Join the Supplement Circle!

Now more than ever we need to focus on our personal immunity and our bodies’ innate ability to heal. It is time to take personal responsibility to protect yourself from viruses and environmental toxins. As a medicial intuitive and scalar energy specialist I want to share all my wisdom and knowledge to help you reach optimal health and wellness. 

Unfortunately our food is nutrient deficient with over-farmed soils, pesticides, insecticides  and herbicides. Processing and refining foods strips even more nutrients and extra chemicals put even more strain on our bodies. Stress also depletes nutrients and energy. So, on top of a nutrient rich diet, we all need supplements at some stage of our lives but which ones? Certainly it is helpful to consult with physicians, naturopaths and nutritional therapists in order to make the right choice but NuVision can be an extra tool by narrowing the possibilities. With thousands of plants, vitamins and minerals available it can be overwhelming to know which ones to research and focus on. 

This is why I have started this supplement circle. An innovative way to learn which supplements are most aligned with your body. 

If you are tired of filling your cupboards with supplements that you “think” you need and spending way more than you should, hoping that you are contributing to wellness, it is time to focus and stop guessing. 

Join me at my introductory session to explain how you can change it up! Embrace NuVision technology and be in control of your own health and well being!


Signups start September 15, 2021