This article is about oracle cards which are very different from tarot cards. Tarot cards have been in existence since at least the 15th century. Some say tarot came from the Egyptians, others say it comes from China. Religious leaders, even catholic priests in Europe (not in front of the parish) used Tarot cards to foresee the future. Many think that they are satanic but it is not true as everything is about intention. A cardboard box can just as easily be satanic if negative energy is injected into it through hateful symbolism. The cards are simply symbolic messages that have extensive meanings. Original tarot may have over 100 meanings to one card. A good Tarot card reader will know which meaning is most applicable for the situation that is presented. Tarot cards for me are like “mini scripts” for roles or archetypes of learning. Shakespeare said “life is but a stage” and I think the cards indicate an experience that is presented to you so that you develop and grow. Life presents us with a stage and the cards represent the scene and role that we engage in. Although this may seem simplistic, the cards will go deeper to show you the challenge in the scene and can also give you a heads up on how to master the situations you are given. They are an insight into the human journey as each one is linked to astrology. The meaning of each tarot cards has been established for centuries, the messages are ancient and ingrained into the meaning of the cards. A good taroist has spent years learning all of the many meanings.

Oracle cards on the other hand are very different. They are a fluid system, versus the tarot which is a fixed system. Oracle cards are spoken through the third eye lens of the author that creates them. I like them more than tarot as I can develop a deeper relationship with them, they are the modern versions of messages versus an ancient fixed meaning. Oracle cards can bring more surprises and a modern divination.

Here are my top tips for how to acquire, use and build a relationship with a deck of oracle cards.

1.) Selecting your deck: There are tons of choices available in the market so how do you find the perfect deck for you? It is helpful to tune into the cards and see if they align with you. Ask your spirit guides to help you choose. When you are in the store, you can also take a pendulum with you and lay out the decks and dowse with the intention of which ones you want to work with, and which ones want to work with you. Note how you feel with them, what energies come up for you and how you are reacting to them. Take your time and focus so that the perfect deck pops out! If you choose to acquire traditional tarot it is believed that your first deck should be a gift to you from someone. So ask a friendly Tarot expert to gift you a deck.

2.) Can you change decks? You may change decks over time and use different decks for different purposes. You may also want to use the traditional tarot for one purpose and oracle cards for another. Different decks may also be geared to a different symbology that you may or may not feel aligned with.

3.) How to treat your deck? Decks should be treated as sacred objects. No one should touch the cards without permission. They should also be protected in their box or you can wrap them in a silk scarf. Doing this keeps the energy neutral. The more respect that you show the deck, the more the spirits will respect your efforts with them. I do not suggest that children play with tarot cards as they can be mini portals to the spirit world and children are not prepared to use them. Especially if the cards have any negative intentions built into them or there was anger involved there may be a lot of negativity surrounding the card. You as the reader must approach the cards with a positive attitude so that none of your negative emotions are involved in the cards.

4.) How do you shuffle the cards? First of all “knock” on the cards. This will connect your energy to the deck. Focus on the person that you will be doing a reading for. Shuffle the cards until it feels “done”. You can do different spreads with them for different purposes. The most popular is the past present and future layout, which is a good way to start. When a card comes up, rely on it! The first intuitive hit is usually the most important. If you are an intuitive, the cards can help enhance your own psychic visions and help others to see what is around the corner. Take your cards to lunch with your pals and make it a fun event and let everyone pitch in as to what they think they mean.

5.) With oracle cards, the pictures, the numbers (if on the cards), the colors, everything has meaning. Watch for the images on the card to pop out and show you what you need to know. Go to where the eyes go. As time goes by you will begin to build an understanding about the cards from the spirit world. You and the spirits will “get it” and have a common language to express to others. Most decks come with a guidebook with the authors interpretation of the cards. This can be used like a tricycle until you are able to ride on your own. Little by little you will find yourself weaning off of the book and beginning to build your own interpretations. It is important to avoid fear and anxiety as you build a healthy relationship with the messages that you receive. My experience is that they can be extremely accurate, you will realize that you can trust them if you use them properly and with integrity.

6.) Proper relationships with cards are similar to life, never rely on anything that becomes a crutch. Some people pull them all the time and I think this can be confusing and desperate. Once a week or once a month is a more healthy option. Leaving space between readings always gets you better information. Pulling too many cards can also be overkill, most people to do not like too much advice at one time. If someone asks information about another person, it is important to tap into your guides and insure that they recommend that you proceed.

7.) How do you know if they are working? A good practice is to pull a card once a day for a week and follow the guidance to see how much you can confide in their messages. Little by little you will see the power of the information that you receive.

8.) Affirmation cards: I love affirmation cards for kids, I have used a box with my grandchildren before they went to school. I would ask them to pick a card and take it with them as something to focus on for that day. These are little spiritual learning tools and the kids begin to trust the messages more and more and incorporate their intuition into their everyday lives. Adults can also shift the energies with affirmation cards as it pulls that energy into their life for that day and lifts the energy to support change.

9.) Predicting the future: Remember that the cards will give you a snapshot of a point in time in the future. In order to really get to a full reading about the future it is often necessary to ask for more information and pull additional cards to clarify the intent of the information and get a stronger message as to how it applies to you or another person.

10.) Cleansing your cards: Oracle cards like any other spiritual tool should be cleansed. It is best to clear them with sage or other clearing tools to insure that they are neutral after every reading.

11.) The top three things that people ask about are Health, Money and Relationships. Many people will ask about jobs and their next spouse but the best use of cards is to get a heads up on life and use the recommendation to improve your life and apply it to being a better person with a better life.

12.) What is the source of the information that is shared? First your belief is required and that you trust the relationship you have with the cards. I believe that the spiritual realms work through us and into the cards as I have seen it time and time again. You must be willing to be open to receive the information and the person that you are doing the reading for must also be open and not come with a pile of skepticism. It will rarely be a successful reading if they are not aligned.

Working with oracle cards takes time, it can be years before you become a master of it. Keep practicing though, the benefits are phenomenal when you have this special tool to guide you through life’s circumstances.

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