having a cup of coffee on your front porch or balcony is a pile of abundance and a state of being.

3.) Guide yourself consistently out of lack, stop judging others who are successful and instead accept that they are in that state of being and it is their path of learning. Money can be a great burden, and the cost can be as bad as any poverty, it is often the same suffering but in a different size house. The poverty of meaningless relationships, unconscious living and selfishness abound.

So the way out is a re-wind, breaking the mold. Since I cannot do it for everyone one by one, I designed my course to take you on a journey beyond the logical mind that insists on being the person that you were designed for, the 98% that determines your future based on the past. The only way out of this is a rewind and a conscious view. It takes work as you need to go beyond the logical mind that will say you want more money? that didn’t happen in the past though…so no money. So unwinding everything can put you back to a pure set point able to start over as the new you, the real you and the abundant you.

Why I like citrine for abundance?

Citrine is the color yellow which is the same color as the solar plexus. This is the chakra where the ego and our place of self esteem resides. There is much written about citrine as the merchant’s stone for its properties of helping with wealth. For me, the underlying reason it works is it raises the vibration of self worth, it also improves relationships and helps to solve problems but the fuel for it is a sense of happiness and content with what you have, a happiness with your being. It helps to softens the ego into worth and will hopefully keep you from judging and choose joy instead by releasing the anger and negative feelings that are destructive and inhibit self worth. Your solar plexus is your energy distribution center and so what emanate from there needs to be your highest influence on the field and allow the flow of wealth, abundance and happiness in a sunny yellow flow into the universe for creation.

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