Our human energy field is very important in determining our overall health. I was recently tested by a very innovative imaging machine that is capable of measuring the body’s energy field. This is not one of the now popular  “aura” machines that many people are tested on but a much more sophisticated measurement. The test shows your health and well-being based on the distribution of a person’s physical, emotional and psychological state and the relationship of the inner self to the exterior world.

energy medicine

On the left-hand side there is a picture of an average person who is disconnected from life, stressed out and not in a balanced state. You will observe that this field is very sporadic and does not have a solid and stable function of energy. Most people are walking around the world in this way.

energy medicineOn the right is my own personal test that has a symmetry of 94% which is extremely high. The person who took the test told me that the highest she has ever seen is 96%.

People have often made comments that I have “good energy” and this test shows that they are right !  The blue is the physical being, violet is emotional energy, pink is psychological and orange is spiritual.  A score so high indicates that I have been able to combat stress and anxiousness and that I have a very good relationship between my inner voice and the outside world. It also shows, that I have very few emotional disturbances, that I am calm and secure in my thoughts and my mind. My overall distribution of energy is very balanced, meaning that there is a good alignment of my body, mind and spirit.

So what is my secret in being able to walk in the world with such good energy?

First of all, I meditate every day, without exception. Meditation has reduced my stress levels to pretty much nothing. It would take a lot now to get me “stressed out”. I have been able to organize my bodies energy into a walking state of calm. This has afforded me the opportunity to create a life of beauty and a balanced existence by tapping into the energetic world and the extensive field of possibilities around me.

This work has opened me up into understanding a new reality,  where I am connected to my environment in a positive way. This spills over into my connection with human beings, plants and animals as well as the spirit world. I feel connected to everything and this helps me to feel very much alive. I am able to walk in the world with an intention of love and kindness for other human beings which generates a positive response for me and my energy field and this influences the condition of my life. I am a part of a collective spirt in the world around me. I have little to no concerns about the life experience because through prayer, trust and surrender, I know that everything will work out. In addition, I realize that plants have the power to heal me because of the deep connection they have to the earth’s energy which is a positive interaction. I use essential oils and do my best to eat a plant based diet. The power of God can heal us and it is in everything that is alive.

Every morning I create a sacred space and set a positive intention as I walk through the world. This raises the vibration of my energy field so I am able to absorb new ideas by busting useless beliefs and realizing that I am a part of an inevitable divine plan that is our humanity. I embrace the unknown and walk in the knowing that I am healthy and happy walking on my earth journey. I have no fear, I have forgiven myself and others and I am a clear and vibrant being with no attachments to any emotion except the love of life.

Now believe me, this did not happen overnight, but it was worth the 6 years of effort to get to this place. A very old Guru in India told me that this would be my last trip to earth and it is no wonder now that I truly want to make the best of this last go around.

As a spiritual life coach, it is my job to get you to a state of bliss and joy. If you are ready, give me a call.

From the other side of life,