CLICK HERE This will take you to the appointment calendar. Please choose a time that best works for your schedule. Follow the instructions for payment and you are set! 

Sessions are done by connecting to an online Zoom meeting. There is no significant difference in a session if it is done in person or online. Lori is able to tap into your energy field no matter where you are. 

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Your first session is 60 minutes. When you book a session you will be asked to fill out a form that outlines the areas that you would like addressed. Please be as complete as possible when filling out this form. Describe in the best detail you can all the symptoms of mental, physical or spiritual issues. Lori will be working on your case often prior to your session. During the one to one online session Lori will work with you intuitively on what causes she has found and the remedies that she suggests to get you to a place of satisfaction that you have received enough information to begin a plan of action toward wellness. 

Please be on time and familiarize yourself with ZOOM. Sessions start on time. If you are late, you may or may not be guaranteed that the session will be for the full hour.   If you miss your session, I am able to reschedule only one time, for an appointment in the future. 

You may take notes and with your permission, Lori will record the session. After the session, the video will be processed and you will receive a link to the video normally within a few hours of completing the session.