To begin to detox our mind, we need to start in the stomach.

Our intestines have a very thin lining and the gluten in grain has the ability to penetrate the junctions of the gut wall. When the wall become permeable we call it a leaky gut. What occurs is that undigested food and unhealthy bacteria can slip through these openings and in to the bloodstream. The more this occurs, the body will begin to ramp up the immune system which start to attack the lining of the gut. When this occurs we begin to have food sensitivities, skin issues, inflammation and joint pain. On top of this, the liver and the kidneys must also ramp up to combat the additional toxins that are in the bloodstream. These additional poisons in the blood can often pass the blood brain barrier which is a protective membrane that serves as a protector from toxins getting into the brain. After this happens, the effect on the brain can cause headaches, brain fog, poor concentration, the loss of short term memory, anger, hyperactivity, impulsivity and short temperedness.  When the cells that normally manage toxins are on overload your brain starts to deteriorate which can lead to neuroinflammation and brain toxicity which can become dementia and alzheimers.

These toxins in your brain wipe out your circuits for creativity, love and joy and you end up with depression or anxiety instead. When you start having “senior moments”, those are normally because of a leaky gut. 

At this point, people do not understand why they have such severe mood swings or why they can never find their cell phone or why they feel they have to be so defensive. Without an overhaul of this situation it is very difficult to experience a higher state of consciousness.

So what are the other major causes of this deterioration and how to help?

Heavy metals such as, mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenic and list goes on and on as to what is causing our brain to regress. All of these cause inflammation in the brain and compromise the brain barrier so that toxins can get to the brain.

At this point many lives are destroyed because people turn to pharmaceuticals and then relationships suffer, careers are ruined and life enters a stage of ups and downs, all because of a leaky brain.

So to heal the brain we must first heal the brain barrier. To do this we need to decrease inflammation and then find a binding agent to pull the toxins out of the brain. Our body also has a natural way of  “washing” the brain. It sends cerebral spinal fluid up and down the spine which saturates the brain and the veins, helping to remove toxins through the lymph system of the brain. It is estimated that 3 lbs of toxic plaque is washed out per year. Ayurvedic medicine has known this for centuries and saw this process as the way to clear out unwanted emotions as well, increasing your cognitive spark.

Aluminum toxicity is especially prevalent since it is common in commercial deodorants, commercial baking powder, aluminum foil and aluminum cookware. It is better to use glass or a safe ceramic dish for cooking. Forget wrapping food in foil and roasting it. Vaccines almost all have aluminum so know that facts before you have any shots. Lastly chemtrails are now a growing concern and during times of heavy spraying, drink lots of water and add spirulina to your water to help with chelating it out of  your body.

Another way of cleaning the brain is breath work, this helps to cleanse the sinus and wash the brain. Nasal breathing is very calming, mouth breathing is not as helpful as it is more of a survival response. Yoga, deep breathing, cranial sacral and lymph drainage through facials increases the flow out of the brain and the mind. I also recommend ear candling to open the flow out of the head.

Silica is also a great helper as it works by binding with the metal molecules and then takes them out of the system through the urine. So another helpful option is to drink water and eat foods that contain silica. Silica is also anti-aging helps to  build collagen and prevents plaque in your arteries.

Ground-breaking research done by Dr. Exley found that water high in silicic acid (oxygenated silica) also had a positive effect on autistic children. Exley found that aluminum levels were lower in the children by 50 to 70 percent who drank this kind of water. He then did the same study with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients. After 13 weeks of drinking high-silica water, the same results were achieved. In the AD patients, eight out of fifteen no longer showed neurological deterioration and three showed a“substantial cognitive increase.” Two waters that have a lot of silica are Volvic and Fiji brand waters.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is another great source of silica. Diatomaceous earth is actually millions of tiny, fossilized aquatic microorganism called “diatoms” that are ground up into a fine, white powder. Besides aluminum detoxification, DE also chelates other heavy metals, helps with GI health, and can give you more energy.

In addition to high-silicic acid waters and DE, cucumbers, bananas, bentonite clay, and horsetail herb also contain high amounts of silica. Foods that you should include in your brain cleanse diet are organic coconut oil, chia and flaxseed, milk thistle,vitamin C rich foods, spirulina, chlorella, garlic, cilantro and parsley. All of these are helpers to remove heavy metals. Sugar is a huge culprit for leaky gut and one of the ways to reverse a toxic overload is to eliminate sugar and gluten from your diet and begin to replenish your intestinal bacteria. Remember that wine and alcohol is sugar! Eat good fats, your brain is 60% fat matter, what good does a low fat diet do for the brain? Sugar makes you fat, not fatty foods.

So, the first step is to know if you have metal toxicity and if so, which metals and then how to get them out of your brain! This is where I can help. Through scalar energy and my trusted natural protocols I am able to identify which metals are most prominent in your brain and identify the best ways to pull them out.

Here are some of the supplements that I recommend for brain health. They are very aligned with another article I wrote as to the best supplements for our lives.

Some of the best supplements for brain health are very similar to what I have suggested in my other article.

1.) Vitamin D which is from the sun. This helps to stimulate the transmitters in the brain and get the neuros snapping and creativity rolling again. When there is low vitamin D it has been linked to dementia and cognitive impairment. As we age we need to be sure we have plenty of vitamin D. Regular sunbathing can get you all you need or in winter months a supplement will do.

2.) Fish oil: EPH and DHA work wonders in the brain as it is easily converted with the brain material. You should take 1-2 grams per day with food and you can go up to 3-5 grams. This is helpful to prevent dementia, alzheimer’s and depression.

3.) Probiotic are very important for the brain as 99%  of the brain’s neurotransmitters are  produced in the stomach. Anxiety is linked to the lack of B vitamins as well which are produced in the stomach. Good bacteria gets rid of parasites and eats toxins and produces what you need to clean up the mind matter.

4.) Magnesium 1-2 gram per day can help with ADHD anxiety and sleep issues. It also protects the blood brain barrier. To help it do that it is best to get Magnesium with L-Threonate together. It is also helpful for calm and to fall asleep at night.

5.) B-12 supports damage to the nerve sheaths and has been known to support alzheimer’s, childhood disorders, cardio issues, cancer and memory loss. Some of the signs of a lack of B-12 is low energy, infertility, depression, muscle pain and cramps. When the stomach is out of balance and acidic it can lower B-12.

6.) Glutathione protects us from mercury and aluminium entering the brain.

7.) Alpha Lipoic Acid can go in and out of the brain searching for heavy metals and pull out mercury.

8.)  Phosphatidylserine is a brain supercharger and can be an additional boost to a brain cleaning protocol. It has a fatty substance called a phospholipid that covers and protects the cells in your brain and carries messages between them. Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in keeping your mind and memory sharp. Animal studies suggest that the level of this substance in the brain decreases with age. Phosphatidylserine is present in greater amounts in animal-based foods, such as liver and kidneys, than in plants although plant sources are soy beans, white beans, cabbage, carrots, whole-grain barley, and rice.

The brain detoxes while you sleep. It actually shrinks 60% at night when it is releasing toxins. When it is not optimized because of stress this process breaks down. In ancient medicine it was believed that sleeping on your side is more healthy, especially the left side.

Here are some foods that are brain friendly:

        1. Fatty Fish
        2. Coffee
        3. Blueberries
        4. Turmeric
        5. Broccoli
        6. Pumpkin Seeds
        7. Dark Chocolate
        8. Nuts

What I do when I am working on detoxing a part of my body is that I make a personally designed morning smoothie. I simply take the foods and natural ingredients that boost my project, load them in my blender and poof, I have my own natural medicine.

For my brain booster here is my recipe:

  1. 1 Cup of almond milk
  2. Blueberries
  3. Reishi Powder
  4. Probiotics
  5. Zucchini
  6. Acai Powder
  7. Coconut Oil
  8. Cacao Powder
  9. Cinnamon

Mix it all together for a day of Einstein brain waves, calm and neuro bliss!

My favorite crystal for detox is pyrite. Another aspect of Pyrite is it is very protective against environmental pollutants, infections and inflammation. If you are in the healthcare field it is the perfect stone to work with.


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